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A Bend In Time: The Adventures of Ransom and Fortune

Title: A Bend In Time: The Adventures of Ransom and Fortune
Author: Michelle Miles

Published in November 2006 by Samhain Publishing
Genre: Time Travel
ISBN: 1-59998-249-8

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Conner Dade is a lead researcher at Ransom Research and Development Company where the hand-held time machine was born; Jacob Ransom calls it the “time bender”. Still in the testing stages, Conner envisions the millions of dollars the device could bring, if Jacob sets aside his fears. In any case, Conner hires hitman, Dane Fortune to eliminate Jacob and Emily Ransom. Interrupting a robbery in progress, Dane shoots Emily as she lays already wounded on the café floor, and then guns Jacob down at the Ransom office building.

After her parents’ funerals Skye moves into their home where one morning Conner appears offering to handle business matters in her father’s absence. Skye’s refusal provokes him to pull a gun while demanding something she knows nothing about. His tirade is disrupted by the mailman, needing Skye’s signature for delivery of an envelope. Taking advantage of the opportunity Skye flees from Conner. Hiding behind a dumpster, she opens the envelope only to find a pocket-size silver object, and a letter from her father. He cautions Skye to keep the device from falling into the wrong hands, including Conner’s. Scared, Skye turns to Thomas Hardy; a metaphysics scientist on her father’s staff. Thomas explains that the tiny silver object is actually a time machine that works well when transporting objects or animals to their destination however, unstable when returning them; their test mouse returned inside the office wall, squished. Yuk! Also once the object is transported the machine takes seventy-two hours before resetting itself; trapping the object or animal in whatever time period.

After Skye’s escape, Conner calls Dane ordering him to eliminate her too. Obviously Conner has no idea who he is dealing with and tries to dupe Dane out of his payment. Dane shoots Conner, although now his interest is peaked at the object’s worth. Can the item be sold to recover his lost wages? Following Skye from her father’s research building to where she boards a cross town bus, Dane boards also and sits next to her. When greeting her, Skye’s teary deep blue eyes trigger a lust in Dane. Departing from the bus, Skye spots him following her and quickly figures he’s the hitman; who is now hunting her. Diving into a medieval dress shop, she hides in a dressing room. When hearing Dane’s voice Skye, without thinking, squeezes the time machine. As Dane opens the dressing room door he clamps a hand down on her shoulder, transporting them both into an unknown era.

From here the story moves rapidly, and the adventures Dane and Skye undertake are witty though fascinating. Their first venture has them in thirteenth century Scotland where they meet Scotsmen, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. Mistaken for Robert’s bride, Skye must marry the Bruce in order for him to regain the throne of Scotland. Holding the time bender as leverage, William bargains with Skye that in exchange for her “locket” she will marry Robert the Bruce. After landing from his time warp flight, Dane breaks a leg that causes him to be captured, first, by the English, and then by the Scotsmen. It’s during their joint captivity inside Kerry Castle that Dane explains his murdering her parents, while assuring Skye, he’s not there to kill her too. With the fighting English descending upon them, Skye and Dane time travel, again. This new period has them far into the future where Earth is recovering from a terrible holocaust, and the people have reverted to tribal ways.

With Skye severely wounded, Dane must seek shelter and aid from some passing tribesmen. A hunter among the group, Sovold’s lecherous stares toward Skye make Dane overly protective. Lacking food, Odren, the tribe’s chieftain, moves his people to a nearby clan who will shelter and feed them. Upon their arrival the opposing clan leader slays Odren while taking his tribe hostage; except for Skye. The now reigning leader, Nyan fears for the safety of his clan, so barters Skye to Sovold in exchange for a peace treaty between the two peoples. However, Sovold has ulterior motives in binding with Skye. Also known to Nyan’s clan, an old prophecy predicts that a “copper-haired” woman will come to channel the temple’s powers that will empower the one who wishes to be a leader. Skye has red hair, can this prophecy mean her? However Nyan’s shaman mother, Ilsa has other plans for Skye and Dane. Ilsa releases Dane from his tortured prison and sends him to save Skye from Sovold’s deadly plan. Can Dane get to Skye before Sovold has his way with her? More over, will they ever return home?

Utterly imaginative yet entertaining, Ms. Miles writes a very rapid story as I gasped for breathe in between chapters. A Samhain Publishing novel, A Bend In Time is loaded with non-stop action and wit; urging me to keep reading. The characters are vibrant with strong, amusing personalities who help maintain the fast-paced, suspenseful plot. Skye Ransom is cunning as she extracts a promise from Dane to “fix” her parents murder by going back in time and refuse Conner’s offer for hire; only then will she ensure Dane’s return home. Then she fights as Sovold drags her up the mountain temple, kicking his butt to buy some time for Dane’s rescue. A self-reliant murder-for-hire, Dane Fortune is decisive but shrewd. Having no clue how to wield a sword he instinctively wards off an attack, fighting his way to Skye and Sovold. Coming upon a soldier forcing Skye to drink the mind-controlling elixir, he throws a dagger striking the man in the neck. The intimacy is sweet but very sexy. Dane takes the first step with a deep sultry kiss that has Skye craving for more. He continues by taking her from behind, but Skye quickly takes over driving Dane into a feral need. A Bend In Time is a fun story, riddled with humor and plenty of action – I’ll be reading it again!

A dedicated reader,

Pamela Jenewein

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