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Title: Darlin'
Author: Jewel Adams

Published in 2005 by Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Erotic time travel
ISBN: 1593743319

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Joleen Longman is just returning from a séance with her girlfriends. She is haunted by what she has learned about her future. The horrendous storm that she runs upon as she makes her way home through the Smoky Mountains is not helping the spooky feeling that keeps traveling through her mind. The goose bumps will not leave her body and the unsettling events of the woman’s words, at the séance, continue to trouble her. When she finally arrives home through all the lightning, and thunder, not to mention the torrential rains, she finds it hard seeing the road. After a tree falls near her cabin, she stops the car and tries to make a fast pace inside, only to be slowed down by rumbling thunder that only sends her into an oblivion of darkness that transports her into another unfamiliar time.

When Joleen awakes to find herself in strange surroundings and with a most handsome man by the name of Allen Flint, she has to use every resource that her grandfather taught her to survive. The last thing she remembers is driving through a flash flood then being knocked unconscious. When she finds out she is in the year 1713 Colonial America, with a man as austere as his name, she feels completely lost. After she finds herself being labeled a harlot and pushed into being sold as a mail order bride, her handsome savior marries her and saves her. With Flint as a scout for the troops at the fort, Joleen becomes a great asset for him in their travels. As they begin their journey as husband and wife, Joleen finds herself falling in love with Flint but questions if he feels the same about her. Just because he calls her Darlin’ is no guarantee that he does.

Allen Flint is trying to escape a Cree hunting party when he happens upon Joleen, thinking her to be a boy the way she is dressed and covered from head to toe in mud. After the dirt all washes away, he sees her for the woman she is. With Cree Indian braves hot on their trail he takes Joleen and flees to safety. Unfortunately the experience is too much for Joleen who develops an intense fever. Flint is left to nurse her back to health. When they arrive back at the fort, things do not set too well for either of them and Flint has to make it right to protect her reputation. He doesn’t understand why she is so shocked when she sees the marriage papers have the date of August 16, 1713.

Flint lives his life as a scout and doesn’t need any female invading his privacy of the mountain life. His first impression of Joleen is one of irritation. When he first meets her, he thinks the person clad in pants, covered from head to toe in mud, is a boy, but after the water rinses off all the muddy debris and he sees a shapely woman in his mist, he can’t seem to take his gaze off her. Flint does the noble thing and steps in and marries her when he hears that she is soon to be auctioned to another man. He doesn’t know how this marriage will work out, but he feels the need to lend some support. As they face capture with brutal attacks from the Cree Indians, he wonders will they ever be able to endure having a life together. Darlin’ is his woman and he wants no one else to have her. He is left to speculate if they will be able to last through the severe journeys the land has to offer.

Darlin’ is a captivating read from the beginning to the very end. The characters of Flint and his Darlin’ kept me on the edge of my seat. When Flint started referring to her as Darlin’ instead of Joleen, it was like a love filled with magical romance. These two characters really lit up the pages. Imagine waking up to find yourself in another time and being chased by Indians who know nothing about you. I could practically feel Darlin’s dilemma. Not to mention all the scrutiny that others put her through in this time frame. I liked the way Darlin’ had to learn to fend for herself and make the best of the situation. She had no outlet to transport her hurriedly back to the present. Darlin’ is an incredible time travel loaded in action, romance, and a bit of self-discovery of ones self, not to mention learning to survive. The dialogue is smooth flowing and keeps you on the edge of the seat with the characters and their expressions with everything they are faced.

Jewel Adams wrote a gem of a story that really deserves recognition. She captures the true feelings of the characters and leaves you completely satisfied when it is over. She really did her research on the French and Indian Wars making this book an even more interesting read that I couldn’t put down. The passion she instills in Flint and Darlin’ made this story an excellent book that delivers. This is a book that really grabs the reader and leaves a lasting impression. This is a story that you don’t want to miss, so visit Whiskey Creek Press and get your copy today: Whiskey Creek Press The travels of Flint and Darlin’ will not disappoint. Learn more about Ms. Adams and her upcoming releases at: Jewel's Blog and Jewel's Website.

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