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Title: Animal Attraction
Author: Jazz Raven, Brit Blaise, and Sandy Lynn

Published in 2005 by Romance At Heart Publications
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Anthology
ISBN: Out of Stock

Night of the Cat by Jazz Raven.

Dr. Laura Santiago has some unusual happenings taking place in her life. She is back in Chicago after touring in Africa working for the Peace Corps and ready to begin her new job at Northwestern Hospital. Unfortunately her life has taken on bizarre twists of events. She cannot remember ever leaving her bed but for the past week she awakens in a strange place. What is even stranger is the fact she is naked when she awakes. There is something embedded inside her and she cannot explain it. Laura is a shield of innocents known as a Star Cat. She can change into any size elegant catlike creature. Sometimes she can be as harmless as a kitten while other times she is a ferocious beast.

Detective Jared Dalton has a dilemma on his hands after reports continue to poor in on a mystifying cat woman battering men in the city. Even though the fatalities were ruthless in their own way before their tragic demise, that still didn’t mean the law should be taken into someone else’s hands before justice could be served. Now with the onset of killings Jared knows he has a vigilante on his hands and seeks to find the wrongdoer.

When Laura awakes next to a pair of Asian Tigers, she has no idea how she got in the zoo. After zookeepers finally come to her release she is escorted to the police department. Now while waiting in a holding cell for police to question her, she meets a hunk of a detective that must might be her destiny. The only problem is Jared Dalton has no idea what he is about to get himself into. After he has the opportunity to meet and interrogate the lovely Laura, he has no idea that he is only a step away from learning the real identity of the real killer. Jared has only one thing on his mind and that is to find a way to seize the lovely woman that he desperately desires. He has no idea that his life will suddenly change eternally with one captivating lady.

Night of the Cat is a spellbinding read. This paranormal has some twists and turns that take the reader on a roller coaster ride putting the reader right in the midst of the action. I love the chemistry between Laura and Jared as they are instantly pulled together. Ms. Raven pens a story that grabs the reader from the first and keeps them mesmerized until the dramatic conclusion. I found the story most interesting.

Monkey Around by Brit Blaise.

Tonia Shelby cannot believe the nerve of her fiancé of five years. First he cheats on her then demands his engagement ring back. To make matters worse he is not the one who asks for the ring back, instead he sends the woman that he has been cheating with to reclaim his engagement ring. There she stands on her doorstep demanding the return of the engagement ring while a plumbing repairman hears every word. She cannot believe the nerve of the fiancé stealer. But Tonia is determined to not let her slime ball fiancé get on her last nerve. She does the next best thing. Since the plumber was so eager to hear what was happening in her life, she decides to allow him to do more than just check out the plumbing under her sink. She resolves to show her fiancé that he is not the only one that can monkey around as she allows the plumber to check out her own drain pipe.

Payton James is not really a plumber. He is a gynecologist and at the time was only doing a favor for his brother. When Tonia calls for service for her backed up dishwasher he is shocked by the events that just transpired on her doorsteps. Then again he never imagined that when he entered Tonia’s house that he would find the woman of his fantasies. After the sexual initiative is started, he can’t figure out who was the first to commence the proceedings. The only thing he knows is the sensation is tremendous.

Tonia refuses for her ex-fiancé to get the better of her. After his cheating way she decides that the plumber checking on her washing machine looks pretty good and wants to give him a try. Payton desires Tonia in the worse way. In no time they are right in the middle of a heated fusion when Tonia’s ex decides to make an entrance. None of that matters to her since she never wants to see him again. She just wishes he hadn’t entered when they were in the pinnacle of a great moment.

Payton doesn’t plan to lose Tonia after they have incredible hot sex. He sets his mind to not let her get away. He decides to take her home to meet his sort of eccentric family. After Tonia meets Payton’s gypsy mother with a very mischievous monkey, who is wise to sudden events, she wonders what she is getting herself into. Now she is in a home where she knows nothing about monkeys and probably not enough about Payton to make a determination of him and his family. She is not sure what any day with Payton holds for her but something tells her that it will not only be zany but wild.

Monkey Around is one hilarious romp. This is not your usual see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil monkey biz story. This is a read that almost has you rolling on the floor. Tonia and Payton are not only uproarious but a hoot in their situations. I had fun picturing their expressions. Not to mention when Tonia went to meet his mom. Brit Blaise writes a most creative read that will have the reader thinking about it hours later. The delightful characters and spinning frolics are an eye-opening experience. This story had me hooked at the beginning and never let go until the end. I loved it.

Faith and Love by Sandy Lynn

After Faith Anderson discovers her boyfriend was a drug dealer the rest was history. She could no longer stay with him. Today of all days she sits in a police station as she is grilled over her ex and his affairs. Could the day get any worse? Even her husky didn’t like him and that should have shouted something in her ears. She was such a stupid jerk to fall for some hunk that turned out to be no good.

Daniel Peters has a job that is not often an easy one but one that must be done. When he is called upon to work next to Faith, he can’t believe his ears, had he heard right? After taking the role, it was suppose to be an easy task, get in and get the goods on her ex-boyfriend, Donnie, and then get out, simple as that. But that was before he got within close proximity of Faith.

Faith discovers that the police wish to enlist her help in finding out information on Donnie. Getting the goods on him could put him behind bars. There is only one solution. One of the detectives must be her new lover for the plan to work. She is not too happy with their plan but grudgingly gives in. For sure Donnie needs to be off the streets and she wants this chapter to be closed in her life so she can begin life anew.

Daniel never planned on such a heated attraction with Faith. He has it hot for her. When they succumb to their fiery passion they soon find themselves not only caught up in a dangerous game to catch the bad guy but a precarious play between them as they blaze deeper in an inferno that just may never be quenched. Now they must be most careful so not to disclose their mission.

Faith and Love is a hot intense read that seizes the reader and holds the attention. The story blazes with erotic tension as Faith and Daniel try to smoke out information. Of course they soon find themselves smoking in sweltering passion while going undercover. Ms. Lynn poses a great read that is strong, scorching and full of combustible sex. This is one read that shouldn’t be missed.

Animal Attraction is a great blend of fun, sex, spine tingling suspense, romance, paranormal and a mixture of humor that completely holds the readers interest. This anthology is out of stock, however, the first Ann Jazz short, Night of the Cat is being rewritten, and may come out as a novel. Stop by the store today at Romance At Heart Publications and take a look at the other incredible reads that are thoroughly engaging.

Sincerely good reading,


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