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After Glow

Title: After Glow
Author: Jayne Castle

Published in March 2004 by Jove Fiction
Genre: Futuristic
ISBN: 0-515-13694-8

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Lydia Smith is totally stunned. Once again she finds herself in a predicament in which she is the proud discoverer of a dead person, another body to add to a possible list. She found Charlie in the sarcophagus at Shrimpton’s, and now her she is again. Professor Maltby had called her, told her to come. She wasn’t expecting to find him dead, but then that is something that no one really expects. Now, however, things are going from bad to worse. Emmett is going to head the Cadence Guild. Sure, he says that it is just temporary, but knowing Mercer Wyatt and his manipulations, Lydia feels Emmett is in for a long stay. It is bad enough Emmett London is a ghost hunter, and Lydia hates hunters, but he is also a former Guild Boss from Resonance. There is also the family tie, and that really beats all, Emmett is Mercer Wyatt’s son, and that is a development that Lydia is really floored by. She is downright shocked. It does explain a lot though, the strength of the psi energy that Emmett can conjure up, his ability to deal with UDEM’s, and his ability to wield the great power he possesses.

Emmett’s legacy from his father is clear to Lydia. The London loyalty is to the guild, but to her Para-Archeologist’s mind, that doesn’t keep him from being more than a glorified bodyguard. Neither does the fact they are lovers, he is still a ghost hunter. That particular prejudice runs deep in her. Although she is still searching for the reason for her lost weekend in the catacombs of the Dead City, she still blames the hunters who were with her for not doing their jobs. It is an issue of trust, and unreasoningly or not, Lydia blames all of the Guild members for the results of the incident. She has survived, but her career lies in ruins around her. It is taking a lot of work to pick up the pieces and try to rebuild it. As far as going back to the university, that she is not too sure of, but she wants out of Shrimpton’s. As grateful as she is to Shrimp for giving her the job when she was down and out and no one else would hire her, she really wants a private consulting career. This new project for Gannon Hepscott is just the beginning, or so she hopes. The question is…the beginning of what?

He is not sure what is going on with Lydia, but there is one thing Emmett London knows for certain, she is the most likely person in his sphere of influence to find a body. He might have said two things, actually. The second thing being that he is the most likely person to be with her when it happens. The first time, he was with her when she found her friend Charlie in one of the alien sarcophaguses at Shrimpton’s. It was the first in a series of events eventually leading to Charlie’s legacy to her, the lovely little dreamstone jar now holding a place of honour in Shrimpton’s Museum. Charlie was nothing but an unsavory ruin rat to most, but he had been Lydia’s friend. He was almost like family to her, and this is something that Emmett couldn’t quite understand. Lydia had formed a platonic relationship with Charlie, respected his rather impressive talents as a tangler, even giving him credit as a contributing expert in one of the articles she had written. Emmett respects her loyalty, tenacity, and hard work in uncovering the conspiracy, but wonders how it is she finds herself in the middle of intrigue yet again. He has a need to be sure she is safe, he’s driven to reassure himself that nothing will harm her.

If it reflects on the Guild, however, it reflects on him, and Emmett is very conscious of all the protocols as the former boss of the Resonance Guild. Add to all of this, the fact Mercer Wyatt, the Cadence Guild boss, has been shot and is teetering between life and death and has requested he take charge of the Cadence Guild. Emmett finds himself immersed in the depths of a mystery beginning with Lydia, involving the Guild, and Lydia’s lost weekend. Once again, matters have started out with the discovery of a murder for which Lydia happens to be the most convenient suspect. He wonders what it is about her, because she seems to draw the bad luck to her like a ghost to the ruins. He understands her desire to uncover what happened to her on her lost weekend, but the deeper she digs, the more problems she runs into, and Emmett is worried. She promised to let it go, to let time hopefully do its work. Lydia doesn’t have the patience to do that, and now trouble has found her again. Where it will lead her this time is the really important question, and Emmett is going to stick with her every step of the way.

In After Glow, Jayne Ann Krentz writing as Jayne Castle, takes us back to Cadence, the eerie ruins of the ancient alien city, and adds another chapter to the adventures of Lydia Smith and Emmett London. We first met the pair in her book, After Dark, where Emmett hired Lydia to help him discover the fate of a family heirloom his missing cousin had stolen. This time, Emmett and Lydia have to solve the murder of a former University Professor, and acquaintance of Lydia’s. She is still on the quest to discover what happened on her “lost weekend.” The memories are fleeting, tantalizing, and she feels that she is closer than ever to finding out what happened. Emmett is still chafing because she blames the guild, the hunters that were supposed to protect her from the UDEMs that are prevalent in the tunnels of the Old City.

Now, Emmett and Lydia are about to embark on another round of mystery solving, and we are along for the ride. Not only do they have to solve Professor Maltby’s death, but also the question of who shot Mercer, and why. After Glow is the conclusion to a very interesting chapter to Lydia’s life, but we have to wonder, with her penchant for trouble, if it truly is the last we will see of her and of Emmett. After Glow is available now from Jove, and is a definite must have for those readers who are fans of the futuristic. Look for Jayne Castle’s After Glow at a bookstore near you.

Yours in good reading,


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