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Title: Amber Inferno
Author: Jeanne Barrack

Published in 2005 by Loose ID
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 1-59632-114-8

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Princess Rayne is not your ordinary princess. She is self-reliant and lively and tries not to disappoint her father who has lost the son in his life. She even bounds her breasts so she can try to be that son he needs. She has a spirit that wishes more in life and one thing she would like to have is Prince Pentar. When she is given the opportunity to try to rescue the world from destruction, she jumps at the chance. And the best partner she feels to accompany her is Prince Pentar. Princess Rayne realizes that she will have to overcome many obstacles until she is able to locate the ancient book of magic but she is confident with Pentar by her side things will pan out.

Princess Rayne must find a magical book while she tries to rescue the world. She has always wanted a soul mate and when she meets Pentar she feels that he just might be the one to make a connection. After she sets out on a quest to save the world, joined by Pentar, she feels a strong attraction for him. Her heart really cares for him but she has no idea if he will ever really be a part of hers when the quest is completed.

Prince Pentar Set Morath is trying to find his soul mate, the one person that will end his fidgetiness and make him happy. He is lonely and in need of being with that one person. He had hoped it would be Rayne but she doesn’t seem to care anything for him, and if she does, she hides it really well. For the longest, he had hoped that Rayne was that one person to share his destiny because deep down he feels something for her. Unfortunately the way Rayne treats him, he is certain that she cares absolutely nothing for him. Pentar tries his best to grow even closer to Rayne while they set out to find the magical artifact. The whole world is in their hands to find the evil and destroy it before it takes over.

Pentar learns that he must accompany the Princess on a quest for a magic book that must be located before an evil mage gets his hands on the artifact. He is not too happy about the request, not that he doesn’t wish to do his duty to the people but because he wants to find his soul mate and he feels that Rayne just might be the woman for him but she seems to project otherwise. He knows that if their mission fails and they do not reach Narik Theran before he can get a part of the book then Narik can rule the world and Pentar, with the help of the Princess, must make sure that that never happens. As they hurry to find answers the burning heat begins to boil not only to destroy the villains but brings him neck to neck with Rayne as their secret desire for each other ignite. But first they must put a stop to the evil before they can quench their passion.

Rayne cannot allow any evil mage to take possession of the book and take over the world. She learns that Pentar Morath will be the one to go with her on the journey and she is certain that he is the one to be with her always but the only problem is no matter how much she cares for him, he does not appear to like her. She wonders how she can save the world if she is with a man that doesn’t get along with her. Pentar is not certain how close he and Rayne are to the evil nor what kind of magic that can be used on them. They do know whatever weapon the evil holds it is something they have never heard anything about. The risk turns out to be quite dangerous but the only jeopardy Pentar faces is the feelings that stir inside him for Rayne. Inside he feels she is her soul mate but her attitude continues to push him away. If there were just some way of knowing they really did belong together and stop the evil then things would all work out.

Amber Inferno is the second installment of the Hearth Home series. It is a very creative read that includes must fantasy that the reader can actually sense with each turn of the page. For a moment I felt like I was in a magical land with flying unicorn, and everything quite magical. Rayne and Pentar are great characters who have chemistry that illuminates in the pages. The whole charming story was so remarkably created. Complete imagination that weaves a great read with well-rounded characters and spine-tingling enchantment.

Ms. Barrack pens a setting so vivid, so real that fascinates. She takes Rayne and Pentar and spins them in a weave of passion that heats like an inferno throughout the story. With some evil tossed in and some cunning Mage, she fashions a story with good and evil and a journey to conquer the evil with a cast of secondary characters that take the reader on a spiraling imagination ride. Amber Inferno is full of heated romance and passion that sizzles. Why not pick up your copy today and begin a fantasy that dances through time at Loose ID.

Sincerely good reading,


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