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Title: All Our Yesterdays: Babylon
Author: Janet Lane Walters

Published in January 2006 by New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Fantasy/Time Travel
ISBN: 1-58608-810-6

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All Our Yesterdays: Babylon is the second book in the serial of Astrid as she journeys once again into the past.

Rockleigh, Present Day:
Astrid Logan decides to take a morning jog before visiting her father in the hospital. She knows that Clive, the assistant will keep the gallery intact until she arrives. She never imagined that she would run into Duncan Garrett. Nor does she realize his feelings for her. After they share a lethal kiss near the Hudson River, she is not ready to take the plunge with him. When he begins to pursue her, Astrid firmly opposes his advances and charisma, for fear of how the past could affect her future. Duncan is quite handsome and with each passing moment she spends beside him she tries not to yield to the mounting desire, but it gets hard with every passing second.

Astrid barely knows anything about Duncan except for the powerful allure she feels toward him. It is a scary feeling that grows inside of her so she decides to flee. After she greets her father at the hospital she is very inquisitive about Duncan. Her father explains that Duncanís family had a treasure many years ago that had been stolen. He insists she help Duncan locate the treasure, as well as read some of his papers and books. Astrid decides to take her fatherís advice. She goes to his apartment and begins her research. She hopes that by searching through some of her fatherís books, she will find some answers or guidance to help her understand her feelings. She never thought one little necklace would change her course in life.

Duncan Garret made Astrid fatherís acquaintance from Antiquities the store where Astrid spends her working hours at the gallery. After meeting Astrid, he immediately senses an instant sexual attraction toward her. He devises a plan to hurry her fatherís speedy recovery so perhaps she will take a better interest in him. She infuses heat through him like no other woman and he has to have her. His obsession for her is something that cannot be quenched. With the start of rehab for Astridís father, he is bound to win her heart.

It was just a simple necklace that Astrid held in her hands, made from a single strand of beads, when suddenly within her clutches a dizziness overtakes her and she slumps to the couch.

Astrid finds herself transported into the past in the life and body of the priestess Istari in the Temple of Marduke after she touches an ancient Babylonian necklace. Astrid/Istari finds herself amidst much heartache when her father is killed, her mother dies and the temple is under attack. And as her prophecy unfolds, she finds herself prisoner when the Captain of the Ayssian Army, Ashur-Dagan-Shu takes her captive, as well as claims the temple. His powerful attraction stirs a great seduction between them as she tries to warn him of the prophecy that could lead to his death. In no time, she is pulled into the forceful realm of avarice and deceit then seized into a mesh of deception, covetousness, and devastation as everything she has warned Ashur-Dagan-Shu begins to unfold.

A rapping at the door awakes Astrid from her dream, her fantasy, her living in the past. She wonders is there some message in the dreams. The images and experiences always fade and she wishes she could remember more than the love and betrayal. It always brings her to the present with Duncan Garret and a blazing fire that she cannot get out of her system. He is one man that she must keep at armís length.

All Our Yesterdays: Babylon is a story that spins with the past and present in a journey filled with passionate love, lust, greed, and an infusion of sparks between Astrid and Duncan. The secondary characters return with Clive, Aunt Sarah, Lorna, Paula and others from the first series to give the story more depth. Ms. Walters has instilled other secondary characters with the past flashbacks that spin a wonderful tale that drifts the reader into the era of everything. One small enigmatic necklace shows how lives can be altered in one little course in history and carries the reader into a magnitude of enchantment.

All Our Yesterdays: Babylon is an excellent read. It follows along after Egypt, the 1st serial installment, and enlists a rich set of characters that vividly come alive in the pages. The historical events are lively and rich and carry the reader into a fascinated journey. Ms. Walters pens such an incredible story that sometimes it is hard to believe it is only words on paper. Everything seems so authentic. These installments are truly magnificent! A dazzling fantasy time travel that blends elements creating a brilliant work of art. If youíre looking for a book worth the read, donít miss All Our Yesterdays: Babylon. This is a series that no reader should skip. You can purchase it at New Concepts Publishing.

Sincerely good reading,


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