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Back to Love: Baby Blues

Title: Back to Love: Baby Blues
Author: Alyssa Brooks

Genre: Contemporary
Published in 2005 by Whiskey Creek Press
IBSN: 1-59374-387-4

Joel is one confused and unhappy, happily married man. Deeply in love with his wife Lacey, he wonders where that love has gone since the birth of their son Shawn. He loves to live, be spontaneous and enjoy all of life’s pleasures, he now faces a home where misery seems to fill the rooms. He can’t understand how one small person could change his entire relationship with his wife.

Rejected once more, Joel goes looking for some fun, anything to keep from going home to mope around the house miserable as he watches Lacey spend all her time caring for Shawn and the mess their house has become. Landing in a strip joint, and knowing he shouldn’t be there, he doesn’t find the excitement he was looking for. Instead he gets some sage advice from one of the girls.

Lacey was not ready to be a mother. Unplanned, but not unloved, little Shawn has her changing all her priorities. She has given up her career and all the things she once loved to do to care for her son. Stuck in a home that increasing grows dirtier and disorganized, she feels like she is losing the battle between motherhood and wifehood. Not only thinking she is a terrible mother, she thinks she is a terrible wife and is wracked by conflicting emotions of guilt and anger.

Lacey tries to juggle the unrelenting housework with taking care of her son, wishing that Joel could understand that she needs him in ways that he cannot seem to provide. She would like to dress up and go out, but she is not receiving any help from Joel and she resents him and their son for what she sees as her failures.

That is until Joel takes that sage advice from the girl in the strip club and takes a good hard look at both his life and his wife. Armed with good intentions, Joel begins to respond to Lacey’s needs. He hires someone to help with the house, begins to come home and pay attention to what is really happening, and starts to romance his wife back into his life. Unfortunately, not always with positive results. Lacey becomes very suspicious of her husbands new found sympathy.

Back to Love: Baby Blues is a true gem of a tale. Short but sweet; it gives the reader the chance to find out what truly happens to our heroes and heroines once we leave them after the “I dos” are said. Real life happens to Joel and Lacey and they find they have to both work at their marriage and relationship to keep their love alive and healthy. I highly recommend this little jewel of Alyssa Brooks as a must read for anyone who has been in love and is still in love. There is a lot you can learn from Joel as he learns how to keep the love burning bright between him and Lacey. Available in May, 2005 from Whiskey Creek Press be sure to put Back to Love: Baby Blues on your must read list!

Good Reading!


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