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Title: Earthly Possession
Author: Erin Aislinn

Published in January 2007 by Elloraís Cave Publishing
Genre: Erotic Paranormal
ISBN: 978-141990873

There is something here, something on earth calling to Kheyra, and it is NOT the desire to dominate men. For the women of Dattar, the coolest thing is the submission of men, the desire to control them in all facets of their lives is fulfilled in their culture. Kheyra is a throwback, and she suspects she has not been the only one. She would love to submit to a man, if the man was strong enough for her, to protect her, love her, care for her, and see to her happiness. Female submission is definitely against all the rules, and so Kheyra has come to Earth where vampires were only myth. She needs the escape, running away from a hateful marriage and a destiny she doesnít want. She is looking for the ultimate male, the perfect alpha to give her the best sexual and over all experience of her life before she is unceremoniously yanked by the elders back to Dattar, and her possible death. It is not a prospect she looks forward to, but it canít be helped. Something is niggling at her, and though she may never solve the puzzle, it distracts her from her present actions.

Sex left Kheyra hollow, being dominant just didnít fulfill her needs, and she has come to the planet Earth to see if her dream man exists. She knows the planetís matriarch, Morna, will punish her, have her committed to a rehabilitation facility at least, but only if she is very lucky. There is a miasma at home, her brother has changed and not for the better. Heís sad, withdrawn, and quite miserable, and Kheyra has a suspicion Dargon is also being forced into a submissive role he is not comfortable with, mainly because he IS a dominant male. The changes are disturbing Dargon, and being strong and alpha doesnít fit in with the constrictions and limitations placed on him by their society. Before he left for his initiation, he confided in Kherya, shared his own hopes and dreams and listened to hers, they were very close. Once she could count him as her best friend as well as her brother. It is another thing which saddens her because Dargon is now almost afraid to talk with her. She only hopes she can find her alpha male, some clues to her desires on her visit Earth, and maybe experience a bit of happiness before she is dragged back to Dattar.

Deacon Quincy was faced with a dilemma. The woman wouldnít stay out of his head, and worse than that, he felt she might just worm her way into his heart. His experience with the female of the kind has always been bad, and he was not about to make a closer acquaintance with this one. He found most of the species shallow, self serving, power hungry, and manipulative. He is not taking the chance this one will be or is any different. Trust is not a strong point, especially when it comes to female vampires. This one is a puzzle, but not one he is going to solve. Deacon is resolved to stay far away from her, and hopes she will take his explicit warning and remain far from him as well. The moment she crossed his boundaries, he knew. If she stays, she will regret it because he is definitely not in the mood to deal with her, and he is certainly not happy about or ready to deal with the lust she invokes. He is going to have to keep an eye on her, at least until he figures out what her agenda is, and as long as it doesnít involve him, he may be lenient.

The territory Deacon claims is a gem. As he ponders the strangerís habits, he sorts though any number of possibilities as to why she is here, now, and in his territory. He knows others covet these few but bountiful square miles. There is much to consider here, and Deacon is not happy about it at all because it could mean a challenge to him, his territory, and his peace of mind. Her habits were strange, she seemed to be after sex, but he had not observed her in the act, she turned away, and she did not erase her memory from those she used as food. A familiarity tickled his mind, but he willingly dismissed it as inconsequential. Any mystery here was in her particular purpose for coming into his area, and he outlined her error and showed her what is his and his alone. She had no business invading his space, and as he was feeling quite territorial at this point, she better stay far, far away. He can be ruthless, and he will counter any threat she poses. Deacon will defend what he claims from any trespasser, and if he has to destroy her, he will. Now if only he can get the taste of her out of his mouth, and the lust out of his body, he might just survive.

Erin Aislinn has taken the vampire romance to a new level in her book Earthy Possession. Kherya is running away from a lifetime of being a dominant female, in a society were the males are forced by any means necessary to submit. The matriarch has even tried to breed submission into them, and out of the women. In Kheryaís case, and in her brotherís too, the plan definitely went awry. She is dreadfully unhappy with the way things are going, and is determined to treat herself to at least one experience where she can let her submissive nature out. Deacon Quincy is the unwitting object of her plan, and her new obsession. He is tall, dark, strong, completely alpha, and turns her on like she has never been aroused before in her life. For Deacon, she is a challenge he is not sure he wants to take at this time. There is something familiar about her, something warning him she may be a pawn in a game, and it is a game he is not sure he wants to play.

Earthly Possession is a wonderful book filled with strong characters, imaginative plotting, and just the right amount of suspense. For Deacon and Kheyra, the problem is to come to grips with what they are in themselves, and to each other, then decide whether it is strong enough to survive the trials forced upon them. There is also the little matter of love and acceptance, and it is the ultimate test for our pair of star-crossed lovers. To survive or not to survive, that becomes the question when all their beliefs are put to the test. The pages wonít stop turning, you canít help yourself once you start into this riveting and superb tale. Earthly Possession is available now at Elloraís Cave, and I have to say I highly recommend it, especially if you treasure new and exciting paranormal adventures with a futuristic twist. Go get it, and find out whether Kheyra survives her Earthly Possession. I doubt you will be disappointed in Erin Aislinnís newest read.

Yours in good reading,


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