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Baby Mine

Title: Baby Mine
Author: Emma Bruce

Published in 2003 by Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Contemporary Erotica

24 year old Andrea Gaspar needs 100,000 dollars in order to complete her doctorate studies in marine biology. She desperately needs the money for the expenses her research incurs. Her love for dolphins and our understanding and dependence on them drives her to do what she must to procure the cash. Her only available recourse is to go to the Sun-Laurel Agency and become a surrogate mother for a couple who can't for one reason or another produce a biological child. The agency head Mr. Appleton meets with Andrea and makes sure her understanding of what is required is intact. Andrea is informed that the couple's the agency help are wealthy and very powerful and would let nothing get in the way of them getting a child. Andrea realizes at this point that there is no turning back. Having a mother who had to struggle financially everyday to raise her, She doesn't view childbirth as any type of miracle. Andrea readily agrees to the contract and focuses on the money she is to receive.

Andrea's career has always been her top priority. She knows Sun-Laurel chose her because of her detached attitude towards children. She is not prepared however for the chosen method of contraception. Andrea is to have intercourse with the man Sun-Laurel chose for the biological father. Worse, she is told that conception is to take place immediately for optimum results. When Andrea sees her "Partner" for the first time she is instantly attracted to his carefree yet outspoken attitude. He holds no punches with her and quickly dominates her sexually. Andrea soon finds herself succumbing physically to Luke’s heated caresses and finds herself burning for his lustful and harsh words. But can she keep her heart from falling victim to his brand of no holds barred loving?

Lucas Hamilton likes to live his life spontaneously. Taking each day for what it is and making no specific plans. Heir to a vast fortune the world was always his for the taking. Luke has a reputation for undertaking one profession to the next without a care as to taking it seriously. From being a pro tennis player to a professional race car driver Luke has just about tried it all. His parent s sees the wastrel in him and has decided to not invest in his latest venture. Having shelled out 4 million for his divorce settlement they aren't to eager to fund his next undertaking. Luke is anxious to prove that this opportunity to own a share in an upcoming trendy dance club is not his latest gimmick. He knows he has no alternative but to go to an agency that is well known in his crowd. Sun-Laurel can provide what he needs and they can do it quickly. Providing of course that he donates his services to a childless couple.

For Luke this is a piece of cake. Sex has always been a favorite pastime of his and this is no exception. Luke doesn't have time for a child but he will do whatever it takes acquire the money he needs. At his first meeting with Andrea Luke is turned on by her dark beauty. He immediately gets down to business and succeeds in shocking the inhibitive Andrea into an aroused state. Holding nothing back Luke begins an all out assault on Andreas senses. He soon has her begging for his hot and fiery touches and proceeds to awaken her long dormant cravings. The more Luke unleashes his sexual mastery he finds himself wanting it all from Andrea. But could the all he want be something that wasn't in his contract?

Each time Andrea and Luke get together they set the sheets on fire. They have wild unrestrained sex that leave them both gasping for air. They anticipate their meetings and let go with a wild and hungry abandon. Luke uses crude and coarse words to arouse Andrea to heights of which she never thought attainable. Andrea shows Luke the softer and more deep side of sex that causes him to unleash himself like never before. Emma Bruce enraptures Andrea and Luke in a lust filled environment that doesn't take any prisoners. it's all or nothing. But can Andrea and Luke look past their coming together sexually and see each other as more than just bodies looking for gratification?

What started as a methodically calculated contract will soon leave them both shook up and stunned. Andrea and Luke are two people who are finding out that when it comes to the heart, love takes it's own course and cannot be steered. BABY MINE is a book written with the intent to draw the reader into a world of raunchy yet exceedingly zealous encounters of the flesh. Well written with a distinctly erotic flair it seduces the senses with its ultimate lovemaking of exceedingly lusty words. I however would have liked to see a more substantial basis to the plot. I also felt that attempts at making the relationship more poignant failed. The hero and heroine seemed more into the actual sexual acts than whether or not their souls connected. Andrea's pregnancy also took a backseat to the forcefulness and sometimes aggressive nature of Luke. I was at times put off by Luke’s uncouth choices in his endearments towards Andrea but it all ties into the exoticness of their "Coming together". If you like hard hitting and explicitly carnal and energetic sex then this is the book to read. Published by Liquid Silver Books and available as of 2003 BABY MINE will certainly leave you feeling well and truly pleasure.

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