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The Legend of Banzai MaGuire

Title: The Legend of Banzai MaGuire
Author: Susan Grant
Published in April 2004 by Dorchester Publishing

Genre: Futuristic Romance
ISBN: 0-5055-2542-9
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It was a routine mission, but then keeping the peace was the first and foremost job of those stationed at Kunsan Airbase in Korea. This particular day was going to end very differently. With her wingman Cameron Tucker, at her side, they went to the tarmac and their waiting aircraft. Life was good for Captain Bree MaGuire, call sign Banzai. She had pretty much of everything she needed in life. Maybe not everything she wanted, but that was an integral part of the whole, and something she just accepted. Cam was fond of telling her relationships were more than superficial, and her teasing often turned serious when she worried. Captain MaGuire is not a fan of close relationships, and backs off fast when one tries to develop. She knows she does it too, but the man just doesn’t exist that can make her forget herself, make her want more. The distance she keeps is deliberate, and yes, she is afraid on a personal level. Her fellow pilots have been teasing, but Banzai gives as good as she gets. She is not sure whether to take Cam’s advice or not. To let someone in is to experience the hurts and loss, and no ones stirs her enough to take the risk.

In an age and time when peace is a fragile thing, and freedom has been won at an exorbitant price, the dangers are ever present and the threats of war are quite real. When Cam gets shot down over the DMZ, on the North Korean side, Banzai feels the pull to go after her. She feel s the responsibility to Cam, she cannot let her down. When the assailant targets her as well, Banzai knows that this could be the end. She knows that whoever has shot down the jets is playing an extremely dangerous game, and she is determined to get her wingman, and flee. Peacekeepers are still targets, even with the negotiations in progress, but to shoot them down could be a cause of some dangerous repercussions. Banzai needs to find a way to get help, but with the radio unable to reach beyond the mountain’s top, and Cam not answering, survival becomes the first priority. Finally, the clicking of the radio gives her hope that Cam, too, has survived and is hiding. Desperately she tries to reach her. They fall prey to the man who shot them down, a man who wants human guinea pigs. The pilots are mere females, not what he expected, but they will do. Escape is her only thought, and although Banzai fights her best, she is overpowered and the experiment commences…

From the time he was eight years old, Tyler Armstrong loved everything that was American, and everything military, and all the old Legends associated with them. The Legend of Banzai MaGuire was a favourite, her picture, one he had memorized, he would never forget. He had fallen for the pilot on sight, and in his dreams she was his hero, his lover, and his friend. When the rumour mill worked, it often came up with some doozies, but this one he could not ignore. If the cave existed, and if Banzai was there…his little treasure hunter’s heart beat with excitement. Adventurer, thrill-seeker, and Navy Seal, Ty was an experienced and dedicated soldier with some unconventional hobbies. He could free-fall from near space, climb the highest peaks, race across Antarctica, and hunt lost treasures for the thrill of the find. Banzai MaGuire, if she existed, is one treasure that he wants for his own. It takes all of his wiles and wit, and along with some not so scrupulous friends who owe him their lives, he has made it to the underwater entrance. The excitement mounts as he enters the cave and begins his search.

The life pod would be ancient, about one hundred seventy years old, so there may not be much left but a mummy if the rumours are true. Locating it is his first priority, and as he makes his way into the channel, he realizes that he could be on the verge of a grand discovery. As Ty notes the water’s surface above his head, tension mounts. He is here, and the cavern is immense. Now, if only she is here, and alive. What a coup to steal her out from under Prince Kyber’s nose. The Kingdom of Asia is not the peaceful, happy, and hallowed Shangri-La, Ty is sure, and the iron-fisted ruler has thumbed his nose at United Colonies of Earth once too often. What better way to make Kyber squirm than to find Banzai and her wingman, Cam, and return them to the UCE. Maybe there is more than just one way for the legend of Banzai MaGuire to help the UCE as well. Maybe the truth, Banzai in the flesh, and her legend, her true story can spur changes that the UCE needs to make. It was strange to consider, if she was here, and if he could wake her, the last she knew, the land she grew up in was still known as the United States of America. His thoughts are pulled to an abrupt halt as he sees what appears to by a cryo-chamber…and inside, Sleepy Beauty.

The year is 2176, and the world has been separated into several rather large geo-political units, but the population may just about have had enough. This is the world in which Susan Grant drops us with her new and wonderful Legend of Banzai MaGuire. This is the first of five related tales. They are stories of women of strength, courage, patience, and the bravery to fight for what they believe, and in the fight, they change their world. We begin with a legend, the story that starts 170 years in the past. The Air Force Team that was lost during a routine patrol of a demilitarized zone, the pair of pilots who vanished into history, and mystery. A discovery is made that will be a catalyst for change, and two lovers discover that love is important as is loyalty to self and your ideals. With the return of Banzai MaGuire, and her quest to find her missing wingman, lives will be changes, and freedom will ring again, and Ty will have found not only the Legend, but also possibly a love from another time.

Once again, Susan takes on her time machine of love, shaping a new world from present circumstances and weaving a delightful tale ripe with imagination, and possibilities for the future. The Legend of Banzai MaGuire is a thought provoking book, and a thoroughly enjoyable read. She uses the circumstances of the modern world, twisting them and using them to formulate a realistic geo-political structure in which her characters can maneuver. Her strong characters, and unusual plot twists leave on in anticipation for the next book in the series, and the final chapters as well. Susan has left the end of The Legend of Banzai MaGuire open, as she will be writing the final book. It will wrap up of all the ones previous in all likelihood, and I am looking forward to each with great relish. Coming in April of 2004 to a bookstore near you, The Legend of Banzai MaGuire, from Dorchester Publishing is a MUST BUY for your Keeper Shelf.

Yours in good reading,


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