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Title: Firestarter
Author: Georgia Tribell

Published in March 2007 by " target="_blank">
Genre: Sci-fi/Futuristic
ISBN: Pending

American survivors of a devastating meteor reform the United States into thirteen colonies. The new Congress consists of all families within those colonies, who report to the Circle of Justice. Today they condemn an innocent man to death.

Since she was thirteen, Miranda Carter carried a crush on Grady O’Brien, and as she grew into adulthood that attraction turned to lust. Watching a shackled Grady walk into the Justice chamber, affirmed her belief that he did not kill her best friend, but the majority guilty vote states otherwise. She mourns her friend’s death but wants the true killer apprehended. As the death dome lowers over Grady, she invokes the Post Meteor law, where a person can marry a convicted felon, exonerating their crime through marriage. The Circle of Justice clamors to verify that old Earth law.

During high school, Grady came into his firepower, forcing him to live a year with his grandfather while gaining control over them. He felt unnatural, tainted when returning to school, avoiding everyone, especially Miranda; believing she deserved someone normal, not a freak. Standing accused of murder now, Grady is sentence to immediate death, by meteor dust injection. Miranda’s public marriage proposal surprises him but affords him seven days to clear his name.

Entertaining and gripping, Firestarter thrills readers with its clever, nimble plot. News of their marriage filters swiftly within their close circle of family, friends, and places of work. Grady’s oldest brother expresses his total dislike for the union. He believes Firestarters should marry Firestarters, ensuring the lineages purity. Miranda is on indefinite leave from her law research job, confident they do not intend to reinstate her. Trivial issues when a sniper attempts to kill them both inside Miranda’s home. Was Grady the sole target or Miranda…worse maybe they both are the target?

An array of authentic supernatural characters gives weight to this distinct paranormal story. During the intense sniper moments, Grady feels the temperature drop so cold that his breathe shows while the windows frosted. As Grady’s Special Forces team investigates the shooting, Miranda confesses her highly talented, though uncontrolled, IceShaper skills, only brought on when overly stimulated or emotional. Explaining why it gets cold during their frequent lovemaking, contrasting Grady’s rising heat.

Published through New Concepts Publishing, Firestarter demands reading. Ms. Tribell certainly hands over a spellbinding experience as Grady and Miranda only have days to achieve their mission.

A Dedicated Reader,

Pamela Jenewein

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