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Alana's Magic Lamp

Title: Alana’s Magic Lamp
Author: Sahara Kelly
Published in 2002 by Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Erotic Fantasy
ISBN: 1-84306-235-0 MS (.lit)

Alana West had no time for dating, for partying, or even for sex. She was fed up with men all around, and couldn’t begin to see in men what her best friend Janet sees in them. She read all the magazines, all the wisdom that they convey about the perfect mate, the perfect orgasm, and the perfect affaire. In spite of all their information, she threw them out for she has never seen hide or hair of any of the professed advantages. If you ask her, she will flat out tell you that men are not worth it, they have nothing to offer her. This attitude was well founded in her experiences, as sex was not something she found to be enjoyable. It could be pleasant, often hurt, and was always messy, so she cannot see what Janet is forever going on about. If Janet were not her best friend, she would have dumped her a long time ago. But in reality, Alana wouldn’t do that to her. Janet has stuck by Alana, even when the feelings were hurt, and times were bleak. Even though Alana’s mood has not improved, nor has her opinions toward men, she usually sighs and lets Janet ramble on.

This time, things are different, and Alana really wants to tell Janet to be quiet until she sees the piece that she has been prattling on about. It is unusual, and it is ancient if Alana is correct about the gold inscriptions on it, and it can be hers. The odd piece is very old, and made of wood, and that is very unusual for wood to last that long. It has come with not a scratch, and it warms in her hands. The man selling the piece is unusual as well, his slight accent makes her wary, but she is determined to have this antique vessel. He has said that it is a pleasure vessel, and as Alana strokes the finish on one of the strange handles, it seems as though it sighs. Of course Alana knows that it has to be her over active imagination. So what if the handles are very good replicas of the make phallus, it matters not. There are a lot of cultures that are rife with phallic imagery, and it adds to the uniqueness of the piece. The seller claims it is from Middle Eastern origins, the decorations and the wood, a rich mahogany could easily bear that out. There is also a scent that lingers around the pleasure vessel, one that is different, unique, and quite pleasant.

What Alana doesn’t know is that her purchase of the pleasure vessel will take her on the wildest trip that she could ever imagine. It holds untold secrets, and she is in for the ride of her life. There is a strong pull to the vessel, an aura that grabs her and holds on. She purchases the odd antique and proceeds to return home, turning down Janet’s invitation to go for a meal, anxious to get her treasure home. All in all, Alana feels as though her day has been profitable, and she is excited by the new purchase. She has been curious from the start, but now, and she holds the vessel to her body, strange feelings start to swirl, and she is swept into a vortex, from which there is only one escape, and Alana is not certain she wants to go there. Unwillingly she is swept along the path until she reaches the peak of sexual satisfaction, and not only experiences a nearly mind-blowing climax, but is now faced with two of the most handsome men she has ever seen in her life.

Hari and Sami introduce themselves to her as her teachers, and although she is convinced that she is really hallucinating, the goes along with the charade. They are polar opposites, one dark of hair, eyes, and countenance, the other fair, blue-eyed, and sunny in disposition. They will be her instructors on her sensual journey, and they proceed to teach her the finer points of sex, the joy of the mind-body relationship, and the fulfillment she has never before experienced. Right off the bat they have shown her that she is not the frigid, non-sexual being she thought she was, and have opened her eyes and her mind to what she has been missing. As the lessons continue, Alana learns that she is truly capable of love, both physical and emotional, and for that she is truly grateful. The thing Alana doesn’t know is her journey is far from over, and now, hallucination or not, the serious lessons have begun.

Sahara Kelly takes us on a joyful romp through the experience of a sexually misguided woman, and brings you through it with her to the love and the light on the other side. Alana’s Magic Lamp is a wonderfully fun read, filled with mischief and wonder as you follow Alana on her voyage of self-discovery. With two handsome and very sexual Djinn as her guides, Alana is guided through the maze of her sexuality, finding a great fulfillment in the lessons, a love for her teachers, and a desire to help them achieve that which the desire above all, their freedom. Bound to the pleasure vessel, they have been in service to the mysterious Guardian for thousands of years, and wish for nothing more than to settle down with their chosen mates. Love is the force that moves them, their assignments have been chosen for them. The women chosen for them as students are chosen because Hari and Sami cannot help but fall in love with them, and so the exploration is not only honest, but also beautiful and heart wrenching. Hari and Sami are never allowed to remember.

Alana’s Magic Lamp is truly a must read for fans of Sahara Kelly, and for those who really appreciate a lighthearted sexual romp. Although rich with description, ripe with tension, and a few dark spots thrown in for spice, Sahara has written another passionate tale to tickle our erotic fancies. Hari and Sami are truly engaging, and Alana is truly a creature of untapped passion and love. One can really get lost within the pages of this special offering from Sahara, and Ellora’s Cave. The trip is well worth it, so check out Alana’s Magic Lamp at and enjoy the ride. Published in 2002, it is still available and it is a book you do not want to miss. Alana’s Magic Lamp is truly a magical adventure.

Yours in good reading,


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