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Title: Body Guard
Author: Jan Minter

Published July 28, 2006 by Heat Wave Romance
Genre: Contemporary
ISBN: 1-58749-489-2

Joe Logan is a heavy, a bodyguard. Years ago he was the bodyguard for Patricia Elena Delores Alverez. Her daddy was very rich and hired Joe to protect her from harm. Now time has past and his little princess has grown up and Joe watches her from a distance. He feels that her life might be in danger.

Joe happens to spot Patricia, known as Toot to all her closest friends in a gentlemenís club singing. It is hard to believe that she is the same demure girl from years past. After she is mugged he follows after her keeping a close watch. When he is faced to confront her, he feels an attraction that he hasnít felt with any woman. He tries to keep his distance but Toot keeps the pressure on as she entices him so much it makes his knees weak. He wants her in the worse way but he wants her as Toot and not as some rich daddyís princess.

Patricia Elena Alverez, always known as Toot to her closest friends, prefers not to be called Patricia. Being the daughter of the richest man in Mexico, she is not happy with her father. She doesnít wish to go into his banking business and become a responsible married woman. She wants to choose her own destiny. But when she is mugged in the parking lot after leaving work, she wonders has her father sent someone to bring her back home.

Toot is accosted in the parking lot but uses her self-defense tactic that Joe taught her when he was her bodyguard. No sooner as she slams her first attacker another appears and she has to take him down. As she hurriedly gets in the car and speeds away, she still has the uncanny feeling that someone is watching her. Later she happens to run into Joe and he confesses that she is in danger. She believes her father is behind everything but she gets his reassurance many times that he is not working for her father. More importantly when she learns that he is watching over her because he truly cares for her she is really stunned.

Toot doesnít know who is chasing her but she feels like her father is behind everything. He refuses to allow her to live her life. Since working at the gentlemenís club, she uses her singing voice as well as gains much self-confidence, something she never had living under her fatherís wings. When she learns that Joe has been watching over her she fears he still works for her father but when she learns he is there because he wishes to be, she is touched. She has grown into a mature woman from the young girl when he was her bodyguard. Now she wishes to experiment sexually with him in every way imaginable. Joe is attracted to Toot but because of their age differences he feels he shouldnít become involved. Besides, her father is the richest man in Mexico and he doesnít wish to get her father upset. The more that Toot gets closer to him, the more his urge explodes for her. But that isnít the only thing about to explode. After the muggers, chasing her, blow up her car, Joe and Toot are on a chase faraway where no one can find them. When the two learn that the muggers are really kidnappers Joe only hopes that he can continue to protect Toot before anything happens to her.

Body Guard is one incredible ride that weaves electricity that sparks throughout the book. Joe and Toot are caught in a rush to find who is behind all the chaos happening around her while trying to see what path her heart takes when it comes to Joe. The two interlace with a romance that is extraordinary and quite delicious. The secondary characters instill an in-depth story that further enhances this delightful tale. Impeccable writing with strong well-developed characters make this remarkable read a keeper. When a writer can make me feel the sensations of the characters then that is a winner in my book.

Jan Minter twirls a ride that takes the reader into the story at a fast pace. When I started reading I couldnít stop. For a moment I felt like I was in one of those black and white detective stories the way the dialogue immediately grew me into the whole setting. I could feel the characters come alive. Ms. Minter pens a captivating read that is truly gratifying! Whatever you do, donít miss Body Guard! Read it over and over again, itís that satisfying! Visit Heat Wave Romance today and pick up a copy.

Sincerely good reading,


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