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Eternal Designs

Title: Eternal Designs
Author: Gracie C. McKeever

Published in July 2007 by Siren Publishing
Genre: Paranormal
ISBN: 1-933563-39-7

Other books by Gracie: Between Darkness and Daylight, In Plain Sight, Nine Inches of Snow and the Ebony Princess, Sisters of Emshara 1: Guardian Seductress, Sisters of Emsharra 2: Predator’s Salvation, Spells Cast in Shadows, The Matchmaker 1: Beneath the Surface, The Matchmaker 2: Terms of Surrender, The Matchmaker 3: Manifest Destiny, The Wolf in the Mansion, Zara's Bois 1: Zack and the Dark Shaft

A client’s urgent phone message sends Gale Sinclair towards an ill-fated car accident. Three months later, business mogul Laurent Crews’ enemy succeeds in bludgeoning him. This triggers an unnatural incident where Gale revives from a deadly head wound inside Laurent’s body. As he carries on Crews’ daily activities, Gale struggles to be the man everyone anticipates; domineering, aloof, cold and calculating. Instead Gale’s personality breaks through the stoic business mannerisms with patience, compassion and friendliness. So far his business associates and close friends like the “new” Laurent Crews though are a little put off by the drastic change. Yet, the one person he wants to win over remains steadfastly unsure and guarded – his estranged wife.

Since he never arrived for their evening appointment, Zoelle Sutherland angrily heads for her soon-to-be ex-husband’s office building. Before entering his personal office she is practically run over by her teenage son, Wynn babbling that he “didn’t do anything”. Finding Laurent on the floor with blood pooling around his head, Zoe fears her son did it. As she figures out what to do Laurent regains consciousness, though unaware that Gale now inhabits her autocratic husband. Against her better judgement Zoe takes him home where his uncharacteristic behavior manifests; he seems more compromising, even charitable. Zoe is no fool believing he is up to no good, mainly trying to win her favor so he can return home. Yet his actions seem genuine, natural and heartfelt; chiseling away at her harden heart formed by years of broken promises and unveiled secrets.

Through the laughter and conflict lies a beautiful simple romance, holding the reader’s attention while the delightful, enchanting story captivates the emotions. Ms. McKeever’s Eternal Designs tells of a crumbling marriage, and a love connection that never blossomed. However, providence changes that for two people deserving of personal happiness, more importantly a loving relationship.

Coming alive inside Zoe’s husband, Gale believes it an opportunity to act on his attraction for her. The wooing is hindered by his need to uncover those who wish him dead. High on the list of suspects are Zoe and her son Wynn. In clearing the way for his seduction Gale’s first order of business is to remove any doubt of their involvement. Then adding more mystery to this energetic plot, Gale must locate someone named Trey; someone who may or may not be involved in attempted murder. Even Zoe knows nothing about this man, making him more intriguing to Gale.

Still, winning Zoe’s trust proves challenging. Breaking through barriers erected over years of verbal and emotional criticisms from her husband, Gale is tolerant, if not patient. While uncovering more of Laurent’s past, he stumbles upon Sutherland Designs devious maneuvering from under Zoe’s sole control; a sore point between her and her husband no doubt. Worse is that all paths point towards Laurent’s skillful hand, except he knew and gained nothing from this transaction. Being inside the man’s body, Gale affirms the man’s innocence, including sensing his desire not to seek retribution against his estranged wife.

Secrets, suspicions and treachery abound but the romance forming between Gale and Zoe distracts them time and time again. The natural dialog lively and captivating emphasizes their independent fiery natures, while rustling up some exciting passionate displays. Whether in the elevator, on the kitchen counter, or in the office the carnal liaisons between these two are sultry and arousing. However, Zoe still holds back emotionally, even though sex with Laurent/Gale is as she remembers – fantastic! Outside of the great sex little things begin to add up that her husband is not the man she knew before the accident. His open displays of affection, the new fondness for casual attire, eating pizza with his fingers (normally he uses knife and fork!), and even drinking from her glass are so out of character. When he confides that someone is trying to kill him Zoe believes may be he’s mentally unstable from the head injury. Being run down by a motorcycle, and then an x-ray shows a concussion that should put him into a vegetative state or dead, convinces her that he could be correct. But who wants him dead? She fears the answer rests with her son, Wynn. Zoe cannot fathom him capable of murder. Nevertheless, Wynn housing the weapon – a brass desk clock – in plain sight proves his involvement to a greater degree; combined with the young man’s out-and-out animosity towards his stepfather too.

Ms. McKeever satisfies her readers with an intriguing and beguiling story. A Siren Publication, Eternal Designs’ characters are strong, with ample personalities to ignite and maintain the suspenseful, enthralling plot; easily classifying it as a mystery/suspense too. The rave reviews and the winning of a Reviewer’s Choice Award, for Terms of Surrender, prove Ms. Keever’s devotion to delivering engaging books. Her pen has yet to rest as more books line up from Siren Publishing: Zara’s Bois 2: Ingenue’s Choice and Zara’s Bois 3: Bouncer’s Folly will be available around December 2007. A Sisters of Emsharra novella, Sentinal’s Hunger opens Siren’s new line Rapture anthologies; release date still unknown. She also publishes many articles, short stories and poems; visit her web site for a complete listing. Ms. Keever is an author not to be missed, and one who provides an eclectic selection to choose from.

A Dedicated Reader,

Pamela Jenewein

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