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Title: Diamonds of Ice
Author: Lynne Connolly

Published in April 2007 by Triskelion Publishing
Genre: Paranormal
ISBN: 1-60186-162-1

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Unsuspecting to most of the human population is the knowledge that vampires, shape shifters, sorcerers and the like, exist all over the world. Many are part of the elite covert society called, Department 57 that specializes in Talents globally; people who possess extra-sensory skills along with their paranormal traits. This organization also ensures mortals are safe from rogue supernaturals.

A competitive and secretive woman, Gemma Wilder works for a rival advertising agency, since leaving her previous job after catching her former lover and coworker making love to his secretary. Now, running into Jim Dewing in the wine bar reminds her of that unfortunate error in judgment. Though the handsome, confident man accompanying him is another matter, and obviously, her replacement at Taylor, Taylor, Ferrante and Noakes, Gemmaís previous employer. She knows the guy is off limits however, hoping to keep Jimís persistent advances at bay, Gemma plants a sizzling kiss on Germaine. Except as he returns that kiss she is wants more.

An ex-Talent, Fabrice Germaine misses those powers that made mundane tasks easier, compelling machinery and knowing the thoughts of people with just a simple mental command. After his rape by a female stalker, he lost those skills that made him the most talented Virgin Sorcerer. Moving from New York to London allows him to escape the reminders of a life gone forever. At present, he enjoys the feel of the woman in his arms, aware that the kiss is solely for the ex-loverís benefit. Too bad she works for the competition, he would like to taste more than just her lips.

A distinctive and engrossing paranormal leaves the reader entranced by its persuasive, fascinating plot. After a glorious night of love making with Gemma, Fabrice receives a phone call from Gary, demanding they come as Steve is dead and heís gravely wounded. When they arrive, Gemma senses a Talentís presence. Administering aid to Gary, he begs for death, unable continue without his lover, Steve. He wants to pass his vampire Talent onto Fabrice, with the condition that he finds their murderer. Fabrice detests blood to the point of fainting, so carefully considers the Gift. Fabrice agrees, but it is up to Gemma to teach him the vampire ways, while catching their friendsí killer. Excitement and deception persist as clues meticulously point to the killerís identity, revealing a traitor within their own kind.

Devoted and loyal, Gemma and Fabrice reluctantly suppress their carnal needs, while juggling the demands of helping with a murder investigation and maintaining commitments to their respective jobs. Fabrice grapples with the unfamiliar vampire talents that allow emotions to surface freely, sensations denied Sorcerers. They overwhelm his long practiced logic causing him to question his effectiveness on the case. Gemma feels Fabriceís conflict with his vampire talents and aversion to blood drinking. With her undead expertise and unwavering empathy, she provides a safe haven during his most vulnerable moments; learning to accept and control the strong emotions of love, compassion, and intimacy. Still their proximity feeds the lust and yearning they keep firmly repressed.

Diamonds of Ice: Dept 57 is not Ms. Connollyís only novel from Triskelion Publishing. Precious Cargo: In The Chill Of The Night anthology is due out October 2007, as is prequels to Dept 57: Chemistry of Evil: The Summoning and Eternal Beauty, Eternal Darkness. Wildfire, about a shape shifting rock band, opens a new series from Triskelion Publishing Ė and it looks hot. Ms. Connolly also writes historical romances under the pen name Lynne Martin. A diverse and prolific author, Ms. Connollyís Diamonds of Ice: Dept 57 satisfies a readerís addiction for romances.

A Dedicated Reader,

Pamela Jenewein

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