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Title: All the Right Spots
Author: Lisa Renee Jones
Published in 2003 by eXtasy Books
Genre: Contemporary – Erotica – Romance
ISBN: 1-55410-053-4

As a result of losing both parents at a very young age, Jennifer Cavendar found it very hard to love freely. Understandably, she has a phobia about caring for someone only to have that person leave. At five feet four inches, with long blond hair and pale blue eyes, she presents a picture of a sex goddess projecting sweet, innocent vibes. Beneath the image is a woman who is not reasonable when hurt and has selective hearing during a fight.

During the past five year, Jennifer has matured and become wiser. Fulfilling a dream, she now has her own column in the San Francisco Times – “Single in San Fran”. Never really getting over the heartache of having the ma she loves walk out on her, Jennifer has just about convinced herself that she is happy. That is until she bumps into him at the bar. Seeing him again brings back all the hurt and pain. How is she to cope with him being back in town again?

Being finally convinced by his drunken father that he is destined to be no better than himself, Bobby Evans leaves San Francisco and joins the Army. Young and foolish, he didn’t realise walking out on his girlfriend had been wrong for so many reasons. He wanted better for her than he imagined he could offer her, so he thought walking away without a backward glance would be the right thing for all. Boy, was he ever so wrong.

Now a fully developed mad at twenty-eight, Bobby is bigger, broader, and even more appealing than before - in fact, military life has turned him into ripped perfection. Returning to San Francisco to attend a wedding, Bobby has one thing on the agenda – to win back the love of his life. In the past it had taken him a long time to break through her shields, so with memories of shared passion, it shouldn’t be too difficult to win back her trust. Can he?

With an attraction and desire that is too strong to ignore, Bobby and Jennifer try to find their way back to each other through the quagmire of hurt and misunderstanding. The once-bitten-twice-shy Jennifer does not want to get involved with Bobby again. She doesn’t like feeling those tucked away emotions and she definitely doesn’t like knowing that her self-control is beginning to slip away. After five years, Bobby has decided it’s time to come back for Jennifer. He hasn’t stopped thinking about her during all that time, but he has resolved to leave again if she truly doesn’t want him back. Will that resolve be tested?

Our perceptions as adults are coloured by our experiences of our youth. All the Right Spots explores one aspect of this – young love cut short. Mix this with raw sex and you have a fast-paced novella that plays on your emotions as well as your hormones. Lisa Renee Jones has a writing style that actively promotes the imagination whilst not being offensive. For the uninitiated, All the Right Spots is probably one of the better books to cut your eyeteeth on in the genre of Erotica. Definitely not a book to read just before bed if you’re all alone, but if you have someone to share your bed… All the Right Spots is published by eXtasy Books and is available right now.

Enjoy the reading,

Tanya Blake

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