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Title: Angel City
Author: Barbara Sheridan

Published in 2006 by: Linden Bay Romances
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-905393-27-X

Carol Bakker is the owner of a Boston day-care center. She understands how hard it is living in a blue-collar neighborhood so to help the parents struggling to make ends meet; she keeps her prices at a reasonable rate. Of course by keeping her center at a low cost she has to finance her living costs as a waitress at a local strip club. When her best friend, Terry needs her to step in one night and cover for her at an exclusive bachelor party, Carol is cornered into a spin of events she never imagined after she dances.

Carol knows that she and R. J. have nothing in common, heís wealthy, sheís not, their backgrounds entirely the opposite. He with his fancy Porsche and platinum wristwatch, something she will never afford. She is not even in the same tax bracket as he, so why does she find herself falling for him? Perhaps love is blind after all as their courtship heats up in explosives she never imagined. She knows that she is in a world that is not full of fancies, while his is full of prestige but with love should any difference stand in the way? After he enrolls his daughter, Alexandra in her day-care she begins to see the man in a different way. And Alexandra is a young child who needs her fatherís attention, not a nanny or a day care assistant and she intends on telling R. J. exactly that.

At thirty-nine-years old, R.J. Mansfield is driven at this job. The competitive business magnate always gets his way and he makes sure no matter what, his business comes first before anything and anyone, even his small daughter, at times. After he has to go to Angel City for a bachelor function to fulfill his obligation to the groom, his life suddenly takes a change. No woman has ever captivated him but when he sets his gaze on Carol, sparks fly like never before. One thing is certain; she seems just as out of place in the joint as he does. He only wishes to finish his glass of champagne and get back to his important task at hand, his work.

R. J. is the best man to the grooms wedding and in charge of the bachelor party. He is also a very wealthy business entrepreneur and doesnít feel too comfortable within the surroundings of the club. When Carol comes out and begins dancing, he finds himself bewitched by the gorgeous lady. She is one delight that he would like to get to know but he doesnít care for the way his friends act around her dancing. After R.J. is able to purchase the local factory where Carolís neighborhood parents work, he decides to enroll his daughter in the day-care. At least he will be able to meet up with Carol again.

Carol sympathizes with the parents that bring their children to the day care center. She understands their financial responsibilities as she, too, is with the class of blue collar workers. To keep her rates low, she doesnít take a salary but works instead as a waitress at a local gentlemenís club. Her best friend is a stripper there and one night when Carol is practically begged to fill in for her at a private bachelor party, Carol doesnít feel comfortable in accepting. Unfortunately, Carolís heart melts for her best friend and decides to agree. The boss believes this one party will help get them on a better start for everyone working there. When R.J. and the others come in for the show, he doesnít feel at ease in the club. He is a workaholic and would prefer to be someplace else. Not long after seeing Carol, he canít take his eyes off her. After the party is over, R. J. still finds himself thinking about the woman. When he has the opportunity to purchase the place where Carol works, he enrolls his daughter into the day care center. The two find their hearts growing closer to each other with Carol longing for his lavish life and R.J. and desiring to have a daughter like Alexandra while wondering where their path should take them. Can two people from different sides of the fence find a lasting love or is this only a short term romance? With family interference and the way money plays a part in everything, the two must find a way to find that true happiness doesnít lie in the color of green but rather with one another.

Angel City revolves around people from different sides of the track. The romance is sweet and shows how love is often blind in many ways. It is one of those books that you start reading and think, hmmm is this person for real or not. The hero is far from perfect but the storyline is fun in the way it is unique in the way find each other and slowly fall in love and consider marriage. This is not the usual fairy tale romance but is a cute romance that I enjoyed reading. The way the characters learn from each other their inner strengths and the important things in life made all the difference. Sometimes dads get too burdened with their work load and forget the child needs just as much attention. As well as people with huge bank accounts seem to forget that those that strive to make ends meet are still very much human with real feelings.

Barbara Sheridan takes two diverse characters and spins a tale that is an impressive read. She pens a lovely Cinderella story where Carol is swept into the rich world of R.J. He has everything, money, good looks, charm, but underneath his glamorous exterior there is a blemish somewhere and he needs to understand where his real priorities lie Ms. Sheridan writes a tale where even the ones on a huge social ladder have a few tarnishes that are often brought out in the open. She instills fears and emotions in a couple struggling to work out a relationship they hope can lead to everlasting love. In Angel City, she paints a portrait with vivid characters and difficult situations that happen in an everyday life. This delightful tale with incredible tight writing and well-developed secondary characters reach out and grab the reader. Donít miss getting a copy today. Pick up Angel City at: Linden Bay Romances where you will not be disappointed.

Sincerely good reading,


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