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Elemental Challenges 01: Eternal Flame

Title: Elemental Challenges 01: Eternal Flame
Author: Robin Leigh Miller

Published in 2010 by Silver Publishing
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 978-0-9869819-9-9

After surviving an explosion while serving in the Afghanistan War, Beacher Snyder can sense, feel, and even touch on other’s emotions. But day in and day out sensing and knowing everyone’s feelings can be exhausting. So Beacher stays to himself these days - until he runs into an old childhood friend.

Fiery red-hair sets Flanna Proctor apart from most young women, and it’s not entirely concerning her temperament. A passion for living burns just as bright and alluring. But Flanna’s special talent is not attracting men, instead it is something outright…elemental.

An enchanting read, Elemental Challenges 01: Eternal Flame unfurls a natural love story about two friends separated by prevailing life events, then through providence, are brought back together during a July 4th lake party. Neither Beacher nor Flanna suspected the day would move their childhood friendship into romance, or that it would swiftly turn into a deadly survival game.

After watching her fend-off the advances from an overbearing preppie, Beacher follows his long time friend, Flanna from the party. Once catching up, he witnesses her smashing the preppie’s car with a large tree branch. There is nothing to do but hide her out at his woodland hideaway. Its here, the flames of passion flare, and did Flanna just light the campfire with only her bare hands? From beneath her barely-there bikini bottom, did her tattoo just move too?

His attraction is as old as their friendship, so pursuing a more intimate affair seems…comfortable. Besides, when she’s around the onslaught from others’ feelings are hushed, as his migraines subside too. To his way of thinking Flanna’s is quite talented, able to soothe both his throbbing head…and cock.

For Flanna allowing her best friend to hold her is erotically pleasing; something she could never allow from any other man. It just never felt right. With Beacher it’s so very right and his arousal is evident. But then knows it too well as she telepathically escalates his desire through sharing her own; by means of Beacher’s empathetic skills. Pretty cool trick, keep him aroused and interested – all day long. Flanna clearly sees his struggle in maintaining a gentlemanly stance during this sexually stimulated state. However, to be part of Flanna’s life, he must know the secret she holds close, not just about herself but her family as well.

His attempt to drug her thwarted while at the Independence Day celebration, then finding his car demolished – knowing full well who had done it – Lance Myers refuses to give up. His father, a renowned genetic scientist wants this woman, and her family. The genetic discovery could make his father millions – while creating a flawless, unique military weapon. As long as he keeps receiving those hefty bonuses for every person he hands over, whatever daddy wants, devoted son, Lance delivers.

Robin Leigh Miller writes a smooth, simple love story, although refreshing as the heroine is not wispy and whiney but strong and earthy – literally! Her powerful flaming personality, while fighting her foe or making love, more than matches the element she was born to represent - FIRE. The hero moves genuinely, while oozing the vital sexually charged masculinity with every word and action. The motorcycle definitely hitches his ratings higher on the sexy meter, especially when forming a mental pictorial study of the man.

Elemental Challenges 01: Eternal Flame, by Silver Publishing was first released in July 2010. This is the first in a series created by Ms. Miller, as Flanna’s sisters Avani (Earth), Tempest (Wind) and Misty (Water) star in their own stories representing their uniquely gifted elements. News of their development and publication is not known at this time. Other books written by this engaging author include (in no special order): Black Smoke, Running Blind, Boomer’s Fall, Force of Nature, Soulless, Ricochet's Rogue and Country Loving. Check out Ms. Miller’s website and blog for individual publisher locations and links.

A Dedicated Reader,
Pamela Jenewein!

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