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A Viking’s Vow

Title: A Viking’s Vow
Author: Rae Monet

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Published in 2004 by Liquid Silver Books
IBSN: 1-59578-054-8

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Sable wakes to find herself naked, strapped down, and at the mercy of a fierce looking warrior whose only attire is a loincloth. Sable is one of the fabled Wolf Warriors from the Realm that bear the sign of the Solarians on her shoulder. Her brown eyes spit fire at the warrior as he stands there calmly tending his own wounds. The last thing Sable can remembers is this warrior striking her down at the close of the weeklong battle Sable and the other Wolf Warriors had been in to save their wolves. As she lays bound, Sable struggles to make sense of exactly what is going on. She knows that in order to protect herself, she must find out just where she is at and devise a plan to escape.

As the incredible Norseman approaches her, Sable feels an indescribable attraction for him. Just looking at the well-defined muscles and numerous battle scars adorning his magnificent body makes her temperature sore. She feels ashamed that she is so attracted to her enemy, but when he touches her core, she cannot control the feelings that wash over her. Minutes after having the most sublime orgasm of her life, she finds herself ordered to scream as he lays his aroused body on her. Confused, Sable struggles to understand what is going on as the passionate warrior bites her shoulder. The arousal Sable feels for the warrior is so intense that if she did not know any better she would swear that she has a Wolf Warrior bond with him.

Eirik the Fierce came to the Scottish Woodlands to obtain wolf pelts so that he can feed his starving clan in Iceland. The fierce fighting skills of one of the warrior woman that he battles against enchanted him and he knows that he must save her at all costs. In order to protect her from harm, he renders her unconscious and claims her as his slave. He tries to reason with Sable and explain his tenuous position in the clan and the reasons that he has to keep her and her wolf, Midnight, bound and under his protection. He vows that his intention is not to harm her or Midnight, but is willing to protect them with his very life.

As an Icelandic clan leader, he is accustomed to his orders being followed and to have Sable inform him that she is not in need of his vow of protection is a shock to him. The women he knows do not speak back to him and no one has ever thrown his protection back in his face. Eirik’s Berserker heritage endows him with the ability to communicate with wolves so he finds dealing with Sable’s wolf as easy as communicating with Sable herself. Eirik struggles to find peace and contentment with this Wolf Warrior while at the same time performing the required role of master to save their lives. Eirik is intrigued during the claiming ceremony when Sable does not just surrender to him, but fights him as skillfully as she did in battle.

When a Viking makes a vow, he pledges it with his life, no matter if the one receiving the vow believes or not. In A Viking’s Vow, Rae Monet has written a sizzling novella about two powerful people that struggle to find a way to co-exist. Sable is a Wolf Warrior and, as such, does not take kindly to being treated as a slave in order to save her life. From a young age, Sable has learned to rely on herself and other Wolf Warriors and taking orders from a stranger, even though she is attracted to him, does not sit well with her. Sable only agrees to the public claiming ceremony in order to save her wolf, Midnight, from death. Eirik vows to protect Sable at any cost and if that includes threatening to harm her wolf and claiming her as his slave in front of the clan, then he is willing and able to do just that. He does not count on the feelings and desires that having Sable fight him provokes, but he has no trouble following through on those desires.

Rae Monet has written an erotic tale in A Viking’s Vow. When I think of Vikings, I think of lustful Berserkers that took what they wanted no matter the cost to anyone else. Well, Ms. Monet does not disappoint. There is lust galore, but it is matched with the love that the Viking and Wolf Warrior discover in each other’s arms. From the first sentence to the last, A Viking’s Vow captured my attention and the pages sizzled with the steamy lovemaking. I am looking forward to the second novel in the Wolf Warrior series because it is sure to be as stimulating as A Viking’s Vow.

Yours Sincerely,


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