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Dragon's Grace

Title: Dragon's Grace
Author: Nicole Dennis

Published in April 2010 by Lyrical Press Inc
Genre: Fantasy, Erotic, Romance
ISBN: 978-1-61650-141-9

Cover Artist: Renee Rocco

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Allauria survives a severe attack by dark wraiths, narrowly missing the chance of losing her life. As an exiled guardian, she has the wiles to be able to look after herself in any given situation, yet this tussle with the dark wraiths has left her with out her dragon, and she needs to search for it if she is to keep alive and well enough to fight another day. She finds Callum who wants nothing to do with her as she is in exile, but together they have to put aside their differences to help each other out.

Alone and in need of help, Allauria risks death, or worse becoming a wraith from being attacked by them if Callum doesn't allow her to be by his side, so they can act as a team to drive away the evils on the land. This idea isn't at all easy as it sounds when none of the two see eye to eye in their situation. Both have got their problems though and have to work through them.

Callum Mc Drakken has a haven he can invite others into for safety reasons, the terrain is harsh and there are plenty of outsiders who are dangerous. He knew her before and they were both intimate, though he feels he cannot trust her as he used to. Callum has a worse problem than Allauria though as he has such severe injuries from his battle that makes it so he can't transform into his dragon self.

Callum has to forgive and forget as far as Allauria is concerned, and if he sets aside time to be with her, and protects her as she wants him to, she can become far more than she thinks in the long run.

Dragon's Grace by Nicole Dennis is a poignant fantasy story that will interest readers as it takes place within two different times, ancient and modern. This will keep the interest levels up, and create the perfect setting for the story as it progresses. As an avid reader of fantasy myself, it is descriptive and picks up after the first few introductory pages. Allauria is in a sticky situation and she has to rely on Callum to get her out of the mess she has put her self in. Things aren't easy from then on, but it is interesting to find out what happens next.

Nicole Dennis has given us a stunning novel of sensuality, sexual yearning, overcoming differences as people and lovers, and most of all some steamy scenes we can get our teeth into! Nicole Dennisís Dragonís Grace is available from Lyrical Press Inc and is well recommended for those who like highly erotic romance novellas.

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