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Chasing Booty

Title: Chasing Booty
Author: Shannon Leigh

Published by Amber Quill Press
Genre: Science Fiction / Futuristic
ISBN: 978-1-60272-267-5

Other Books by Shannon: Erotikos, Lycan Lore 1 & Lycan Lore 2: Offspring, Chinatown Buffet, Greenwood Manor, Stairway to Heaven, Nana's Little Black Book

There is always hell to pay when a girl has to work on her own, but sometimes success breeds enemies. So it is with Gaelyn, bounty hunter with a past, family who have all been successful and more at bringing in the outlaws the law can't catch. She has recently encountered some problems, and they have her not only angry, but worried. There are some things she needs, needs to do, and repairs to accomplish in a short amount of time, and someone is hindering her progress. She will not be dependent on anyone, family or friends, and yet someone is jumping her bounty and claims. You can't be a hunter without making enemies, but this, she senses is a lot more, and her instincts are seldom wrong. Honed to a fine point, they have pulled her out of many a compromising situation, and even though she is one of the most highly trained in weapons of all kinds, this bounty has her worried beyond belief. It is not the "nature of the beast" she has in her sights, she has faced much worse. However, it is the fact she had to do a lot of maneuvering to get this far without being tailed by others. Someone, possibly someone she trusts is betraying her, and she doesn't trust many.

This is a nasty beyond belief, and the most recent tips she received while hunting Gagmar lead her directly to Quaoar. Gaelyn has one of the few ships capable of navigating around and getting through the rubble and space debris around the Kuiper Belt and reaching Quaoar in one piece. But it is there, in a run down and seedy section of this icy world in the Blue Moon Bar where she runs into Reese. This is not good because he is her greatest enemy, and her biggest competition. It is this very same Trøndite from the small planet of Sør-Trøndalag in the Capricornus Sector who has jumped her bounties before, and finding him here on Quaoar is unsettling to say the least. Gaelyn is not a happy camper at this discovery, but when Reese offers to help her bring Gagmar in and demands half the bounty, she becomes suspicious beyond belief. He has his own ship, and even if his looks weren't formidable, she should let him alone and not deal with him. He betrayed her before, jumped her claims and stolen her bounties out from under her nose by his underhanded tactics, and she has no reason to help him or believe in him now. She might decide to take a chance, but leaving Reese here on Quaoar is mighty tempting. It makes Gaelyn wonder just how badly Reese wants off this icy rock.

Reese is in a real pickle, and he knows it only too well. Something went wrong with his ship's shielding when the reactor failed, and before he even made the docking bay, his ship was nearly torn to shreds, stranding him on quaoar. He was almost weaponless, had been able to salvage very little of his equipment, and was without money, transport for himself let alone a way to take Gagmar back. It was a bluff he tried on Gaelyn, but she was as canny as ever, and had seen through his ploy. She had struck an uneasy alliance with him, but he had to accept her limitations. He trusted her, and it's more than she could say about him, but that was his fault entirely. In his attempts to attract her attention, he had cheated and stolen from her, nipped bounties out from under her by subverting her contacts, and any number of other underhanded things. Now ship less, and dependent on her for a way off his icy prison, Reese had to agree with her deal, abide by her rules, and if at all possible, get on her good side. Seeing as how badly he'd treated her in the past made that a bit tricky, but then Reese was very good at tricky. With Gaelyn so focused on getting the bounty, Reese was hoping he could slip under her defenses, and in do so, maybe even win her to his bed and maybe his heart.

He knew he was not ugly, but with his red skin, forked tail and horns, he looked like the ancient images of devil himself. He was handsome and had a wealth of glossy black hair, finely sculpted features, and a physique of which others were envious. He really wanted to kill two birds with one stone, get Gagmar, even if he had to take Gaelyn's deal, and get Gaelyn. Reese had been toying with ideas about the lady bounty hunter for a long time, and in spite of all his dirty tricks, she now had her own ship, her own way to transport her bounties and no longer needed hired transport. Pairing up with her had many advantages both business and personal. Of course in his current circumstances, he had to play on her sympathy, her sense of honour, and try his darnedest to coax her to his wishes. In some respects, he didn't have a lot of choices this time around, and he wondered if it would be his good fortune or his bad luck to be placed in such close proximity to Gaelyn for the duration of this hunt. He had to find a way to recoup his losses, but he also had his own reputation to protect. All the dirty tricks he'd pulled on Gaelyn could come back to bite him, but he knew deep down inside Gaelyn was honourable, and for that he gave thanks. If only there could be more...

Chasing Booty is truly a fun and sexy romp filled with danger, lust, sex, and some good old fashioned romance. Set in a futuristic setting, Shannon Leigh has a hero who is a bit of a rogue, one who has taunted, teased, and vexed the heroine to pieces. He plays a game of one upsmanship until he is caught in a bad situation. Then Reese turns to seduction, and with his devilish good looks, and the reputaion of his species, he is truly "sex on a stick," and a temptation too hard for Gaelyn to resist. Her heroine is strong, savvy, independent, and very resistant to Reeses advances until now. For her to see such a proud one brought low makes her suspicious, but in her heart of hearts she cannot turn away from a collegue in need, even if it he was her chief tormentor. To find out he has wanted her, truly desired her for longer than she could have thought almost brings her to her knees, and suddenly having Reese share her rooms might not be such a bad thing.

As temporary arrangements go, both our heroine and our hero are satisfied for now. However, no matter how far it goes on Quaoar, Reese is determined and pushes for more form Gaelyn. He is a man who knows how to get what he wants, and more than anything or anyone at this point, Reese wants Gaelyn. He wants her in his life, his bed, his home, and most of all, he wants her in his heart. He is a driven man, and with this unexpected opportunity, he is not going to waste it. If you are really interested in a goos story, a pair of "at the throat" squabblers who only heat the action, and a down and dirty good futuristic adventure, then Chasing Booty is the book for you. Available now from the Amber Quill Amber Heat imprint, Shannon Leigh's book is a must read. It is sexy, sassy, exciting and a lot of fun, so get a copy of Chasing Booty today and settle in for a great read.

Yours in good reading,

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