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Caress of the Dark God

Title: Caress of the Dark God
Author: Toni L. Meilleur

Published in January 2009 by Siren Publishing
Genre: Contempory Paranormal
ISBN: 1-60601-272-X

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"What greeted him on the other side of the door was shocking, to say the least. A woman stood there. A human woman, tall, it would seem, even for a human woman. She had huge light-brown eyes and curly hair that went halfway down her back. Her figure, though slim, was extremely curvaceous. But it was the long sexy legs in the miniskirt that caused him the most excitement. Her luscious lips pursed slightly as she perused him as well…"

Dr. Rene Selkis was a friend, a collegue, and even though they were not close, they shared a common background. Each of them alone, they shared a lack of family, a lack of ties, and it was not really conducive to relationships. Of course neither was the fact she had been badly hurt by what she thought was love, nor the fact she was distrustful. Love could not exist without trust, and therefore, Dr. Tessa michaels was not looking for it, nor did she want it for she had lost all trust a long tome ago. It was with some trepidation, and a bit of worry, that she headed off to Egypt. Rene had sounded panicked when last they spoke, and that was most unusual. The shock came when she found the door of the spacious house opened by the most beautiful male she had ever encountered. From the darker than midnight hair, to the broadest expanse of hard, pristine, and fashionably attired masculinity Tessa had ever encountered, she knew she was in deep trouble, maybe even more than Rene. It was a package hard to resist, but Tessa managed just on the grounds that Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome was just too anoying, and obviously attracted to her. This is definitely something she can avoid, but it turns out to be harder feat than it first appeared.

Torian was not going to let her alone, and Tessa quickly made up her mind she was leaving as soon as she spoke with Rene. But there was danger in the air, and before she had barely awakened for a much needed nap, she was thrown into a nightmare of epic proportions. There was apparently an epidemic breaking out in the city, and Cairo was quarantined, and all in and around the area trapped, thus eliminating the possibility of her leaving. Be that as it may, Tessa was still a doctor, and most determined to do what she could to help those suffering. With a few well placed threats and some reason, she managed to get Torian to allow her to help as he made his rounds at the hospice. There were so many dying, so many dead, and it hurt Tessa to see the toll taken on the population. The key lay in the cause, but at the same time, there was something strange about these deaths. It seems as though the life has been sucked out of each and every cell, and Tessa knew no virus which could accomplish that feat. She knew she wanted to wake up from this nightmare, but Death and Fate were not done with her yet...

Prayers to him were coached in terms of fear and respect. Great temples were feared places and the sacrifices of grain, cloth, incense, and precious oils left in secret, and in the dark. He was worshipped for centuries on end, the Jackal-headed god, the god of death, destruction and chaos. It was a life Anubis was tired of, one spent in a fruitless search for his lifemate, for the one woman who would bond with him, love him for who he was as a man, and one who would not fear him or his dark powers. Now, however, he was tired, and this unending bordom was not for what he lived. Nor was life what he truly wanted anymore. The end was here, he nolonger wished to live, and would gladly leave all the rest for his friends. Hathor and Thoth were happy, Ralabos and Rene were settled, and on thier honeymoon, and his life was now over. Things were much different, the centuries and milennia had come and gone as did his existence, and that was not enough to keep him here any longer.

His friends were loyal, but understood so little about the true nature of his pain. Ralabos came close to understanding the desperation, for he had lost Selkis, his over and mate, and only recently found her again. Anubis wanted that same happiness, but he doubted there was anyone for him at this late date. If she didn't exost, there was only one choice. He could not go on this way, could not continue for there was nothing keeping him here, and noone to ground him. Without her, his destined mate, he was nothing. That were his thoughts till Dr, Tessa michaels showed up on Thoth's doorstep. The electricity zinged between them, and he felt different, renewed, more alive than he has in more than a milennia. Tessa searched for Rene, she did not know about them, about Rene's conversion, nor of the desire he suddenly felt wash over him, all of it for her. She was unusual for a human, she had a strong mind, a tall curvaceous body, and eyes that searched his very soul. He would have to be wary around this one, but that was all right by him, because something just quickened in the air around them, and for Anubis, life was starting to look a bit interesitng again. Interesting enough he might just stick around a while longer...

Among the wealth of material to be considered when tackling tales the gods of the ancients, there are as many takes on any one story as there are writers. Anubis is a hard god to tackle, but for Toni Meilleur, the twist is erotic, sensual, the tale becomes the richest food for the senses, and Caress of the Dark God is no exception. The misunderstnding about the differences between dark and evil is one that confounds the Western ways of thought. Dark is not always evil, and the ancients knew this well. Playing on this theme, Toni has brought us the story of Dr. Tessa michaels, how she runs to the rescue of her friend, only to find herslef in the arms of a very dark love. Yes, he is stereotypically tall, dark, and very handsome, but he is also the embodiment of darkness, of death, and of power almost beyond human imaginings. Tessa instinctively knows she can't hope to cope with the knowledge she senses lying behind those fathomless eyes, but attracted she is, and fighting it with every breath. Only when death claims her will she realize the power of true love, and hope to find her very own happily ever after in the arms of the Jackal.

Up from the depths of her fertile mind comes another story, exciting in the living and the dying, and a most irresistible read. When you get lost between the pages of Caress of the Dark God, you will find Toni takes us deep into the mysticysm of the ancient beliefs, allowing us to see it as Tessa does,through a set of veil-like dreams. Again Toni confounds us, charms us, infuriates us, and this time, in the end she brings us all to a place of new beginnings, and still we need more. Caress of the Dark God is a book you will want to read over and over, and I have to tell you this, once again I am looking forward to see if there will be another sequel in this very enchanting and hot series. In the end, she leaves yet another immortal standing on a precipice, and this time, it is uncertain where the story will go... If you want my opinion, you should go to Siren's Bookstore and pick up a copy of Caress of the Dark God today, and if you haven't already bought it, I can heartily recommend The Touch of the Fire God as well!

Yours in good reading,

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