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Nancy Darryl

Title: Bad Hair Day
Author: Nancy Darryl

Published by: Treble Heart Books
Genre: Romantic Comedy/Mystery
ISBN: 1-932695-30-3.

Hannah had just picked up her take out dinner from Jimmy Johnís Best Burger and was ready to set her teeth into the delicious greasy cheeseburger when she hears a moaning coming from the back seat of her car. Of all things she had failed to charge her cell phone battery so it was out of the question to summon for help if she was in any danger. When the man moans a little more and she sees that he is really hurt, she has only one choice and that is take him to the hospital.

Hannah was sure she could grab her cheeseburger then get home and finish reading her Nancy Drew mystery but a sexy man in the back seat of her car changed her whole day. He had a pulse but he was still bleeding and semi-conscious and being herself, she decided to aid him. Itís wasnít like bringing a stray cat home but one thing was certain and he needed help. The next day she decides to go see him after she gives her hair a good washing but the moisturizer had something in it that turned her hair into the color of a pomegranate with burgundy highlights. She feels it is all a bad omen. When she arrives at the hospital to see Cooper, things take on another spinning ride for them that lead her to believe things might grow worse before they become better.

Cooper West is a certified mechanic who looks like someone has just tapped dance on his face. After being beaten and robbed and unable to find his Harley, he flees from thugs. He would like to regain possession of his precious Harley but he has no idea where it is. One thing is for certain, he is not too happy to be stuck in the back seat of the car hiding from people for something he knows nothing about.

Severely battered and bruised Cooper wants to get out of the hospital. When Hannah comes in to see him he wonders what she told the police, but she assures nothing out of the norm. When she inquires of some explanation he tells her about the beating and his missing motorcycle. The thugs were after something that he didnít have and when they took a break to stop hitting on him that was when he hopped in the back of a car. And now he desperately needs to find his knapsack. And when Hannah offers to help him, he wonders what he has gotten himself into with the woman with the weird hairdo.

Hannah learns her days are soon to change but not for the better. Her father has no shortage of females since he divorced her mother. He was the type that was frustrated with his job and wanted to be James Bond but something tells her that he is in trouble, too and somehow connected with what happened to Cooper. Her mother is an ex-flower child artist and completely flakey as a bat and now it seems she is even being watched. After Hannah drops Cooper off at the hospital, she begins to feel empathy for him but when she goes back to check on him she finds herself embroiled in a mystery far different than the books she reads. Cooper finds himself a drifter trying to find why he was attacked and who stole his Harley. He explains his story and later tells Hannah that he feels her father might be involved with things. When he teams with Hannah to search for answers, he finds a woman that he can trust and someone who has treated him with kindness like no other woman ever has in his life. And Hannah finds a man who heats her flesh all over and makes her come alive.

Bad Hair Day is a refreshing read. There are moments with Hannah and Cooper that are absolutely amusing. Hannah is comical in her antics as well as most courageous and throughout it all she has bad hair that she doesnít get all out of sorts about. I liked where Cooper called her beautiful and she said no one had ever called her beautiful. That was such a sweet moment. Hannahís parents are quite unusual too in their own way that makes the story a zany, fun read in places. Cooper and Hannah make a great pair as they follow the beating of their hearts. Bad Hair Day is fun, zany, and different. I think that is why this story is so enjoyable.

Nancy Darryl weaves a wonderful tale with humor and intrigue that creates a page-turner. She takes interesting characters, adds some wit, chemistry and romance and fashions an engaging read. I love how she incorporated witty sparks to Hannah. I could almost picture her hair along with her other reactions throughout the story. She creates a dynamite read with shooting sparks about two lovely characters destined to be together. The dialogue is tremendous between Hannah and Cooper and keeps the readers attention. Ms. Darryl generates joie de vivre in this marvelous read. Donít miss this great story by one delightful storyteller. Pick up a copy of Bad Hair Day today at where you will be charmed.

Sincerely good reading,


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