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Title: All Our Yesterdays: Peru
Author: Janet Lane Walters

Published in January 2006 by New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Fantasy/Time Travel
ISBN: 1-58608-810-6

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All Our Yesterdays: Peru is the eight and last book in the serial of Astrid as she journeys once again into the past, and the reader is treated with a tantalizing conclusion.

Astrid Logan has long wished to find a love that would last through time instead of the ones that she envisions on her cycles of landing into the past where only love brings, betrayal, sorrow and death. She only hopes that her quest does not erupt into disaster. Her continued quest for answers leads to more skepticism that hint the curse is still very much a part of her life.

Duncan Garrett is troubled that he didnít meet Astrid later when he could offer a more secure commitment. His conscience is torn for his feelings for her. Their viewpoints on love and responsibility are quite the opposite. But with the incarnation of the man in Astridís past life, will it be enough to save the both of them? The episodes of the prior life are a turn of events destined to either haunt Astrid and Duncan or allow them to find everlasting love forever.

When Astrid cannot be found, Duncan must come to a decision fast. Clive and Lorna have already conducted a plan to lift a large sum of money by stealing from the Antiquities. They know that by selling them to the only competitor able to make the purchase will not only fulfil the curse but also swindle Duncanís fortune through deception.

Astrid stumbles upon Clive in his deception only to be locked inside the vault at the gallery. Clive knows that Duncan will pay any price to save his lovely Astrid, so he demands a ransom of one million dollars if he wishes her safe recovery. Duncan goes to the shop in his search for Astrid to find her barricaded in the vault. He proposes to her realizing that unless they are together forever neither will find any happiness. He only hopes that it is enough to stop the formidable curse.

The conclusion to the stories finally answers all the questions that have mounted since the beginning of the series. The curse that has plagued so many lives comes to a halt as Astrid and Duncan find their lives thrown into further chaos. Her love for Duncan is deep but she suspects he is not capable of committing so she decides to not see him anymore. She has lost much in her past lives; she refuses to allow a present love to destroy her life. This leaves a huge opening for Clive and Lorna who use the situation to their advantage but not until Clive shoves an emerald into her hands that marks the beginning of a love that conquers throughout time. The Spanish invaders are invading Peru trying to adapt everyone to Christendom as Astrid finds herself in the midst of a conflict between religious beliefs when an emerald setting placed in her hand sends her riveting back into the last dream.

Clive had only one alternate. Lock Astrid in the vault so she will not be able to utter anything about him and Lorna. As soon as he shoves her inside he places a flawed emerald in her hand, only to cause Astrid to buckle to the floor.

Coyllur/Astrid assumes the role of an Incan sun priestess as she dips into the ancient past and is entrusted to the Sun temple, where this time she gets a heads up after being forewarned in advance of the curse upon her and the one she is predestined to love. She is advised to be cautious of her enemies along with guidance that is needful to break the curse. Not long after making the acquaintance of Guerro, her destiny seems pulled in his direction. In no time she is confronted with a mirage of danger from everywhere, but she worries if knowing the curse in advance will actually be enough to change her destination in life.

Astrid is saved when Duncan comes to her rescue and removes her from the vault. She expounds the dream to him, the last one where the spell of the curse had been broken. The twist of fate that Clive thought would come as a curse to destroy was turned in her favor. She and Duncan could now rest assured that they were safe to have a love forever and always.

All Our Yesterdays: Peru is the last book and moves into climatic flashes before it plummets into the past. The story is completely satisfying just like all the others have been. With a couple of twists the believability of the characters really shines with the story of Astrid and Duncan. The storyline has been true to form and the evil characters of Clive and Lorna stood out in the setting making it more believable. At times, the reader wanted to pull them from the pages and knock them around a few times. Ms. Walters took a beginning and formed a wonderful ending to a story that would make a great screen movie.

This is a wonderful series of books that leave quite an impression. The stories touch the heart and bring about a rich flare of history with each remarkable country Astrid finds herself in during her dreams. Astrid and Duncan are two characters that outshine and belong together. Their chemistry truly comes alive in every book with a noteworthy genuineness to it. Ms. Waltersí style of writing is to be highly commended in her beautifully crafted story that weaves a timeless showpiece. This is a set of series that the reader does not wish to catch and release, but keep always. All Our Yesterdays: Peru takes the last of the books and lends a lasting love that jumps from the pages of time. To get copies be sure to visit New Concepts Publishing and pick yours up today. The journey is one trip you will long to rediscover over and over again.

Sincerely good reading,


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