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Title: Spell of Love: Flame In The Rain
Author: Alyssa Brooks

Published by: Loose Id
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-59632-199-7

Katherine Jones is now known as simply Kat and is faced with always living forever while seeking the taste of blood. She no longer works in a castle serving as a cook, instead Kat is a vampire. She no longer can decide her destiny or her cravings, since anymore they consist of only one thing, red blood. If she fails to have her craving she will age and that is something that she doesnít wish. She hates not being in control but there is no other answer, no other alternative. Kat refuses to age, refuses to have wrinkles of any kind as she is forced to travel from one place to another for her nourishment. One thing Kat doesnít wish to forget is her beloved home, so to keep her memories in tack; she carries some of her native soil with her always remembering her home.

Kat is hundreds of years old after being bitten in the seventeenth century. As long as she gets her craving of blood, she continues to stay young in appearance. The only way to allure her sweetest victim it to entice with her womanly charm and use seduction of sexual persuasions to catch her prey. Kate prefers solitude and quite as she travels to find those she can drain of blood. As Kat ventures on another trip to find the one man to cure her craving, she happens to have problems with a tire blowing out. She is out in the middle of nowhere not having any idea where she might be. She needs the blood before the aging begins on her and when she sees a yellow light in the distance she heads that way and finds a man she feels a strong attraction. It has been ages since she has felt this way about anyone. The only thing left is to drain him of his blood but when she begins the process he has no blood. Kat is curious about this man that she has encountered and wonders could he be the one to spend life with forever.

Thurston Wulfere is immortal and has decided to live a solitude life. Centuries ago a wizard came up with some potion granting his family immortality but he died before he could use it. The King had loved his family so much that he wanted a portion granting his family life forever, a mortality to live on. Because of an enemy attack, the King not was able to partake of the potion thus making his son to continue living. Thurston may have been granted to live on, but he has been cursed with a life of solitude and loss. He lost the love of his life when his wife died. He feels responsible for Maryís death but more so for allowing the midwife to try to help in the birth of his son. Now his beloved wife was dead and he did the most natural thing by slashing out at the midwife trying to harm her. With no son and no wife, now he lives in a world of guilt.

Thurston chooses to live in solitude not wishing to be with anyone. After he meets Kat he feels drawn to her in a way that he has never felt. He sees the trepidation in Kat and invites her to his home. It is during the wild passion of sex that Kat leans to bite him and he discovers she is a vampire. Even when Thurston turns her away, she returns to him making their passion even more strong. They form a bond that is strong and intense and they know they can never be apart. Thurston begins to share things with Kat about his life, his past and she does likewise. The two form an alliance and Thurston feels so strongly toward her that he is certain he can be Katís protector for life.

Kat is cursed with being a vampire the rest of her life going from one person to the next to drain enough blood to keep her from aging. It is a curse that she has had for many years. She misses her homeland and carries some of the soil around her neck in a vial. After traveling to find someone to drain them of their blood, she happens upon a man that she feels a strong attraction to, but unfortunately he has no blood. Years ago, Thurston was cast under a spell to last forever. In his day he was an excellent swordsman and fought in any battle but now all he desired was his time of being alone. Which was why he thought it strange that someone had appeared at his door. He continues to hear a knock at his door, a knock by someone who will not leave. He only wishes to be left alone but after meeting Kat he is smitten with her in the worse way and during a brief encounter of wild passion, their love burns with a blaze for each other. He never wishes her out of his sight.

Flame In The Rain is a sizzling red that really catches the eye in more ways than one. The romance and passion blazes like little sparks of electric current. It is a series where the reader cannot stop with just one book but must continue from the first to the last. A dark setting, warm alluring tones and vampires that ignite the pages can definitely be found in this fantastic read. The story has a certain flare to it that makes the reader go wow. As two lonely people find happiness with each other a spellbinding read enhances. The way Thurston locks himself in a prison to only be alone with loads of guilt is so touching. He makes a great hero and she makes a strong, smart heroine as she adapts to her own life issues. The conversation is enticing, their passion, wild, sexy, and fiery.

Ms. Brooks spins an incredible yarn about vampires that appear real as they dance through the pages. She takes her writing and some vampire myths and generates a great read that keeps the reader mystified. The way she weaves the tales of the characters often had me wondering do I love this character or not. She instills real believability. This spellbinding read is wonderful. The writing is so strong and creative with an intriguing plot and interesting characters that stay fresh in the readers mind. For a captivating read certain to get ones blood flowing, pick up Flame In The Rain today at: Loose-Id where you will be awestruck.

Sincerely good reading,


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