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Title: All Our Yesterdays: Japan
Author: Janet Lane Walters

Published in January 2006 by New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Fantasy/Time Travel
ISBN: 1-58608-810-6

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All Our Yesterdays: Japan is the seventh book in the serial of Astrid as she journeys once again into the past.

In the next installment of All Our Yesterdays: Japan book 7, Duncan, after hiring a private investigator learns some interesting information about Lorna and Clive. He expels the essentials to Astrid, who believes that Clive has been using the Antiquities to his own advantage by stealing some of the precious treasures. She must devise a way to put a halt on further attempted robbery. With only two pieces remaining, she and Duncan become even closer as their love for each other strikes a stronger note in their relationship.

Astrid is determined not to be pushed around by Duncan no matter how her heart continues to melt when she is in his presence. But she has other matters to think about when she is alone with Clive at Antiquities. He insists that he needs a check and that his name should have been put on the banking account. He instructs Astrid to question her father about funds but Astrid wonít hear of it. When Duncan calls to tell her he has found the other piece, she never imagined she would find herself in his bed again, but she needs to take another trip into the past for further answers realizing that she might not be able to resist the temptation in Duncanís arms when she returns.

Astrid finds the last stolen pieces of treasures that connect with the Garrett family. Once she grasps the netsuke in her hand, she is certain another incredible excursion will find its way into her life. Astrid plunges into Japan as the intensifying strengths of respect and obligation come into flight when her life takes the shape of a Samurai warrior.

Duncan realizes he came across as too strong with Astrid, but he cares for her and doesnít wish any harm to befall her. He fears once she is alone Clive will be stalking around any corner and he refuses to allow that to happen. Of course locking her up was out of the question or was it? He begins to wonder did she really love him or the dreams. After he learns some more truths about Clive, he figures the only way to get to the bottom of everything is to find the netsuke and present it to Astrid.

In their search, Duncan finds another missing artifact and hands the netsuke over to Astrid certain she will collapse into another mind spinning vision to further enlighten their investigation.

Hoshi/Astrid is a female Samurai who has lost her father and realizes now the duty of the household falls into her lap since her brother is not old enough to assume the position. She is betrothed to Saburo but feels he is the reason her father is dead. Attaining the role as head of the house will be the only way to rid her upcoming marriage to Saburo as well as obtain the security and protection that she and her brother need to avoid any aspect of danger. After she has the pleasure of meeting Yemon, fire immediately ignites between the two. Yemon is betrothed to another but once he sets eyes on Hoshi, she is the woman that heats embers under his feet. The woman that he is vowed to has been cheating on him. With this information, he turns to Hoshi, a woman whose heart, body and soul he aims to have. But first they must find a way to keep their love alive forever without the interference of others that plan to find a way to stop the two of ever being as one.

Astrid awakes to the present after being in another vision that only ended in death. Did all the events have to have such disaster? She realizes more than ever that now she has to get her father to change the locks at the gallery. With all the information on Lorna and Clive, they know a double game is being played. Now to turn the tables and settle an old score before the evil doers come out winning.

All Our Yesterdays: Japan marks another remarkable revelation into the life of Astrid Logan and Duncan Garrett. Astrid and Duncanís relationship has matured more in this segment. Astrid continues to question his love for her, doubting that it is as strong as she would like. The passionate sex is powerful and alluring but she needs the complete power of love to withstand the lust of the flesh. In the meantime the mysterious link between the ancestors and the families slowly come into view as more clues are gradually released. The evil pathway of Lorna and Clive gradually immerse and the reader is caught in more climatic drama. It is on the edge of the seat, nail biting entertainment. With each read, the stories have tugged at the heart making me cheer and clap and feel Astridís emotions wondering will the dreadful spell of the curse finally be broken by true love. Astrid is a strong and determined heroine and is loaded with feistiness when it comes to holding her own with Duncan. He is still sexy as all get out demanding that he always gets what he wants, but Astrid has a way that seems to melt his heart. Itís a great chemistry that keeps the series intact.

Ms. Walters creates such a beautiful masterpiece that it is often hard dissecting fact from fiction. Her characters and style of writing flourishes with complete believability that the readerís imagination is captivated throughout the whole series that spins with immense creativity. The way she enhances the past and present lives with much intrigue keeps the reader eagerly waiting the next installment that will finally take them to the missing link of the puzzle. Ms. Walters delivers all the right elements that blend in to create a series loaded in intrigue, passion, warmth and romance to keep this story moving right along. Donít overlook one single episode in this implausible journey that fastens and never lets go. All Our Yesterdays: Japan holds the readers interest completely and spins an unforgettable journey of the heart. The series is a climatic expedition that is hard to put down. Be sure to get this magnificent page turner at New Concepts Publishing.

Sincerely good reading,


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