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Day of Fire

Title: Day of Fire
Author: Kathleen Nance
Published in May 2004 by Dorchester Publishing
Genre: Futuristic Action/Romance
ISBN: 0-505-52591-1

Related Books: (1) The Legend of Banzai MaGuire

These were not ordinary times. The world is teetering on the brink of a revolution, a change, and The Tri-Dominion of Canada would soon be free. Not that they weren’t free within their own borders, but Inspector Day Daniels knows that with each passing day, her job with the RCMP would be more difficult. The plagues that had decimated the population, those biological terrors that annihilated over half the people of Canada were wiped out, and the borders would soon be opened again to the world. As a Mountie, Day learned from the best. Her father, Trafalgar Daniels, taught her that duty, the law, and her fellow Mounties were what counted in life, and as far as Day is concerned, he’s correct. The death of her partner has brought her once again into contact with a group of young, often lawless radicals called the No-Borders. They are convinced that acts of violence and sedition are the keys to lower the plasma shields separating the Tri-Dominion of Canada from the UCE and the rest of the world. The Doctors of Health Canada have contained and destroyed the viruses that plagued Canada. Although often feared, referred to as crazy and given the appellation of plague hunters, they continue paving the way for the shield to be lowered.

They are providing the only true way, and Day’s not sure she is ready for that eventuality, but first things first. Law and order and duty push her forward, and murder cannot be tolerated at any time. Luc Robichaux was a good partner, her instincts have kicked in, and Inspector Daniels is determined to find his killer. She is sure the killer escaped to a No-Borders enclave, now she only has to find out which one, and where, and things will be tidied up. Day’s record is spotless, an awesome one of up-held convictions. In the topsy turvey world that has been hers, she is a star. If she solves this case to the Commissioner’s satisfaction, she is up for a promotion to G-1 the highest and most elite of ranks for a field Mountie. Her father had given up the opportunity to be G-1 when she came into his life, and she knows how proud he would be if she could attain that goal. She worked diligently toward it, producing case after airtight case of good, solid investigation. Now she has it within her grasp, and also the biggest problem, and challenge of her life, that of working with a natural enemy of the Mounties, a Health Canada operative, a Plague Hunter. There is also the small compounding fact that he is also, for now, her superior officer.

A tall, gray-eyed vision, Dr. Lian Firebird was a man who would turn heads, and the fission of male superiority and the enigmatic mien made him irresistible to many. That was not really what he wanted, but often what he got, so who was he to complain. Inspector Day Daniels is his expert help, reputed by all accounts to be the best investigator in the entire force of RCMP. He has to focus on now, and this petite fireball of a Mountie who has been assigned to his case. She is important in more ways than one, and it is just another of the things she will have to learn. The Prime Minister, and the Commissioner of Health Canada have gotten him the best help possible, and yet the tension between the Mounties and the Plague Hunters is well known. He has personally been blamed for things beyond his control, and has felt helpless because he couldn’t change the outcome. In the one hundred and six years since the Great Plagues started, Heath Canada’s Office of Viruses and Epidemics have kept their doctors as immune as possible, then sent them into the most virulent of situations, dangerously exposing their lives that others might live. Lian was and is no different. That a new and heretofore unknown strain of smallpox has turned up, on the hat of Day Daniels’ murdered partner, made this his case.

He knows that Inspector Daniels is not pleased with the situation, and hurt by her show of mistrust, doubts, and accusations. How easily she dismissed him, even though he had saved her life. She will have to learn, and learn quickly if she wants to find her killer, that Lian is a man of his word. She will also have to learn that his head and heart are just as hard as his body, and he will go to any lengths to secure and destroy the source of the virus. The little Inspector has a lot to learn, but some of his secrets he is determined to keep and take to his grave. He will go to any extremes to keep his people safe as well, but he would never sacrifice them for or to the virus. Lian is a man who has seen far too much, who has been isolated far too long from those people and things that he loves. If and when they can wrap up this case, Lian can go home, back to his people where he belongs. That is his destiny as a shaman of the Shinook. That will also his loss, for he know that when that day comes, he may be losing the one true love of his life…

Kathleen Nance gives new meaning to the phrase “back to the future” when she takes us once again to 2176 and the post-plague isolationist domain of the Tri-Dominion of Canada. The Voice of Freedom has been heard here as well, and even their isolation cannot keep the Voice from being heard. This is the background that Day and Lian have to work with and against as they fight to find her partner’s killer, and to determine whether this plague threat is real or a poorly devised plot to bring down the borders. The two are aware that the Prime Minister is to announce the end of the isolation, but the No-Borders faction is a radical and extreme group who has no patience. Many have been separated from family and friends since the borders were closed due to plagues. They have lived with the stories of family left behind, and are tired of the ex-patriot status. Not truly allowed to be citizens, they are anxious to go back to the UCE, and the fringe group will resort to any means to get there. When the plasma borders are blown up, they are assured of their Day of Fire. The question that Lian and Day have to answer is about the connection of the murder to the virus, and whether or not the No-Borders are directly involved.

Day of Fire is aptly named, and exciting from beginning to end. This book is another page-turner, and a superb tale told in a captivating and wonderful style that I have to confess, I couldn’t put down. As a sequel to The Legend of Banzai MaGuire, it carries on with the strong heroine, the woman who has to determine for herself not just who she can trust, but also who is truly worthy of her love. Inspector Day Daniels, and Dr. Lian Firebird are just two more wonderful and exciting characters in this second book of the quintet of stories started by Susan Grant. Day of Fire will capture you heart, and fire your imagination just as surely as Banzai did, and does. Banzai plays a part in Day and Lian’s story as well, and the references are complete. Although you are missing an excellent book if you have not read The Legend of Banzai MaGuire , Day of Fire stands alone, and is complete. It will be available in May 2004 from Dorchester Publishing’s LoveSpell books and is another Keeper Shelf MUST BUY.

Yours in good reading,


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