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Ayden's Folly: Tarot - The Fool

Title: Ayden's Folly: Tarot - The Fool
Author: Alayne Warren
Published in 2004 by eXtasy Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-55410-104-2

Ayden Galvoni is nobody’s fool, and if there is one thing he hates, it is being made a fool of. His is royally ticked off after losing a bet to his best friend during a drinking game. Ayden figured his friend would make him do something foolish, just not this foolish. Diesel orders him to perform a strip tease for his “older” cousin’s birthday. Dreading the upcoming humiliation in front of a bunch of wealthy old biddies, Ayden swallows his pride and shows up at the estate of Analise Elizabeth Turner-Jennings prepared to do his duty, and scram as fast as his car can take him. What he finds there is the one thing he never expected.

Analise is resigned to spending her forty second birthday alone. While in the mood to affirm her undeniable appeal and squelch her loneliness, she dresses in her sexiest dress, puts on her forbidden-anywhere-but-the-bedroom shoes, and dances alone in her living room in front of her mirror. Shocked out of her hot little self tease, she answers the door only to find the most delicious birthday present she has ever received staring at her with hungry green eyes. Feeling impetuous and foolish, she invites him in, knowing it would be impossible to get him back out. On this night, she doesn’t care. She is willing to play a fool for love.

It is very rare for me to say this, but Ayden’s Folly by Alayne Warren completely impressed me, and I have to give it my ringing endorsement. Taking on the card “The Fool” in eXtasy Book’s Tarot series, she absolutely delighted me with her winning style, ease of telling a story, undeniable heat in her writing, and humorous yet lovable characters. I am looking forward to reading anything by this very talented author, and give Ayden’s Folly my highest praise. It is a fun and sexy little dance you should not miss.

Yours for good romance,


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