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Title: Double the Blessings
Author: Melissa Wathington

Published in April 2007 by Lavender Isis Press
Genre: Inspirational

Forging a strong bond from the moment of conception, twins know no other existence except that in conjunction with one another. When separated, they feel incomplete, that something deep within their core is missing. In two short stories, Double the Blessings recounts how two people, separated from their natural other half, experience unrest when striving to regain that inherent wholeness.

Inside Sister Lost, Sister Found, Krystal Johnson and her sister Karla shared every moment of their lives, as is customary of identical twins. During their school years, they enjoyed confusing classmates, as they grew older, they fell in love at the same time. With their boyfriends in tow, Krystal and Karla continued to do most everything together; except now as a foursome. They even shared a likeness for media-oriented careers; Karla behind the camera as writer/producer with Krystal in front of the camera breathing life into those stories. Neither woman ever gave a moments thought to the possibility of being separated.

The emotional pain leaps off the page, provoking the reader to tear up in reaction to Krystal’s substantial grief. Her sister’s accidental death has Krystal standing on a bridge, contemplating suicide. She feels like half a person, unable to imagine life going on without her twin sister. Ms. Wathington creates a poignant authentic story about loosing a loved one, while masterfully disclosing the uniqueness of twin relationships. Krystal and Karla experience the most common behaviors that people have about twins; finishing each other’s sentences, an inexplicable mental connection, and likeness in interests and careers. These traits build the basis of this moving story, as well as the entire anthology.

The second story, Miracle of the Season introduces a family preparing for the Christmas holidays. Jointly they decorate the house and tree, but Briana’s unhappiness overshadows the joyous festivities. Her parents, Sheryl and David worry over her changed behavior over the last four months; from an outgoing cheerful child to one who is sullen and forlorn. To her mother, Briana complains about dreams of a faceless little girl that always makes her feel sad upon waking.

Like her brothers, Briana is adopted, and one made with love and commitment. With the plaguing dream and the child’s sadness, Sheryl calls the adoption agency hoping to uncover clues missed from Briana’s past. Two days before Christmas the agency worker returns her call, but won’t divulge her findings over the phone. Instead, she schedules a meeting with Sheryl for Christmas Eve

The intrigue pushes this story along, pulling on heartstrings as a child suffers without any clue as to why and no closer to a resolution. Another touching read by Ms. Wathington that deftly illustrates a twins’ ability to reach one another, without regard to distance or circumstances. Double the Blessings is heart rendering, demonstrating families bonded through faith, offering hope when all seems lost, and then granted unforeseen blessings. Ms. Wathington’s characters stem from real life making for a pleasant, inspiring read. A twin myself, her depiction of twins is genuine, visibly confirming the distinctiveness of these types of siblings. This Lavender Isis Press publication, Double the Blessings is loaded with unconditional love and spirituality – a delightful departure from my other reading material.

Also from Melissa Wathington, and first released in 2007 as a Lavender Isis Press publication, Surrender Your Heart tugs at your heart and rouses your emotions as these two sweet little romances fulfills every reader’s addiction. I have read and enjoyed this one as well. Ms. Wathington has it available as January 2008 release through Romance At Heart Publications – check it out! So now you know, and now you won't forget to stop by Lavender Isis Press and purchase your copy of ;Double the Blessings, currently available at Lavender Isis Press

A Dedicated Reader,

Pamela Jenewein

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