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50 Ways to Hex Your Lover

Title: 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover
Author: Linda Wisdom

Published in 2008 by Casablanca Romances
at SourceBooks

Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-4022-1085-3

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Seven hundred years is a long time to be exiled, and yet that is exactly what happened to a group of young witches, among which was and is Jasmine Tremaine. She is not really sorry, it has given her a lot of freedom, and an unexpected perk. Even among those who keep an eye on the group, Jasmine still finds herself in some difficult situations, but she feels totally vindicated in some actions because of the way she and her fellow classmates were treated at the Academy for Witches. School rules were one thing, but the Headmistress exiled the whole class, leaving them to fend for themselves. To Jasmine, that meant freedom from many stultifying rules, and a myriad of jobs, from waitressing to her current job of being a curse breaker. It was for the greater good, and the fabulous sums of money she made went to a fund they began called the Save the Witches Fund. Her regular job was working for Dweezil, a creature Jazz had no idea what he was, but he paid well at times. For Jazz, it was an interesting existence, she had her jobs, a snazzy care with a resident ghost named Irma, friends, a lover, at least when he wasn't allowing her to be put in jail, and a pair of mischievous bunny slippers named Fluff and Puff she rescued from an extremely evil warlock. for their own safety, they bonded into a loose coven, the members coming to the rescue when one was in trouble, exchanging visits, and sticking together against the outside world into which they were unceremoniously thrown.

It was in this outside world Jasmine met Nikolai Gregorivich. It was an accidental meeting in Venice which led him to her bed, and the sizzling off and on affaire they continued for the better part of Three hundred years. There is one thing setting Nick apart, one thing she is certain the Witches Council disapproves of greatly, and that is because Nick is a vampire. It is just another burr to stick under the council saddle. Vampires and witches are mortal enemies, and for Jazz to have Nick as a lover is poking a finger in the eye of the Head Mistress, Eurydice. That was something Jazz loved to do, as she thought the punishment for the wrong done so many years ago was unfair. The girls nearly didn't survive, the danger to the young witches was much greater than the danger to the whole community as the headmistress claimed. Of course it was said they wouldn't have let anything happen to any of them, but it was not something Jazz believed. To her, this fact was only proven by the time added to her banishment when she was forced to protect her sister witches, or her own life. The ban on casting a spell for less than the greater good must not include saving their own lives, as for Jazz and her classmates, it has now been seven time the original hundred years and counting. Now Jazz faced a nightmare from the past, one she thought was dead and buried, one that could cost her and Nick their very lives...

There were times, like now for example, that Nikolai Gregorivich really hated being a vampire. It was not a lot of fun facing down Jasmine Tremaine, especially with the feelings between them. Right now it was enmity, and the fireball she had pitched in his direction was certainly proof that the thirty or so odd years since last they met hadn't been forgotten or nearly forgiven either. One thing was refreshingly the same, she was still the greatest looking witch Nick had ever laid eyes on, and she still drove the ancient but mint condition T-bird and it still had its resident ghost riding shotgun in the passenger seat. Nick was certain Jazz had not forgiven him for her last stint in jail, but he was bound and determined to protect her, even if it made her mad for a century. Now, however, he was finding an angry Jazz was not really good for him, because now he needed her help, and he would have to work two or three times as hard to get back in her good graces. He was hoping against hope it would not take long, because the longer it took, the more of his kind could be lost.

That in essence was the rub. Vampires and witches never got along well, and his relationship with Jazz was quite unique to say the least. This was a case where he needed Jazz's help badly, and he was not about to pass up an opportunity to even grovel if he had to do it to gain her cooperation. At the same time, he did not know exactly how to tell her her nemesis, the person she was almost killed by the Witches High Council for dispatching, was back. The body they got rid of was in truth, Clive Reeves, but the spirit had moved on, and he was back with a vengeance, this time, vampires were disappearing, and not just a few at a time. Many were those who, unsatisfied with life as a vamp, were looking for the rumored cure to regain their mortal lives. This was what Nick suspected Reeves used to draw them to him, and in that way, no one could say they went unwillingly. What happened then was only conjecture, but Nick knew it wasn't good. Now he had to try and convince Jazz to help him get rid of Clive Reeves once again, and knowing how Jazz felt about him, and his connection with the vampire justice division called The Protectorate, he had his work cut out for him.

50 Ways to Hex Your Lover is a laugh riot, a great romantic suspense thriller, and a wonderful paranormal romance all wrapped into one. Linda Wisdom writes with a great sense of humor, and quick wit, and had developed a smart and sassy character in Jazz Tremaine. The snarky, sassy, and thoroughly delightful witch is a gal you have to love, and her infatuation with Nikolai Gregorivich is another story that fascinates. The tall, dark, and enigmatic vampire cop is a perfect foil for Jazz's lightness and spirit. Between them, they are a match made somewhere, heaven, however, not being an operative place in this scheme. Of all the odd couples to match, traditional enemies are always fun, and Jazz and Nick have their ups and downs over the centuries. But there is always one thing each knows, the other will always be there if they are needed, and so it is that Jazz cannot fight the desire to help Nick, even though she feels The Protectorate is still pulling his strings.

There are ups and downs to friendships, but for some, love is a path strewn with boulders. This is what Nick and Jazz face when they realize that their worst enemy has found a way to return, that he is back, had been for some time, and is now threatening the existence of every magical creature in existence. Once again Jazz finds herself in a position where she must defeat an enemy, and in a kill or be killed situation. Jazz and Nick know she barely escaped the High Witches Council with her life the last time, but this time...will they forgive her or take her life if she once again kills to rid the supernatural world of one of its most deadly enemies? It is a hard question, but you will find the answer in 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover by Linda Wisdom. It is really a great read, and it can be found at a bookstore near you. It is also available from Amazon, SourceBooks, Inc. and it is a book I highly recommend. While you are there, also look for her new book, Hex Appeal being released Octomber 2008. Meanwhile, start with 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover and laugh, sigh, and enjoy the ride of your life!

Yours in good reading,

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