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Title: Toy's Story: Acquisition of a Sex Toy
Author: Robert Cloud

Published in May 2006 by Black Velvet Seductions
Genre: Contemporary
ISBN: 0-9774682-5-9

The world of the internet can be a dangerous place, a world of fantasy, and sometimes grim reality. One can find stalkers there of all kinds, but there are many real people there too. People who have wants, desires, and problems hidden from the "real world" in which they are forced to muddle through. This is the situation with David. Having a mentally unstable wife had separated him from his family, friends, and any semblance of a normal life. She was not, and never could be the wife he needed, or really wanted, but he took his responsibilities and his vows seriously. He did not bargain for the changes in the woman he wanted, the illness that struck her down wasn't seen when they were first married, but he cared and stayed, and withstood the slings and the slights, and the problems cause by her mental problems. Then the worst happened, triggering a series of events that would change David's life forever. His wife died, committed suicide after killing their beloved pets, and leaving a letter ranting about his alleged misbehavior. Now David is left to try to explain, to pick up the pieces of his shattered life, and fight the stigma of being under suspicion as the cause of the tragedy.

As things often happen in times of loss, the house in which David has spent his married life has to be cleaned, his wife's things dealt with, and the memories worked through, both good and bad. In the scheme of things, he finds his wife had also had a life she kept hidden, friends he was only vaguely aware of in his humdrum but demanding existence. In the room she kept for herself, her place of safety and security she left her computer, and on it her reality. She had a whole list of internet contacts, many of which tried desperately to contact her when her absence was noticed by emails too long unanswered. Now it becomes David's job to let them know what has happened, to bear with the condolences and put up with the accusations. During this time, he happens upon a website he marks for future reference, and surfs on only to be drawn back again and again. David finds himself managing a writing forum for erotic writing, and through this forum, he finds what really could be the girl of his dreams. A girl that brings out the hidden dominant side to his character he has had to suppress and hide all these years.

Shadow Wolf is a tantalizing puzzle to Doreen, and her first and rather tentative correspondences with him intrigue her. As she becomes more involved, he and the group feed into her fantasies, and some of her hidden desires. She is totally into the place, the time, and finds that writing with them is not enough. On her part, Doreen yearns for something her Asian background won't allow her to have, a life of her own. Far from the tenets of her ancestors, Doreen is faced with a mother who is too dominant, one who demands things of her father and of her in the name of family reputation. There are things she is no longer willing to give, her choice in who she marries, or even dates is only one of several that have pushed her to the edge of open rebellion. She is not longer willing to play the pawn in her mother's games and aspirations, and to that end, she starts cultivating the relationship she wants online.

To Doreen, the man known as Shadow Wolf is the master she wants, the man she craves, and she is willing to do anything to get her heart's desire. When the time comes, and she is being forced to marry a man who leaves her cold, there is one man she can turn to, only one hope. Her beloved Master Wolf can stand for her and the life her mother would have her living. Coldness and sterility lie before her, a life of "vanilla sameness" she doesn't want. She writes Master Wolf to come and take her away, to kidnap her from the desolation her life could become. Although she waffles and wobbles about her decision, she continues to beg and plead with him to save her. When a last minute change of heart again has her waffling on the edge, Master Wolf takes control, and leaves her no choice in the matter. What Doreen doesn't know, is the depths of the feelings she has for her unknown Master, and the degrees to which he will go to fulfill her every fantasy, her every whim, and make her every dream come true. And he will do it for her, even as he enslaves her in an erotic fantasy from which she will never want to escape.

I don't have any clues at this time as to who the author is as a person, or what he does, but I do know he is definitely a man of talent, imagination and invention. Robert Cloud has provided an intimate look into the world of BDSM that can enlighten some and frighten others. In the lives of those in the lifestyle, trust is the most important of the tenets, for without trust there is nothing. The roles David and Doreen play are as important to their trust issues as they are to the relationship as a whole, and they carefully cultivate and nurture their feelings. Only when pushed to the limit can each break free, and in that freedom realize the life they want can be reached. Will they go for the golden promises of love, devotion, and the protection of the Master/slave relationship, or will they toss it all aside for convention's sake?

Toy's Story: Acquisition of a Sex Toy, available from Black Velvet Seductions, is a story of an internet relationship that went wrong, then right. What David and Doreen didn't realize is that dreams can come true, and fantasies can become real under the right circumstances. It is the typical case of be careful of what you wish for in truth. The filling of those wishes and dreams can hold the potential for a fulfillment beyond any imaginings. Toy's Story: Acquisition of a Sex Toy has the ability enchant you, delight you, and make you squirm. The only fault, in this reviewer's humble opinion, is in the length. At over 600 pages, the book has some redundancy, and some excess, but it does not detract from the overall story. If you are in to the erotic genres, this is a good read, so settle back and enjoy Toy's Story: Acquisition of a Sex Toy by Robert Cloud.

Yours in good reading,


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