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Title: Carey'd Away
Author: J.M. Snyder

Published in April 2009 by Amber Allure Press
Genre: Gay Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60272-505-8

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Carey Thornton wants a man. Life has been a huge downer lately as his two best friends are enjoying the company of their chosen mates, yet Carey remains the odd man out. When push comes to shove, he has to admit he doesn't want a one night stand, but something more permanent. This weekend is especially bad because he has to work with those very same people. Maybe if Shonda weren't such a bitch, and Jan not so in love with her, or if his best friend Bill wasn't attached at the hip and other places to Tyreese, maybe if he has a mate of his own he wouldn't feel so out of place. He was not really a cruiser at heart, but lately it seemed as though he had been looking for something he just wasn't finding. Face it, he was single in a doubles match, and it was not one bit of fun. Now, here he was at work, Shonda riding hard on his tail, and stuck at the Annual Comic Book Convention. It was rather odd, Carey didn't remember signing up to work this weekend, but there he was, stuck again with Shonda taking her role as project manager all too seriously where he was concerned.

The Jefferson Ballroom of the Omni Hotel in Richmond was crawling with comic book vendors, costumed characters, and of course, comic books. Carey was not a huge comic book fan, and as the time dragged by, he was pushed and shoved into doing the job he was certain he hadn't signed up for, but yet here he was, at Shonda's mercy. Things did start looking up, however, when he spotted something down the hall. Setting up the booth for Kryptonite Comics is one of the finest guys he has ever seen, and Carey is very glad he is the one checking in the vendors. In a bold move, he introduces himself, writing his number down on a name tag, and hoping he hasn't been too forward. About the time the conventioneers mob the room, Carey is almost kept too busy to check back with the young man, upon whom many of his hopes now rest. In spite of it all, Bill still finds room to tease, Shonda to make him miserable, and yet he nurtures the hope that Pat will respond to his overtures.

This was the last time Patrick Dix was going to do a favour for Leena Dodson. It seems as though she couldn't even manage to get out of bed in time to set up her book at the Annual Comic Book Convention held this year in Richmond at the Omni Hotel. He was up and there on time, she told him to meet him at the shop by quarter after five, and yet here he was, loading the boxes of comic books into the booth at the hotel with no Leena in sight. He really wasn't into comic books like some, yet since Leena was a friend, and she had not only begged him but even offered to pay him a wage for the weekend, he acquiesced to her request. Now here he was, stuck in the booth alone and surrounded by comic books and trading cards, with no idea how she wanted things set up, and the convention about to start. If it wasn't for the wolf whistle coming from the really great looking guy who apparently worked for the hotel, Pat would think the entire day, no, the entire weekend was a total loss.

Never let it be said that Pat was outgoing. On the contrary, he was almost painfully shy around strangers, and it seemed he was too geeky for really good looking guys. For the most part, they stayed away from him, and that led to pat feeling a whole lot of loneliness. He thought he should be used to it by now, but heartache, he is learning, is something you just can't get over easily. His day was brightened by the good looking guy checking in the vendors, but Pat is stymied when he gets handed a name tag patted securely to his butt, then finds a telephone number underneath the name on the tag. He is shocked mostly because he figured he didn't have a chance with anyone as good looking as Carey. The fact he knew the man's name, and had a telephone number didn't assure him of anything, but when he returned to the registration table to get name tags for himself and Leena, he found out Carey had been doing some talking of his own. Suddenly there was a light on the horizon, but that didn't guarantee any kind of success in love. That was a lesson Pat learned all too well. All of Pat's insecurities came to the fore, and he was quite uncertain until Carey and his friends convinced them to join them in a pool party after hours....

There is a world outside of the typical heterosexual romance that so many of us enjoy. It, too, is a world filled with love, hopes, dreams and desires many would consider "forbidden" or "pornographic." Well, let me assure you that homosexual people love too, and J. M. Snyder contimues to bring to light tales that are sometimes fanciful, futuristic, sometimes too real, but mostly wonderfully crafted stories of love between two strong men who really do have those special feelings for one another. Carey'd Away is another such work. Carey and Pat are truly made for each other, they compliment one another perfectly, and the fates have decided it is past time for them to meet. Carey, the outgoing but lonely fifth wheel among his friends, and Pat, the shy and somewhat retiring nerd are literally the match made in heaven. The question is will Carey be able to coax Pat into his circle, and will Pat be able to accept the invitation. The chemistry is right, one can only hope the time is right as well...

On the odd occasion when characters are drawn together, it could be just sex. When J. M. Snyder puts pen to paper it usually is a prelude to a very wonderful something more. Sometimes she lets us see into the characters, sometimes she teases. The beauty of her stories is that she doesn't judge, sermonize, or pontificate. She just tells it like it is, and takes the reader for an erotic look into the world of love as seen by men, about men, and towards men. Even though they don't like to admit it, they are creatures of feeling. Even though they are not as good at showing it as women, feelings have an effect on them, shrouding their affaires in mystery and in a mystique that Ms Snyder shines her light on, and allows us a peek into the intimate world of men's emotions, thoughts, and yes, even some of their dreams. Carey'd Away is no exception, and adds another great read to those already available from Ms Snyder's prolific pen. The story will enchant and entertain you as Carey courts Pat, trying to overcome the shyness and the reticence of the other man. This is Ms. Snyder at her best, creating characters we love to read about and wouldn't mind sharing as friends. Available now from Amber Allure Imprint of Amber Quill Press, Carey'd Away is one book that belongs on your Keeper Shelf for certain.

Yours in good reading,

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