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Betty and the Beast

Title: Betty and the Beast
Author: S.L. Carpenter

Published in January 2004 by Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Not-So-Grimm Fairy Tale
ISBN: 1-84360-799-9

She is a voluptuous blonde beauty, a girl that can and does inspire lust in a man. The problem is that Betty desires to be loved by a real man, one worthy of her, who will worship her and treat her kindly. She does not want the hands of the crude shopkeeper’s sons, although she admires their bodies. She is looking for that one man who will make her tingle from head to toe. One man who will ravish her, and enjoy it, and allow her to enjoy it at the same time. She knew she was demanding, wanting too much, maybe, but then she has spent a lot of her time caring for her father.

He is her entire focus, she has very little time to really look around, for her father is constantly forgetting himself. He is very absent-minded. Betty knew that he was not the brightest bulb in the lamp, but she loves him, and while she cares for him, she longs for a better life. She was envious of Charlotte. She had come across her friend and her beau making love several times, and jealousy ran through her like a streak. She wants a man of her own, she is saving herself for just that purpose. That is why she is still a virgin…

The timing could not have been better. The old man is definitely well into his cups as he bangs on the door of the castle. Beast? Well, he will let him in, let him sleep it off. He can turn no one away. He will not let the man freeze, or be attacked by any number of wild animals that roam wild in the woods. He does not expect the man to go exploring, he doesn’t expect to find him stealing from his rooms either. It is not innocent, it is thievery, and Beast will not stand for it. He can destroy a thief in the blink of an eye.

What he doesn’t expect is the blonde beauty that offers herself to him in return for her father’s worthless life. She is a true beauty, and Beast can’t believe that he could be so very lucky. The problem is this, he must have a pure woman give herself to him willingly, and without reservation to break the spell that has him trapped inside this beastly body. He is not sure, but Betty may just be the one to do it for him. She may be his key to regaining his human form. For the first time in many years, the beast has hope of ending the curse.

When you talk about a fractured faerie tale, put this wonderful quick read at the top of your list. S.L. Carpenter has taken the tale of Beauty and the Beast and given it a delightfully naughty twist. Betty and the Beast is a fun read, starting with a hair-brained father who wanders off in search of the brothel in a neighboring town, to a very sexy and over-sexed daughter who had an odd idea of purity. Add The Beast, and you have a marvelously fun-filled tale.

Betty and the Beast is the latest in the line of fine stories told by S.L. Carpenter in that tongue-in-cheek style, and with a sly humor that pokes fun at the characters and the original tale as well. With a jaundiced eye toward the original, we are taken through a maze of twists, turns, and longings until we end up at a place that one would never expect. Come with us now to that place, where things are not exactly as they seem to be, a place where love, lust, and erotic heat meet in Betty and the Beast. Available now from Ellora’s Cave, Betty and the Beast is a must for those who enjoy adult faerie tales.

Yours in good reading,


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