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Title: A Hard Place To Find
Author: Jaxine Daniels

Published in 2005 by Wings ePress
Genre: Contemporary
ISBN: 1-59705-146-2

Other Books by Jaxine: (1) A Soft Place To Fall (2) A Good Place To Land

Chris Gabriel decided to leave JAG and go into another line of work, one that was more decent and sincere. After some searching he found his role as a PJ. He is in the middle of getting ready to go to a party when an old flame lands on his doorstep asking for a place to stay. At first Chris is not sure. She is alone, without her husband, and when Chris mentions Max, she refuses to discuss him. Instead she wants to crash at his place for length of time unknown and he has to promise to keep her whereabouts a secret. Chris is not certain about this since he does not lie. It is a trait that he never does. What if Max calls inquiring about the whereabouts of his wife? Chris is torn between a hard rock wondering what he should do in this situation. Being the Ďangelí that many have termed him, he has to respect her wishes and keep her secret and not tell anyone that his old friend, Suzanne Johannsen, is at his place. She is a secret that he has to hide even from his closet buddies and that alone is something that bothers him in more ways than one.

Chris fights his feelings for Suzanne. She is only a friend, nothing more. What happened years ago is over. She chose Max Delati over him and just because she has come knocking on his door doesnít mean they are going to rekindle a romance. Suzanne was a JAG lawyer and she married a JAG lawyer so why has she shown up on his doorsteps? He is still curious. His mind is still questioning should he call Max when he goes home after a mission to find Suzanne gone and Max at his place dead with a gun in his hand. Now Chris is caught right in the middle of the investigation. After the autopsy points to murder instead of suicide, Chris finds himself being charged for the murder and Suzanne nowhere to be found. To make matters worse, Claire Janova, a JAG lawyer from D.C., arrives on his doorstep furthering the investigation and requesting to know more about Chris and his lifestyle, not to mention his involvement with Suzanne. Claire is drop dead gorgeous, which only makes matters worse for him. Things begin to heat up for Chris and when Claire finds out that he was really with Suzanne, can he keep her secret safe? He offered her sanctuary but not taking the fall for murdering her husband. He doesnít want to go back on his word, yet now Max is dead. He wonders what happened between Max and Suzanne for her to fear Max so much. After he discovers Suzanne had bi-polar and was seeing a psychiatrist, he questions if she was in danger herself or the victim? Time is running out for him, not only trying to locate Suzanne but wondering about his feeling for the new JAG lawyer in his life.

A JAG attorney from Washington, D.C, Claire Janova has just been summoned to get involved in a case in California. One thing she hates is any phone call interruptions on a Saturday morning when sheís enjoying her regular swim. But when Colonel Grisham, the commander, calls to inform her that one of their own has been found dead, she is told she is to head up the investigation. She needs to pack a bag and head out to California and find out the real truth. Grisham informs her if there are any problems to be sure to call him, but one thing Claire never expects is problems. After hearing about Chris, she canít figure out why he wanted to give up his career in law to play hero. What she hears is he wanted hands on work to do; something physical to do with his time. After hearing all the facts she does not believe one second that Max Delati committed suicide. And after meeting the handsome Chris, she cannot understand what secret he is hiding and why he would even consider taking the fall for a crime he didnít commit.

Claire has to pull all stops to try to find Suzanne before an innocent man is sent to jail. Can she find Suzanne and find the answers before it is to late? But she doesnít understand why Chris will not tell anyone that Suzanne was at his place. What secret is he hiding? And the autopsy did prove that without a doubt Max was murdered. After Claire learns more about his loyalty and everything about him, she knows that Chris is not a killer and that he is a true gentleman. She tries hard to fight the strong feelings that she begins to feel for him. She doesnít want to fail in her job but she would be happy if she found the right person to fall in love and live with always. First she has to break that tough loyal shield that Chris keeps guarded. Can she continue to defend him when he doesnít wish to defend himself? So far she has discovered a champion of a man who makes her heart flutter and a man so loyal he would go to jail to protect his friends if they ask. With Claire as his only hope, can she get him to open up before it is too late for the both of them?

A HARD PLACE TO FIND is the third installment in the Military Romance series by Jaxine Daniels. Even though this is my first in the series, I found it very interesting. Not only was it well written but also the plot was well developed and the story flowed smoothly with a cast of characters that really detailed an excellent read. There is great creativity and drama as the story takes shape and then unfolds magnificently. I especially liked the idea of how the author brought in the mention of bi-polar and the paranoid effects. The writing it tight with excellent dialogue that takes the reader into a very thorough investigation that not only takes Claire into probing the real Chris but her heart as well and what she wishes in life.

Another facet I enjoyed was how Claire admired the values of Chris and his loyalty. It was fun reading how their minds thought about the other in the way they looked or spoke with the tone of their voice. It allowed the reader to get a better in-depth feeling of the character. It was cute how he drank Pepsi, and she popped a can of coke, and loved to take laps around the pool. The characters were strong and driven and they made a great combination. This is a great read that truly delights in every way. HmmmÖfor a minute I could almost smell the food that Chris was cooking in the kitchen. The author writes such a description story the reader canít help but be pulled into every little bit of it.

Jaxine Daniels has taken spirited characters with great dialogue and composed an excellent read. This story was such a page-turner that it was hard to put it down once I started reading. Ms. Daniels pens a story with a great plot and a satisfying ending. I look forward to more of her works. A HARD PLACE TO FIND is a January release at Wings ePress, so get it now while itís hot. For ordering visit, and learn more about Ms. Daniels and her other creations at her website, Jaxine Daniels.Com. Ms. Danielsí writing is remarkable. So if you want a delightful story to read, look no further. This talented writer tells a story that does not disappoint. I look forward to more of her excellent work and the other installment in this series.

Sincerely good reading,


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