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Rogue by Cheryl BrooksThe Cat Star Chronicles 3 by Cheryl Brooks

Title: The Cat Star Chronicles: Rogue
Author: Cheryl Brooks

Published in October 2008 by SourceBooks' Casablanca Romances
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
ISBN 10: 1-4022-1440-5
ISBN 13: 978-1-4022-1440-0

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"On that thought, the door opened again and the two cats entered-but they weren't cats, at least in the ordinary sense. They were tall male humanoids-undoubtedly more af Scalia's "exotic slaves"-and they certainly were exotic!"

Kyra Aramis was not expecting the most unusual and erotic vision of her relatively young life to be so real. Oh she totally expected to be the only human on the planet, and strictly speaking, she was the only human. However, the fact the Darconian Queen has requirements for her employee to be young and single had not really put her off, but this? This was so much more than she expected. On a planet where slavery was not frowned on, a place where Queen Scalia selected and collected exotic slaves was outrageous. This was something Kyra didn't know if she could live with, and yet the two humanoid males she was introduced to were extraordinary. Naked except for the jeweled collars that adorned their necks and genitals, the two “cats” were beautiful. They almost looked to her as the tigers of earth. One reminded Kyra of a Siberian, while the other was in her mind a Bengal. To her astonishment, the Siberian- looking one was assigned to her as her personal slave, an attendant who would help her adjust, teach her what she needed to know, and fulfill her every wish if it was within his power. To feast her eyes on the pair, and on the one assigned to her, and she was certain there were few wishes he could not handle and many he was more than powerful enough to carry out extremely well.

There was, of course, the fact Tychar and his brother Trag were Queen Scalia's slaves, her exotic, select, and very personal property. She claimed she brought these glorious creatures here and locked them up for their own safety, although the danger she claimed to be here, Kyra thought, remained to be seen. It brought heat to her cheeks, the thoughts of these two slaves with their jeweled collars, brilliant eyes, and luxurious hair. Oh yes, it was even more heat than the hot planet could muster, and that was in all reality saying something. The desert heat alone was going to take some getting used to, but then so were these “slaves”, and Kyra was certain she needed to take great care of she would die of heat stroke in more than one way. To actually have one of them assigned to her was dangerous, and yet it was through this pair that her life would be changed, and when she learns their secrets, it is the danger they face and combat together that will make Kyra realize just how special her place is in this society. The only thing she knows at the moment, however, is that she needs to avoid temptation, but then maybe this is part of the reason the Queen has such specific requirements. This idea needed some serious thought, but later…

Neither Tycher nor his brother Trag were stupid, far from it, but then keeping that particular secret was not too hard. They were once valued warriors, protectors of their people. When the time came, he returned home to do his familial duty and find a mate, but he was not prepared for the devastation he found and the plight the Zetithians were experiencing. It was a battle to the end, and if it hadn't been for the shuttle not being able to take off in time, the men he was with might not have been captured or survived at all. The rest of the citizens of the planet Zetith, however, were not so lucky and when the end came, it was sudden, brutal, and unexpected. He did not know of the fate of the rest, he only knew their lives were changed, their freedom gone. There was no honour left, no hope, no chance of freedom. For all Tychar knew the rest of his kind were gone, dead or dying in slavery. Tychar and Trag were relatively lucky, and as they were, still abandoned to the cruel fate of extinction. He did not know why his world was attacked, and he neither knew, nor cared, what happened to himself at this juncture. Neither he nor Trag had thought much about it. But now, from a strange new place was there hope?

Their home world was gone, the whole planet of Zetith destroyed in an act of war. Their survival was an accident, fortunate maybe, for they still lived, but slavery, benign or not was still slavery, and it rankled. Not only were they enslaved, but the species were not compatible to them, and there was not any commonality, nothing to ground or to share with any of the other inhabitants of the palace. But the new teacher, now there was a revelation, and both Tychar and Trag began to share some semblance of hope, something missing from their lives since they were captured. They knew they had nothing to go back to, but at least now they possibly had something to look forward to if Tychar’s reaction to the human was any indication. Neither man knew the turn events would soon take, but it was a measure of their persistence, their will to succeed that kept them going. Their skills, and their desires for freedom and love would stand them in good stead in the life-changing trials to come…

The Cat Star Chronicles are a series of tales about the people of Zetith, however, it is only what remains of them. In truth, is could only be actually a small handful of captured warriors, who were ordered to be destroyed. These Zetithians were taken and enslaved by the Nedwuts, exactly why was not known to them. They only knew that instead of being disposed of as was ordered, they were sold into slavery. Now, scattered across the universe, they see little chance of finding those who were captured with them. The last of their people, it is up to them to keep the memories alive, and in Rogue, Tychar and Trag have at least a small chance of survival. What is not expected is any chance of finding a mate, let alone one to whom he will bond. The greatest pleasure for them is to find that special one with whom a Zetithian will find enough love to last a lifetime. Enslaved as he is, Tychar will find something he was not expecting, and so will his brother Trag. The fates have decided a special ending for this pair, and for Tychar it begins with Kyra Aramis, piano teacher and musician to the Darconian Queen. She will soon become the orchestrator of every song his heart sings, and the key to both his and his brother’s future….

The Cat Star Chronicles: Rogue is the third book in the series, and is another read full of the erotic excitement and action for which Cheryl Brooks is becoming known. Although again, it is written in the first person, I find myself enraptured and lost in the temper of the book, the vividness of the characters and the innate ability Ms Brooks uses to tell what could have been a bland and strange story. There are not many who can actually immerse you in the surroundings when writing in first, but Cheryl has the talent to make you forget the seemingly selfish nature of the “I” and “ME” references. She manages to give you a glimpse of things surrounding characters, places, and events, and do it in an intense way. The reader is well and truly caught, drawn into the tale, and experiencing events that are happening around her stars, the characters, albeit in a limited way. As you know, I picked up the first book in the series, The Cat Star Chronicles: Slave, almost by mistake, and for most of you, knowing how much I hate first person, I know you are laughing out loud. I soon became engrossed in the story, and when the opportunity to review The Cat Star Chronicles: Warrior came about, I had to jump and go for it. I have not been disappointed, and certainly not in the third installment either. All I can say is that I highly recommend this series, and definitely the first three books because Ms Brooks is keeping up the quality of the writing, and I have not a doubt in the world about this, the rest of The Cat Star Chronicles will also be as necessary to purchase as The Cat Star Chronicles: Slave, The Cat Star Chronicles: Warrior, and The Cat Star Chronicles: Rogue! I suggest you check out these fine books through SourceBooks' Casablanca Romances or at and order your copy of The Cat Star Chronicles: Rogue today.

Yours in good reading,

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