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Can You Trust a Cowboy?

Title: Can You Trust a Cowboy?
Author: K. R. Bailey

Published in June 2010 by Siren/Bookstrand Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 1-60601-823-X

Patricia Beaumont is a hard working woman. Stepping into her father's role as the boss of Beaumont Trucking was not a cake walk, and the fact that she was good at their job only incited teasing and some camaraderie from her drivers. She has been tied behind a desk too long, the thrill of driving forced to the back of her mind. She has not had much to do with the daily driving until a driver doesn't show for work, and she is back in the driver's seat to deliver his loads for the day. Driving is exhausting work as well, yet Tricia had almost forgotten the feel of the wheel, her favourite little dump truck responding to her every whim, and the pure joy she felt behind the wheel. She is going to take every advantage of the opportunity to reacquaint herself with the day-to-day drills of driving while she can, and settles in to enjoy her day. It is not often she gets to do this, but it has always been something she loved, and the ability to take the time away from the office is one of the perks of being the boss. She has her worries, her problems, and one of them is coming up soon enough. There is a meeting with Westman Enterprises, a meeting that is unclear in her mind, a meet that troubles her on so many levels because no one will tell her what it is really about.

What Tricia doesn't expect, it to run into an extremely handsome hunk of a cowboy, who pushes her buttons faster than she can reset them. She is unsettled by him, attracted to him, but she reminds herself she is no longer interested in anything but sex. If a man is OK with a limited relationship, or a one-night stand, she will consider it, however, anything else is off limits. She learned the hard way with an ex-husband who abused her both physically and mentally and was a no good cheat, even going so far as to bring the woman to their home, where Tricia found them in bed together. Never again will she open her heart to such abuse, or the heartbreak of an abusive, cheating male. What she finds with Cowboy is a whole new experience for her, one that she is not certain she wants, but can't seem to forget. The sex is great, but there is something more, something that Tricia doesn't want to examine too closely. It is better for both their sakes for things to stay casual between them, but for some reason, she fears it is not to remain that way. The worst of it is she feels like she is only adding another layer to a problem she is already deep into without knowing all the facts, and that makes her more than uneasy, it terrifies her...

She is a plucky little tease, but there is one thing Wes Westman knows, and that is how to call a person's bluff. Trouble is this particular little gal can flirt and play with the big boys as well as she handles her truck. He has to admire her talents, and in more ways than one as he flirts and she dishes right back. Oh yeah, he is cocky, self-assured, a bit arrogant, but all that comes from his upbringing, his training, his hard-earned skills, and his position in his company. He will soon own it, lock, stock, and barrel when his father retires. As it is right now, he is CEO, acting in that capacity as his father gets ready to retire. Meanwhile, he has a new corporate headquarters to get built, to furnish, and to staff. Building it is the first priority, so he needs to get his head out of the clouds, off the sexy little trucker, and get back to work. The trouble with that decision is his mind has other plans, and when he runs into her in the local dive, he just can’t step back.

Wes knows he is in trouble when his brain won’t shut off, won’t cooperate and think about work. His mind stays on the delectable little piece of ultra tough femininity whose name is Tricia Beaumont. Who’d have thought she was a successful business owner, yet it all fit together nicely. She’s strong, independent, sexy, and knows what she wants and goes after it without reservation. In truth, she is just the kind of woman he would look for, IF he was looking, but he swore he won’t ever let a woman do to him what one did to his father. He won’t kowtow to any woman, and with his black Stetson, he will just keep on going if anyone of the female persuasion tries to lock him in those marriage shackles. Now Tricia Beaumont is a huge temptation, but he can resist. But there is something wrong in the equation, something he just can’t quite put his finger on, and until he can figure it out, he needs to stay alert. He knows she is suspicious of him, he can understand it when she explains how her office has been broken into and files stolen. What he doesn’t know is how his involvement with Westman Enterprises is going to figure in to their relationship. But then they don’t have one of those, right?

K. R. Bailey weaves a tale of betrayal and revenge, and tests Tricia and Wes almost to the limits of their faith. They are two people hurt by the past, hurt by the doings of others, and have little trust left in life. Thrown together by an unfathomable attraction for one another, both Tricia and Wes struggle to keep things light, superficial, and recreational only. There is foul play afoot, and when the offices of Beaumont Trucking are broken into, Tricia doesn’t know where to turn. She is worried, but not scared, and mentions the problem to Wes. Clueless, Wes hasn’t an idea and asks her the same questions the police did, trying to help her figure out who is doing this, and why. Not satisfied with the office vandalism, the perpetrator goes for her equipment, then her car. Without anyone to trust with her fears, Tricia is floundering, and turns to Wes yet again for comfort. Instinctively she knows he is hiding something, but exactly what she can’t worry about now. She needs his presence to ground herself, and it is a very unsettling place for her to be.

Can You Trust a Cowboy? Has it all if you are a lover of a good mystery. Wes and Tricia are a matched set in every sense of the word. From the hurts that isolate them, to the decisions about starting and/or keeping relationships, they have followed a similar path. But the pull between them is not to be denied, and as the danger mounts, and unbeknownst to either, things are about to test them to the fullest, and the deepest of treacheries will work very hard to destroy what they have budding between them. Can two people, so wounded by the world make it through the fire to love, or will they end up being destroyed, another couple lost to the whims of fate? Ms Bailey raises the stakes in Can You Trust a Cowboy?, and ups the ante on love. From the first sight of Wes, nicknamed “Cowboy” by his friends and co-workers, Tricia is lost. But the fates have plans for her and Wes. This sassy, sexy tale is rife with suspense, innuendo, and danger. It will take a pair of strong people to survive what will come, and not only live to love, but learn that love is not all a bad thing. Are Wes and Tricia up to the challenge? Learn the answer when you head on over to Siren-Bookstrand and pick up a copy of Can You Trust a Cowboy? today!!! If you love Romantic Suspense, this is a read you won’t want to miss.

Yours in good reading,

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