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Title: A Bit Of Rough
Author: Laura Baumbach

Published in 2005 by Sybaritic Press
Genre: Gay Erotic Romance
ISBN: 0-9712232-6-2

James Joseph Justin feels like getting out and just blowing off some steam. He is tired of sitting at home, so he decides to do something different from his usual norm, perhaps even have just a one-night stand. At least that would be better then committing to someone to only find betrayal later. Always the shy one, he usually is one that stays to himself since he finds it difficult to really trust, but tonight is not one of his run of the mill nights. He has never been the kind of guy that is upfront about his lifestyle. For some reason he really has to blow off some steam, never expecting the treat that was about to be bestowed on him. So getting out on the open highway he impulsively ends up in a biker bar and discovers pure ecstasy. When he meets a very seductive cowboy that goes by the name of Bram, he finds it hard to believe that the man is so upfront about his sexuality. After some time spent with Bram he never thought he would be dealt with such a magnificent card hand and get more than what he bargained for, but is it enough to last a lifetime? Can James finally trust someone or will he lose the best thing that ever happened to him?

Being an architect and a former altar boy, James, with his boyish charm and good looks, could get any woman he wanted in the biker bar, even the endowed barmaid but that wasnít the style of life he led. Instead of spending another night at home, he had no idea his little cruising would prompt him inside the bar. He is shocked when the man he begins to make contact with is way more than what he bargained for. Bram Lord is one seductive male that practically draws the breath out of James. He is one spectacular hunk that he canít seem to take his eyes off. Granted he had planned to only have a one-night stand but that was before he set his gaze on Bram. After he spontaneously allows himself to be picked up by Bram, he soon discovers this little one night fling slowly turns into something much bigger. James has never been with anyone that physically exceeds his sexual fancies. Bram is so much more than James can ever be and now James worries if he can commit to Bram in the way that he has benefited him. He recognizes the challenge but is it one that can last forever?

Abraham Bram Lord is a huge man who refuses to take anything from anyone. Being owner of his own construction company, he is the boss and if anyone oversteps their boundaries with him, they best watch out. Those that know him, know he is not one many wish to cross. He is strongly committed to his job and being his own man so when shy James enters the biker bar and Bram sets his sights on him, can he convince James to have a go with him?

Bram heads out to the nearby biker bar with friends for some relaxation. What he ended up getting is a whole lot more. After getting a full blown view of James Justin in the biker bar he knows immediately what he wants but James seems a bit shy. At first Bram comes on a little strong with James expressing to him head on about his lifestyle. He feels he might as well be honest and discovers that James might be harder to convince he is trustworthy than the ordinary man. He wants to prove to James that they could have a life time together if James would only soften a bit. Can Bram warm up to him and win him over even though he has the reputation of being a tough man to cross? He would like nothing more than for James to believe in him so they can have something truly special together.

A Bit Of Rough is not your ordinary love story. It is about two men, with two different lifestyles yet desiring something that each is missing in their life. By reading the story, the reader can tell even though the two are different like night and day, one thing is evident, their love for each other is genuine. Even though they are male, they still feel the same emotions and feelings as anyone that falls in love and faces heartache and betrayal. It was interesting watching James come out of his shell and learn to love. It is difficult for anyone to face every dayís situations with betrayal and trust, but watching two men overcome such obstacles was interesting in itself. The author has drafted some love scenes that were very explicit and hot but expressed well.

Ms. Baumbach has created a story that depicts the emotions of how one man can feel about another. She has penned a moving tale of how a man can fear ever trusting again, not to mention afraid to confess his real lifestyle. She captures problems that are so real in our lifetime of love, honesty, betrayal, and oneís own sexuality. Issues that face everyone in life but through her words the reader can see what the male side is up against. Ms. Baumbach puts the reader inside the heart of the male and what they experience everyday and allows us to see in all reality this can happen to anyone, no matter what the everyday life may hold. We all have a heart that sometimes gets broken and sometimes feels love in a most remarkable way. She has penned a story that was an attention-grabbing read. To learn more about Ms. Laura Baumbach and her other works, please visit her website or visit Sybaritic Press to get your copy today. Sybaritic Press, 8300 Manitoba ST. #107, Playa Del Rey, CA.

Sincerely good reading,


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