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Title: Beyond the Looking Glass
Author: AP Miller

Published in July 2007 by eXtasy Books
Genre: Horror/Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-934329-69-6

Other Books by A. P. Miller: Dante’s Inferno, Executive Decisions, Librarians Don’t Get Married, Lone Huntress Management Training, Unpredicted Prophecy

Cinderella, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, and Alice in Wonderland are sweet demure young girls with perfectly coiffed tresses, wearing modest dresses of the period overcome obstacles and evil villains. The stories themselves are charming and romantic, while filled with happy ever afters and intriguing harmless adventure. Beyond the Looking Glass, a series of four short stories, squashes that wholesome image. Under the guise of these cute fairy tales, lies a dark gloomy horror entwined by mythical legends that spark fear, but for many ignites exotic fantasies. Come…come… experience the bizarre erotic fancies of AP Miller.

When Evil Rises opens this macabre anthology as werewolf woodsman, Lord Hayden thwarts Gnome and Vampire King, Gunnard Halvard from marrying Snow White; turning her into a exceedingly blood thirsty vampire/werewolf. After overthrowing the Queen, Snow’s evil stepmother, anarchy governs the kingdom. The goblins, counterpart to those adorable seven dwarves, join the new monarchy’s debauchery as Greedy, Gluttony, Lusty, Angry, Sloth, and Pride chased wayward maidens towards the castle, for the Queen and King’s monstrous use. As terror quickly engulfs the land, the honorable King Halvard plans his attack, hoping to save his wayward bride from a life of immoral decadence.

Now, let’s move on to the story of Rhed Riding Wolf that foretells of a young woman’s lusty fate with wild woodland beasts. Raised as a “lady” to care for home and husband, Rhed resents this dutiful class distinction, believing intelligence is a talent everyone should possess and appreciate. Spending most of her time with Grandmother Rhiamon the village witch, Rhed learns the art of healing and magic. Skills relied on by many of the villagers, which she continues long after her grandmother’s death. Unhappy with her loneliness and growing sexual hunger, Rhed performs a Summoning Ritual drawing the attention of a shape shifter, Duke Wolfe McCabe.

Black leather and cat ‘o nine tails gives Charming in Chains its dominating aura, revealing a decidedly unrivaled tale about Prince Charming and his fleeing Princess. For five centuries, he waited for her reincarnation. Now, owner of the nightclub she frequents, also the aspirant vampires’ High Mistress, she commands reverence equal only to his own. Brietta cannot ignore the innate familiarity between them when in his company. He somehow completes her. Caleb wants her badly enough to initiate a seduction into his world of eternal life.

In the book’s title story Beyond the Looking Glass a rising ad director Alice, though a naďve introvert, readily accepts the promotion handed to her. One of the company’s most venerated clients, the McNabb account now solely belongs to her. Charles McNabb (the Cheshire cat) owns a popular nightclub that caters to a wealthy clientele, attired entirely in leather or shiny black latex. Guarding the establishment’s front door and controlling the crowd stands a large man resembling a Door Mouse. Behind the bar works the Mad Hatter, as the Queen approaches looking remarkably like Alice’s boss, Ms. Oakley. In fact, it is, with Alice’s best friend Eliza worshiping at her feet. Watching Eliza submitting to Ms. Oakley arouses Alice, awakening a longing for similar dominance, though by a man not a woman.

Clearly a horror filled fantasy novel, an observation noticeable just from its cover Beyond the Looking Glass is highly entertaining, wickedly thrilling and skillfully chilling. Reader’s will enjoy the rousing lascivious twists on their favorite fairy tales, although searching for obvious disparities between the “age appropriate” versions. AP Miller maintains just enough of the known cast’s characterization and story line, so creating an illusion of expected normalcy, only to quickly turn them feral, sinister and oh so erotic. At first, it’s shocking but deliciously fun soon afterwards exposing the earthy carnal appetites of weres and vamps, then showcasing the seductive allure of leather and dominance. An anthology that cannot be pushed aside by any horror enthusiasts who enjoys eroticism with their tales of terror.

AP Miller is the pen name for writing team Patti Rebmann and Andrew Miller, both widely published authors in various newspaper, magazine and of course, novels. Other fiction works from this duo include Lone Huntress that will hopefully appear on the SciFi Channel as an anime series, while another of their works Unpredicted Prophecy scheduled to become a live action movie.  Beyond the Looking Glass is now available at Eternal Press.

A Dedicated Reader,
Pamela Jenewein

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