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Warrior by Cheryl BrooksThe Cat Star Chronicles 2 by Cheryl Brooks

Title: The Cat Star Chronicles: Warrior
Author: Cheryl Brooks

Published in October 2008 by SourceBooks' Casablanca Romances
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
ISBN 10: 1-4022-1440-5
ISBN 13: 978-1-4022-1440-0

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"He came to me in the dead of winter, his body burning with fever. Even before he arrived on my doorstep, bound, beaten, and unconscious, I knew my quiet life was about to change forever."

This is how Tisana meets her fate in a warrior named Leccarian, one whom she called Leo for short. Of course when he was brought to him by a one-time lover, a man who had left her to marry elsewhere, he was seemingly near death, but to Tisana, he appeared to be a consummate actor. There were injuries she could not deny, and he was ill and running a fever, so her job was not different, it might not take the whole month Rafe had given her. Tisana could not deny her loneliness, and she found herself telling Leo more about herself than anyone in her village or even her area knew about her. She had secrets, and her biggest fear was the locals. In spite of their need for her talents as a healer, might turn her and burn her as a witch. It had been known to happen, it had happened in the past, and Tisana wasn't one to take such chances, no matter what kind of a relationship, or former relationship she had with the head man. She knew if push came to shove, she would be hard pressed to be able to count on Rafe for any kind of protection. He did not deal well with her, often looking on her with more suspicion than that of the villagers.

The fact Rafe brought this glorious creature to her to heal said volumes about how he was being pressured by his wife, Carnita. Tisana had seen her, even attended her, but did not give her much thought. Yes, she was beautiful, but that didnít matter. In truth, she was unsure as to the reason Rafe would want to purchase such a slave, his household didnít need one of this manís caliber. Even if it was only the price, the meager pittance he claimed he paid for the desperately ill man, Carnitaís motives were still in question in Tisanaís mind. She knew Rafeís wife by her reputation in the village, that being a vain, jealous, greedy, and social climbing beauty, and a veritable snob. To know that Rafe would try to pacify her, and to purchase such a slave for the novelty he claimed Carnita desired, still left Tisana shocked and wondering. He was exquisite. The manís features were somewhat feline, he appeared to be tall, was broad shouldered, scarred by more than just battle wounds, and still, she had to admit, he was a handsome and held an attraction for her she couldnít just pass off. There was an allure, almost intoxicating, and the man actually purred like her cat, Desdemona. It was almost more than Tisana could handle until remembered he was hers for at least a month, and it would have to be enough.

Leccarian was not stupid, far from it. He was once a valued warrior of his people, the Zetithians, and when the end came, it was sudden, brutal, and unexpected. He did not know of the fate of the rest, he only knew his life, as he once knew it, was gone. There was no honour left to him, no hope, no chance of freedom or prospect of better treatment. For all he knew the rest of his kind were gone, dead or dying, and as he was, abandoned to the cruel fate of extinction. He did not know why his world was attacked, and he neither knew, nor cared, what happened to himself at this juncture. He was ill, he hurt, had been beaten, starved, and then sold over and over till there was not a reason in the world for him to live. He did not expect to survive this time until he hit the floor of the womanís hut. Here was warmth, something he rarely had, something that allowed his system to kick in, actually start the healing process. Here, with this woman, was kindness, but the question was for how long?

His home world, Zetith was gone, destroyed in an act of war. By whom he had no idea, he only knew he couldnít go home because it no longer existed. He did not know whether any of the females of his kind were still alive, but he supposed not, the planet was completely gone, and with it his home, family, friends, and any who werenít in his unit, or in the military force. His sole thought at this point, even as futile as it might be was escape. First and always in a soldierís code was to get away from the enemy, and even though this particular enemy was rather fetching, alluring, and very attractive to him, he wanted to be free. He knew it was a gamble, but for Leo, it was one he was more than willing to take, or at least die trying. The life of a slave was not for him, he was sick almost unto death due to his captivity, and if it was death and freedom or life and slavery, he would gladly embrace the former. It was just too bad the witch was not his owner. For her he just might have conjured the will to liveÖ

The Cat Star Chronicles are a series of tales about the people of Zetith, the remainder of them actually. Some of the Zetithians were taken by the Nedwuts and, instead of being destroyed as was ordered, were sold into slavery. Now they are scattered across the universe, including the planet on which Leccarian happened to land. What he is not expecting is a witch to whom he will bond, the one with whom he will find enough love to last a lifetime. Here, even as enslaved as he is, will come a freedom he has not experienced before, and for Leo, it has been a long time in the making. Love is something he was not expecting to find, it was not in his destiny. Tisana was not looking for love when Leo was dropped on her floor either, but the time was right. Every witch had one child, that one daughter who would be raised to take her place. So it had been with her mother, her grandmother, her great grandmother and on back her line for generations. She knows Leo is the one, the lover who will provide her with her heir.

The Cat Star Chronicles: Warrior is the second book in the series, and is a wonderful read full of excitement and action. Although again, it is written in the first person, I found myself actually lost in the characters because Ms Brooks uses more than just the first person to tell a bland and strange story. There are not many who can actually immerse you in the surroundings when writing in first, and fortunately Cheryl has that talent. She manages to give you a glimpse of things around the characters, and do it in such a way it draws you into the tale, and allows you to experience events that are happening around the character, albeit in a limited way. I picked up the first book in the series, The Cat Star Chronicles: Slave, almost by mistake, and for most of you, knowing how much I hate first person, you would chuckle. I soon became engrossed in the story, and when the opportunity to review The Cat Star Chronicles: Warrior came about, I had to jump and go for it. I have not been disappointed. All I can say is that I highly recommend this series, and definitely the first two books. If Ms Brooks keeps up the quality of the writing, and I have not a doubt in the world about this, the rest of The Cat Star Chronicles will also be as necessary to purchase as The Cat Star Chronicles: Warrior! I suggest you check out these fine books through SourceBooks' Casablanca Romances or at and get your copy of The Cat Star Chronicles: Warrior today.

Yours in good reading,


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