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A Girl's Guide to Vampires

Title: A Girl’s Guide to Vampires
Author: Katie MacAlister
Published in November 2003 by Dorchester’s LoveSpell
Genre: Paranormal.
ISBN: 0-505-52530-5
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Things would not be so very bad if Joy Randall had her way. Unfortunately, she did not believe in vampires, and no matter how much her friend Roxy pressed, she wasn’t about to change her mind. Vampires were creatures of legend. Yes, they were ever-popular, and yes, she thought C.J. Dante’s Dark Moravians were luscious hunky heroes, but get real! It was bad enough that Roxy had talked her into getting Miranda, a Wiccan friend, to do some love magic for them, but as usual, Rosy took it almost too far. Now, here they were in the Czech Republic, home of the aforementioned author, and attending a GothFaire. That didn’t rankle as much as Roxy’s attitude toward the whole get-a-man thing. Joy has a boyfriend, he is just not as interesting as one might want. What she is not really prepared for is the sight of the tall, dark, and extremely handsome stranger that comes to her rescue.

From the first sight of him, Joy is fascinated, and intrigued. He certainly appears to be everything her heart desires, and he also seems to be working for the faire. Although he is strong and silent, he is making Joy’s heart pound, and causing her body to tingle. She asked Miranda for a man surrounded by mystery, and from the looks of it, she got just what she wanted. There is a strange aura about him, and Joy is driven to find out what the attraction is or could be between them. Of course, Roxy is certain that he is a Dark Moravian, one of C.J. Dante’s vampires, but Joy is not believing that just yet. There are two men who fit the description Joy gave Miranda. Two whose faces linger long in Joy’s dreams, and visions. Both are mysterious. Christian has the tall, dark, and handsome down pat, but not even his smooth-as-silk voice can truly stir Joy’s feelings. Raphael is tall, dark, amber-eyed, and the man had the lithe grace inherent in cats. He reminds Joy of everything that she feels she is not, but he fits the picture she has carried in her head ever since the day at Miranda’s house. He fits the picture to perfection…

Raphael St John is a man with a past, for now. There are things that he would love to forget, but duty comes first. There is nothing in the books which can keep him safe, but that is the nature of the job. It never ceases to amaze him at the women who fall at the feet of a handsome man, but for him, all the attention in the world means nothing if it is the wrong woman. He has had his share of lovers, but Raphael’s been too busy to pay attention to those around him. He has a job to do. He has been hired on as security for the GothFaire, and it is a job that he cannot afford to lose. There have been unexplained deaths in the wake of this faire, and it is his job to try and see that it doesn’t occur again. He is not thrilled about the part he plays, but it is necessary. The last things he expects are complications of the female kind, but they appear in a tall, lithe woman, and her petite friend. Along the way, they have picked up a local, and for some odd reason a mild chaos is scattered in their wake.

He knows he should try to discount them, but the attraction is there, and too strong to ignore. Joy is a force that he cannot dismiss easily. He has had liaisons before, but this is so much more. He was told that a St. John always knows when he meets the woman he is going to marry, and until now, he had his doubts. His feeling of being drawn to Joy is something like he hasn’t experienced before, something that he thought was only a family myth. There is one thing he is certain of, and that is the danger lurking beneath the facade of the GothFaire. Joy and her friend Roxy made tempting targets for a killer, and as for Christian, well, Raphael wasn’t too sure about him either. He had trailed the troupe from France, hired on as security, and still couldn’t keep murder from happening. He could only hope they would catch him, or them, before someone else died. He didn’t want to think about the next victim, about the loss of blood, about the suspicion he harbored that he was distracted and falling in love….

Katie MacAlister takes us on a wild romp in search of vampires, and gives us much more than we could ever bargain for, or get in any other single story. Once again, she takes us on a delightful trip, filled with her whimsical sense of humor and witty repartee. Katie tells of the trials and tribulations that two Americans face while traveling in Europe on a vacation. She set it against the lush background of an old mountain village, and an ancient castle. The story is a different look at the vampire legend, and the characters are truly unique. From the pair of bickering friends, Roxy and Joy, we get a look at a well worn, comfortable friendship that is only born from long acquaintance. In the men, Christian and Raphael, we find a pair capable of great love and friendship. Although vying for the same girl they have decided to stand as guards and protectors for the girls.

A Girls Guide to Vampires truly tickled my funny-bone. Katie is a truly delightful read. She constructs a fast paced story that, although written in first person, grabs your imagination as you travel the paths of danger and excitement with Joy and Roxy. She portrays the friends as a free spirited, adventuresome, and argumentative duo who are enamored of the characters written about by a mysterious author, and what they discover and who they discover on their quest of discovery. A Girls Guide to Vampires will keep you reading, chuckling, and smiling the whole way through. It ranks high on my list of good reads, and if you enjoy a good laugh and a well told tale, A Girls Guide to Vampires, released in November 2003 from Dorchester Publishers and their LoveSpell line, is just what the doctor ordered. I suggest you pick up a copy from you local bookstore today.

Yours in good reading,


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