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Enchanted Castle by Kate Hofman

Title: Enchanted Castle
Author: Kate Hofman

Published in January 2008 by DCL Publications
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-921347-24-5

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The tower on the hill caught Brett Richard’s attention as he headed back home to London. The old keep stretched into the sky, and he could only imagine the view from the top of the ancient round tower. The road he had chosen was scenic, something he needed to relieve the stress, and as he rounded the bend, the sign to Blue Lake Castle caught his eye. Shrugging, he never stopped to consider the enchantment the old round keep would cast over him, but when he followed his heart, he truly found the castle of his dreams. Plans flew through his head, designs, construction, what would his dad think, his friend Jake? He quickly found out, and six months later, the work was completed on the main part, the ancient round keep of Blue Lake Castle was ready for Brett to move in. There was more than enough room, so his father had apartments, as did Jake. There were numerous guest suites, and by the end of the first few days, he had arranged for housekeeping, and was well on the way to acquiring a staff.

The greatest pleasure was in finding and hiring those who cared as much for his castle as he did, and one of those people just happened to be Victoria Sutcliffe. He sees in her not only the waitress, but looks beyond to the garden lover extraordinaire, and fellow castle aficionado. Brett felt it, there was an attraction, and he hoped she shared it as well. First and foremost, Brett was a gentleman, and there is no way he would condone someone pressing unwanted attentions, or hurting anyone he cared for as he did Victoria. He knew her life was not really pleasant, in spite of her sunny personality. She had some rough spots, the disdain of her family, and her most demanding aunt was daunting, but Victoria was one person he felt a raging urge to protect. When it came to love, he has not been very lucky until now. He had been deserted by the one he thought would be the love of his life. He has been feeling desolate and lonely, however, something inside tells him with Victoria in the picture, that particular piece of his life is about to change…

The Corelli Ristorante Italiano was a family owned place, authentic Italian cuisine served by an authentic Italian Chef, Signore Corelli. It was a place of refuge for her, two precious days a week where she did not have to be under the oppressing thumb of her aunt Delia Sutcliffe. Oh Delia might be a famous writer, but her idea of a life for Victoria was not what Victoria wanted or desired. Getting away to the restaurant was definitely a plus for her, and it was something Victoria didn’t ever think she would want to give up. She was ill prepared for the tall, handsome, rangy man who sauntered into the restaurant that night, but he definitely caught Signora Corelli’s eye, and she immediately sent him Victoria’s way. Signora had a twinkle in her eye, and Victoria was not exactly sure what she was thinking until she got a good look at the man on whom she was supposed to wait. He almost literally took her breath away.

Brett Richards was like the proverbial “Knight in Shining Armor,” and much to Victoria’s surprise, he did actually come with a castle. She was surprised to find he was the buyer of the Blue Lake Castle, a man only a few had seen, and about whom many were curious. The invite to come to visit the refurbished castle was unexpected, and the fact it has already been done a surprise. Brett was sincere about the offer, and she found it astounding. Victoria has no false ideas about herself. She knows she is not beautiful in the flashy sense of the day, but she is comfortable in her skin. She didn’t know how to handle Brett’s invitation, but once the first was accepted, another soon follows, and she realizes she is hooked. Brett Richards is a man who knows what he wants, and goes after it, however Victoria is not certain, once he finds out all her secrets, that he will really want her….

Kate Hofman’s Enchanted Castle takes the reader on a flight of romance, with two different yet intertwined stories. First we have Brett Richards, a man deeply in love with a woman who has apparently abandoned him for a career in the Big Apple. Alone and weary, he soon finds a friend, another who hurts as he does, another person just like himself. Victoria is not out for a fling, but she is nursing the deep wounds of a heartbreak much like Brett’s, and in him sees a refuge, a haven for a time and she soon finds out he feels much the same. She has a natural talent with growing things, and as Brett is willing to give her a job, and help her get out from under the oppressive thumb of a dictatorial aunt. She is not really ready to move on, yet she is more than willing to fall in with his plans. Normally you would think fate has designed these two to be lovers, but that is not the case here.

Both Victoria and Bret have had to suffer the fires and trials of what they believe to be unrequited love, but there are some twists and turns in here that will make you shake your head, turn your heart upside down, and even leave it in your throat at times. This is a story about two people who become great friends, even through an aborted affair, and how they actually help each other look for, and find again, the one person destined to make them happy. Enchanted Castle will thrill you, make you angry, and have you on the verge of tears, but never fear, this is a real keeper, and one you will have to read again and again. It will be available from the Dark Castle Lords in January of 2008, so look for it the first of the year, and snag a copy while you can. You may come to believe that Blue lake Castle truly is Enchanted…

Yours in good reading,


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