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a wolf's eyes

Title: A Wolf's Eyes
Author: Emma Sinclair

Published in 2007 by Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59578-342-4

Other Books by Emma: Edge Of Night, Fighting Fate, Loving Fate, Tempting Fate

Donovan “Van” Wolfe is a wealthy citizen of Seattle Washington. Able to do what he wanted when he wanted and not have to worry about going to work everyday. But he had a secret. He is a werewolf. He belonged to the paranormal society. It was said that if he and his best friend Kali a vampire princess were to be more than what they were to each other they would be a force to be reckoned with . But that would never happen. There was only friendship between them. After a rigorous workout with his best friend Kali, she’d tossed him a book she’d bought from a little bookstore in the city. A journal with the painting of a wolf so much like himself in his wolf form that it was uncanny. Where had it come from? Did the author of the journal know about him? Those were questions plaguing him as well as after meeting with his father, more questions arose.

Apparently there was someone out to kill him and other werewolves in the community. Then one night, bored out of his skull and wishing that he’d taken his brother up on his offer to go out he’d resigned himself to another night of pure boredom. That was what he’d thought until his life had turned upside down by the vision of a woman in his mirror and what a woman. Was he going out of his mind? Did he really see what he saw in his mirror? Who was she? Was she a witch of some kind he’d not heard about? Not to mention who was out to kill him? Was his brother in on it all this time?

Where could her diary be? Jane Applebottom owner of the tiny bookstore Magical Treasures had torn her bookstore apart looking for it. Somehow it had turned up missing in the last few hours. She wasn’t really worried since no one could unlock it but her. It was an embarrassing thought to know that if someone had indeed purchased her diary by mistake they would be reading her innermost thoughts and fantasies. Whoever had it was in for a very sensual surprise.

Depressed and a little worried she’d gone home to her empty apartment and readied herself to yet another boring and unsatisfying night alone. That was until something happened to make her think that maybe her ice cream had been poisoned or something. She had a full length mirror in her bedroom and what happened defied her imagination. Things like this never happened to a thirty something year old virgin. A man appeared in her mirror totally nude and pleasuring himself with what looked like, her diary. And what a man. The things he made her feel and the things she watched him do had her wondering if what had happened actually did happen. Who was the man and why did he have her diary in his possession? Was he even real?

Emma Sinclair brings to life some of the hardships of being a part of the paranormal society in Seattle Washington. Van Wolfe is in for one heck of a discovery of himself as he tries to figure out with the help of his best friend and his brother who was out to kill them. Not to mention the complication of falling in love with a human woman. Enter one Jane Applebottom owner and proprietor of Magical Treasures where Kali got the fantastic diary from and had no clue that the paranormal community even existed. Now her life was in danger and he had to come clean as to who and what he was. Will she accept it at face value even after shocking the heck out of him by asking him to have an affair with her? Could he resist her? More importantly did he want to? As for Jane, would she ever believe that Donovan was really attracted to her? Will Van learn in time that he would lose everything if he lost Jane? Will Jane go back to living her normal everyday boring life knowing about the paranormal community and after realizing that there was more to her life then what she’d always done? Namely will she get over the wolf that had captured her heart? That my friends I will not say. So you’ll have to read on and find out. Then there’s the other two. Kali, Van’s best friend and his brother Aiden who is not a werewolf yet. Will Van get used to the idea that there was more than friendship between them?

Well I could try and spoil the ending but that would not be fair now would it? Read on. This is a story that would have you laughing up a storm at both Van’s and Jane’s antics. Particularly Jane’s. You will first start to wonder what the heck is going on and is Van that much incompetent with women and then you’ll laugh and probably feel sorry for him. I think you’ll like the hilarity of the story as well as the whole background story going on. The one thing that got me was who was after Van and the other werewolves and why. Will there be another sequel to this book? I hope so. I for one would like to see if Van’s brother and his best friend Kali get together. But I for one love how Emma Sinclair left that question up in the air.

Pleasurable Reading,

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