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Title: Galaxy Playmates 1: Sapphire
Author: Michelle Pillow

Published in 2005 by New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Futuristic Romance

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Sapphire is fond of her career even though her family would like for her to choose something other than being an admired and celebrated stripper. She knows they call her a bimbo behind her back, but she enjoys her job that has brought her an abundance of men; not to mention raked in money. Sapphire is determined to live her life to its fullest. When a stranger enters her mind, through telepathy, she doesn’t know how to react. He has a majestic way of affecting her bodily and psychologically.

Sapphire cannot erase Roark from her mind. He is a telepath that continues to evade her feelings and imagines. The desire he creates over her is increasingly wicked at times. She has to find someway to meet the real person that is sending her such robust vibes. A strong willed woman, who knows what she wants out of life, she will not bow down to others just because they do not care for her kind of employed life. After meeting Roark, she realizes he is indeed one soul mate that understands her needs, especially when she discovers he does not mind her kind of work.

Roark knows the minute he sets eyes on Sapphire; she is the one woman that he desires to be with always. He is a humanoid telepath and has been tapping into her mind and her thoughts. Even though her career is something new for him, he understands this is her desire and allows her to continue her dream.

For a long time, Roark follows Sapphire. He cannot get her out of his mind and makes sure to join his mind with hers so she will not forget him. If he can get to know her on a subliminal level then he can finally meet her face to face and voice his desires. Then he will insist upon his own private show with the beauty.

Sapphire is Galaxy Playmate of the Year and she loves dancing. Exotic and a complete showstopper, she has the will to entice men and leave them panting like a dog. Her show travels through the galaxy and she is one stripper that doesn’t mind shaking her feathers, or rather removing all her feathers in front of a crowd. She loves the attention that every one of them bestows on her. After a humanoid telepath crosses her path and teases her mind, she is the one doing the chasing. His telepathic arousal is sending her hot heat that she desperately needs quenched.

After Roark casts an eye on Sapphire, he will stop at nothing to win her affection. The only way to pierce into her secrets is to study and read her mind, and being a telepath he can really drill deep. He begins to follow her performances carefully taking form in her senses bringing her almost to the point of ecstasy. He knows that in time she will need to release the torment that he has released to her body. Once he shows himself to her there is only one thing left to do to bring her to the point of gratification. He will allow her to continue dancing if she will only come home with him. It is the only way he can persuade her that they have an everlasting love.

Galaxy Playmates 3: Sapphire is a great read. It holds the reader’s attention from the first page to the last. The sizzling tautness between Sapphire and Roark rock with a furry. Roark will stop at nothing to have the one woman in his life. Sapphire is in so much anguish from his mind-blowing sections, that she has to be with him. Michelle M. Pillow pens a fantastic futuristic read that captivates beyond words. The way the characters came to know each other and their feelings was remarkable.

Ms. Pillow creates a treasure of a story. She has penned a marvelous read around a woman who is not afraid of discovery. One who loves to exhibit her erotic desire without listening to the demands of others. Sapphire is determined to lead her life in the way that makes her the happiest. The way Ms. Pillow creates the stirring ember of heat between Sapphire and Roark is amazing. She made believable characters that were not afraid to stand up for their opinions. Galaxy Playmates 3: Sapphire is a fascinating story that is loaded in fire and completely irresistible. This is one futuristic spin that one shouldn’t miss. Be sure to grab your copy today at New Concepts Publishing.

Sincerely good reading,


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