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Title: Eye of Alloria
Author: Rae Lindley

Published in March 2007 by Lavender Isis Press
Genre: Sci-fi/Futuristic/Fantasy
ISBN: 0-9789935-5-1

The year is 3030, Earth survives its war with the uprising of “manchines”; technology merged with humans. Saron Bravewind rebuilds the city of Orland, which is prosperous and advancing. His only child, Saria will rule one day. Today another symbol appears in a field outside of Orland though still not knowing whom or what makes them. His wife, Jacina believes it is from another worldly presence. He believes that whomever or whatever is visiting Earth lays beyond the stars, motivating him to get his space mission started. Saron remembers an ebony woman with platinum hair surrounded by a white glow, haunting his sleep. What role does she play in his obsessing need to visit the stars?

Saron’s voyage takes place sooner than expected as Saria lies dying from a weak heart, and no cure. Again, he believes the heavens hold the secrets of a cure. With a small army to protect and staff the vessel Saron, with his daughter on board, leaves Earth for an unknown place. Approaching the moon at high speed, the ship shakes with the intense velocity, Saron asks for more speed. Reaching the moon’s atmosphere, the ship pitches sideways slamming him against the hull, knocking him out from the force. Coming to he sees many guardsmen dead around him. However, Saria is missing. Before him stands the woman from his dreams commanding him to follow.

Entering a large castle, Saron’s taken to where his daughter lies, peacefully and under the care of a physician. His dream woman introduces herself as Mellinia Salestar, an Allorian elf, welcoming him to the Alloria Moon. She apologizes for leaving indentations from their ships on Earth. Yet, she admits the new crop of indentations is a “hello”, announcing their existence. Over dinner, Saron notes the matriarchal social order as Mellinia heads the table, and then noting other elven women taking the forefront in the village too. Mellinia warns Saron that his race is in danger of extinction.

On Earth, Jacina aids a man covered in blood. Dying he tells of white scaly creatures dropping from the sky in hordes. The warrior dies before confessing anything more.

Standing on the balcony, Mellinia explains to Saron that Aurans, who are invading Earth, thrive on war and destruction. She gets no further when interrupted by an elven warrior warning that Aurans landed not far from the castle. Saron loads his daughter and remaining guardsmen onto an Allorian ship, sending them back to Earth. The elven people and Saron are close behind, landing on Earth in the midst of an Orlandian war party.

Merging ancient civilization with current technology, Ms. Lindley creates an engaging plot that joins science fiction with fantasy. The Eye of Alloria, published by Lavender Isis Press, is a unique though captivating story possessing spectacular characters that seem genuine while building the story’s suspense. Saron Bravewind’s valor and loyalty shows when remaining calm during their capture by the elves. He commands respect and loyalty in return when he instructs his people to halt their attack on the elven people as they descend upon Earth. Jacina is intelligent and dedicated to her family and people. She permits Saron to take their daughter to an unknown place, trusting he will ensure her safety and well-being. Jacina also believes her husband will find whatever he seeks. Mellinia Salestar is an honorable and gifted woman. Upon her husband’s death, she leads the elven people, but smart when she deciding to reveal the secrets of her people’s history to Saron, so he can fight the Aurans successfully. Throughout the book, Ms. Lindley displays exquisite artwork that provides a visual to the book. Her next book, Cimmerian City looks just as intriguing, due out this summer.

A dedicated reader,

Pamela Jenewein

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