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The Elevator Mechanic: Workplace Encounters 1 by Serena Yates

Title: The Elevator Mechanic: Workplace Encounters 1
Author: Serena Yates

Published in 2010 by Silver Publishing
Genre: Gay, Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-920468-41-5

Cover Artist: Reese Dante

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Joe Taylor is an elevator mechanic, and is good at his job, but unlike the other men he works with, he isnít as well-built or strong and into lifting heavy objects. He likes the other parts of his job like meeting new people and dealing with them on a one to one basis. He has taken on Pete as an apprentice, and finds he is the total opposite of him and likes to get stuck into any work available, even if he is a little too hasty and doesnít always follow the health and safety protocols. Joe feels out of touch with most men who work there, and canít understand why they want to do such a heavy job when he wants to do something more productive with his life. He has talents and who can blame him for wanting more from life than his current job is offering. Itís a case of try telling that to his boss though!

Joe has aspirations to become something more than just an elevator mechanic for Elevators & Escalators, even though the pay is really good and the work steady. His boss, Donald doesnít understand his need to prove himself in something else he would consider hobbyist at best. Meeting Pete though has helped him rediscover a part of himself he didnít think heíd find. Being a gay man, he doesnít have that many chances of romantic or sexual encounters, in fact he is more likely to find sexual encounters at the gay clubs round his area, but that is about it.

Bill meets Joe in a new gay night spot which he is now a member of, and finds him highly desirable, and asking him to come to his room for a night of unparalleled sexual indulgence, of course he is not disappointed when Joe takes him up on his offer, but on the one hand Bill offers something else - a relationship rather than a one night stand, though is he being honest with him, or is that all talk designed to just get him in bed? Bill is the one who gives him the most pleasure out of all the men Joe has been out with, and he canít understand why he had not met him sooner. As Bill thinks of getting off with a handsome man and perhaps staying with him, Joe is scared of commitment from him, and hopes he just wants casual sex, but will it always be this way?

Bill has a dark past, and had come from a poor background where people like him weren't supposed to have a decent life or job, but he put his past behind him and sought a new start, one that would pay off and leave him happier as a result. Being a personal trainer was the answer as he had the physique and the years of gym use to bulk up his body in order to do the job and get his own fitness studio against all odds. So he can focus on his business, he says he wants Joe to stick around so they can meet on weekends - the no strings attached side for him sounds good so could it be the start of something good for the both of them. For the most part, Bill has been fed up with going around clubs on a weekend and finding one night stands. He wants some substance to his relationships, and the reader might wonder if he really wants to settle down even though he doesn't admit to it at first. Having a man like Joe around would take away the need for him trawling the clubs and bars for men - he will already have one around who doesn't mind being a fuck-buddy.

The Elevator Mechanic is a sensual piece with a very sound and stable base for a richly weaved story such as this one. It sneaks into the readerís mind and takes hold there, keeping them in suspense in just the right way. It doesnít take too long to get going as some do, and also it isnít long before the sensual scenes start to happen Ė there is just enough of a delay to make the reader totally satisfied. Joe is one of the most unlikely heroes out there who hasnít found the need to come out at his workplace as itís full of heterosexual men, and even if he did, he thinks they might look on him differently as a result. This is an interesting comment on the way gay men are thought of if they do decide to come out, and why they want to keep their sexual preferences to themselves. Joe has a need for a man as he hasnít had one in a while, but once he ends up in bed with Bill, the reader will notice he wonít look back.

The Elevator Mechanic: Workplace Encounters 1 by Serena Yates is a wonderful story of a man who finds love in the one place he thought was unlikely. As a contemporary gay romance, it has good humour, a dramatic build up to where Joe meets Bill in the club, and realises he might be in for a good time if Bill stays true to his word. Bill's dark past is the one thing that can rear its ugly head once in a while and also the one thing he will hate more than anything else to come to terms with and tell his new lover. That is, if he sticks around long enough to find out, which he might? The Elevator Mechanic by Serena Yates is available for purchase through Silver Publishing and is one to watch out for.

Have enjoyable reading,

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