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Title: All Our Yesterdays: Britain
Author: Janet Lane Walters

Published in January 2006 by New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Fantasy/Time Travel
ISBN: 1-58608-810-6

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All Our Yesterdays: Britain continues as Duncan goes to check on Astrid instructing her to forget anything Lorna says. He believes there is some mystery between Lorna and Clive, but he isnít sure as to what course it plays yet in the relationship between the two. As Duncan begins his quest to get closer to Astrid he finally expels the relationship with the tale of Madelaine, his ancestor. This directs Astrid to believe in the connection with her dreams/destinations to the past. Duncan insists she tell him about her visions into the past the next time she has one.

Astrid is surprised when Duncan appears at her doorstep. His smile still makes her melt all the way to her feet. She wishes he would cease with his little seduction ploys, it only makes it worse on her trying to stop the growing feelings she has for him. She quickly informs Lorna told her to stay away. When he starts to tell her about some of the pieces of jewelry and his ancestors, she begins to put the pieces together with all the recent events. She asks him to leave but instead Duncan persuades her to allow their hands to do their own discovering of each other.

Astrid decides to do some cleaning at Antiquities hoping to find some more stolen pieces, perhaps in the vault that could be beneficial to her dreams. In no time she stumbles onto a pair of golden Viking medallions. Deciding not to even venture to touch the merchandise for fear of Clive entering the shop, she heads home straight to her bedroom.

Astrid stretches across her bed and clamps hold of the smaller medallions. In no time she is in that spiral spin that takes her back into another world of ecstasy.

Being a daughter of the village leader, Starr/Astrid is the oldest and considered wild, loving the outdoors. She finds herself being coerced into a marriage to a man she definitely doesnít like or trust. She absolutely refuses to be betrothed to any man who killed her older brother. For certain, she believes his death was planned. With strong defiance, she finds the situation revolting and decides to flee. After an accident sends her into the arms of a Viking, known as Ragnar, they soar into a heated love affair. Thinking a marriage is the right one for her and Ragnar, she soon learns that Ragnar is the half brother of the man she is vowed to marry, thus allowing everything to end in disaster. When the two brothers confront each other, time is of the essence before betrayal strikes again.

The echoes of a shrilling scream wakes Astrid. The first person who enters her mind as betraying anyone is Lorna. She decides to go to the rehab and visit with her father where she begins to elaborate some of the stories of her dreams to him. He in turns tells her some of the facts with Madelaine and events that he discovered through his research. She returns to the gallery to retrieve a cane for him to discover that Clive has been in the vault making everything a shambles. Upon her return to her apartment, she only finds more chaotic disorder wondering should she call the police or inform Duncan.

Duncan begins having stronger feelings toward Astrid that could last a lifetime. Lorna again hits on him for the bracelet and mentions a wedding, to which he assures her that is completely out of the question because they are done, finished. She needs to go on with her life without him.

All Our Yesterdays: Britain number 5 is another remarkable tale that spins sweetly with intense erotica as Astridís memories this time revolve around a woman named Starr. The reader canít help but be pulled into the web of the pain of separation from her lover as well as the deepened loss of her older brother. The series penned by Ms. Walters is bold and well worth every single minute of the read. Astrid is sure that she and Duncan have held some key to the past with their connected attraction. She wants to make the right time perfect for the both of them as the unknown forces will stop at nothing to unlock a past that will help Astrid realize her feelings for the present.

Every one of the stories by Ms. Walters is fresh and quite different in their own respect. With each read there is a new addition that only pulls the reader deeper into the love, the riddle and the whole aura of the characters. The heat between Astrid and Duncan continues to blaze when they are together. The characters fascinate as they explore their true feelings even though Astrid appears afraid to open up with her real emotions. They are two people that slowly become a part of your life the minute they touch your heart. Ms. Walterís makes each journey more exotic, more romantic and thoroughly exciting as the reader grabs the hook and goes on an incredible ride that last always. Get hooked on a series that captivates! Catch this installment as well as all the others at New Concepts Publishing where you will not be disappointed in your choice.

Sincerely good reading,


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