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Fiona's Fancy

Title: Fiona's Fancy
Author: Suzanne Marie Calvin

Published in 2006 by Amber Quill Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60272-035-0

Having come out of Operation Desert Storm during the Gulf war with his sensibilities intact, Cal Turner knows that life couldn't get any tougher. Anxious to get on with his, he puts those memories behind him and prepares for his upcoming nuptials. Having dated Marcia Forbes for the last two years he is more than ready to begin a life of wedded bliss with the beautiful television news reporter. That is until he finds himself jilted at the alter. It seems that his intended bride has hightailed it to California in leaving Cal embarrassed and outraged in front of a church filled with 300 guests. Things get a whole lot worse when Kyle is given a piece of paper that explains why his fiancé took off in detail. Angry beyond belief Cal incites himself into a fury with only one clear thought in mind. He will destroy whoever is responsible for his current predicament. That said, Cal sets his sights on the “crazed hippie chick” whose advice column has ruined his seemingly peaceful existence.

Cal's plans started out simple enough. Having purchased a small Colorado Radio Station, KKAL, he uses it as an instrument to attain his revenge. As station manager and popular radio host personality "Ghost Rider", he finds himself in a prime position to take down the Fiona's Fancy columnist. Seeing as how nothing can go wrong with his scheming Cal forges ahead and it's an all out attack that brings the light back into his eyes. That is until he comes face to face with the supposed destroyer of his dreams. Fiona herself. Cal is not prepared for Fiona's earthy beauty or his instantaneous attraction to the wacky lady. Women with high standards and svelte coverings have always captured his interest. But there was no denying the sparks that emanated from Fiona whenever she came near. Not believing in the astrological aspects of why things happen, Cal can't deny that there is something cosmically clear whenever he is around Fiona. He wants her badly. But can he actually fall for the woman he is hell bent on destroying?

Fiona Kelly lives her life by reading and interpreting zodiac signs. She believes wholeheartedly that astrological compatibility can determine a Peron’s happiness, at least where love is concerned. Her best friend Piper thinks that Fiona has problems reading her own signs and therefore isn't able to find her own Mr. Right. Fiona has always been attracted to the dominant Aries male that although wrong for her, she can't help but desire. Her column Fiona's Fancy is another love of hers that allows her to express her knowledge of love albeit through the stars. Unluckily she finds herself being stalked by an unknown predator who goes by the name "Dark Knight". Fiona is then tormented repeatedly through letters and is warned that her column had better not go on. Terrified yet determined, Fiona keeps on doing what she loves knowing that at any moment the threats can become a reality. Besides, She has much more concerns to deal with at the moment. KKAL personality Ghost Rider has been taking low shots at her column and she is not about to take it lying down.

When Fiona meets Cal Turner, her world is turned upside down. She finds herself enthralled in his enigmatic gaze and drooling over his buff physique. She sees the alpha male in him and tries to tell herself no. Her body and her heart however have other plans for Cal. Plans that include a whole lot of kissing and pleasure far beyond her anything she could have predicted. Her desires for Cal do not take away from her goals of stopping Ghost Rider in his tracks. She wants Cal badly and it is him that preoccupies all her delicious fantasies. As Cal offers to fix things up around her store, Earth Tones, She can't quite mask the hunger on her face or keep the wickedly sensual daydreams from interrupting her train of thought. Fiona likes having Cal around despite the fact that he is the dreaded Alpha Aries male she has been trying to avoid. With the personal attacks from Ghost writer against her advice column becoming more and more disruptive, she decides to meet him in his own backyard. But will Fiona recover from a betrayal so shocking that it leaves her heart in turmoil?

As Cal and Fiona become lovers they find themselves connecting on levels that both astound and delight them. As much s Cal tries to carry out his original machinations he finds that his heart refuses to cooperate. He finds beauty and laughter in the totally outrageous Fiona's company. With her horde of ragtag farm animals as well as her sexy body he finds himself a willing prisoner of her delightful charms. When Cal finds out that Fiona is being stalked, he finds himself in the position of protector. He doesn't like the idea of anyone threatening his newfound fancy. As the two fall deeper into what can only be love they deny their feelings yet can't seem to stay away for too long. Fiona has found in Cal what her heart has searched for all along. Cal has come to realize that maybe there is something to what the stars have aligned for him. Suzanne Marie Calvin has brought to life characters that have to learn to let true love lead the way. But will the two of them be able to overcome a painful past that has brought them to where they are today? Can Fiona defeat the evil that is the Dark Knight before he takes away all that she holds dear?

Reading FIONA'S FANCY is like indulging in the finest of all wines. With a storyline that flowed along beautifully and passionately, I found myself captivated for all the right reasons. Cal is a handsome Alpha male who exudes his virility to the point that I had to stop and catch my breath quite often. Fiona dazzles in her quirkiness and touches your soul for all her free spiritedness and earthy designs on life. When the two are together combustion is inevitable and things get really hot quickly. I recommend reading FIONA'S FANCY because quite frankly it is one superbly written book. There were never any moments that lagged or left me with a desire to skim the pages. What I found was an amazingly rich read that is the epitome of what romance is really made of. This was the first book I’ve ever read by Ms. Calvin and it most assuredly will not be the last. Published by Sheherazade Tales in 2004, Suzanne Marie Calvin has written a stunningly mesmerizing tale that is sure to capture your fancy and not let go.

Many happy endings,
Joann Ruffen

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