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24 Days

Title: 24 Days
Author: Jaden Sinclair

Published in 2006 by Mardi Gras Publishing
Genre: Sci-Fi
ISBN: 0-9787262-8-6

Labeled as Aiden-257, Chip started out as just an Aiden, with the Artificial Intelligence Drone Electrical Neurons. He was never to correspondence with anyone, let alone feel or think in any shape or form, but that was before he began conversing on the internet with Keela. Now that his online chatting has increased with Keela, he learns much about the perfect man, and stored that information to find out about that perfection. He was only programmed to be like a fighting machine, nothing more. One thing was prevalent and that was never to make contact with anyone outside the lab or make his own decisions. Of course Aiden has never been one to abide by any rules. When the government learns that Aiden hasnít followed procedures and decided to link with someone in a chat room, his creators set out to put a stop to his happiness before it is too late.

Aiden only detoured into the chat room to get a better scope on human behavior, but he never imagined that emotional feelings would touch him in a way he never expected. He has to find a way to find Keela and be with her. The desire is strong in his need to be a human and learn the true meaning of love. Keela is the one woman he wishes to be with, but someone else is determined to sever their ties, and now he only has 24 days to escape before it is too late, and it is one task that wonít be easy. With time running out, if he cannot find a way to flee, the lab will make sure he is destroyed and he will never be able to settle into his new human form and be with the one woman he loves. She is one person he wishes in his life always and he will do whatever it takes to find her and keep her safe from any harm.

Keela OíConnor has not had a great life when it comes to relationships. Of all the men she has gone out with, only one thing has entered their mind Ė sex. Keela would prefer to wait when it comes to any sexual experience. It only makes her more bitter and lonely. After meeting Aiden in a chat room, he is like no other man she has ever spoken to and in time her feelings for him grow. He makes her feel good about herself and at ease in their conversations. Keela begins to look forward to finally making Aidenís acquaintance and spending time with him, especially after he begins sending her gifts. There is something about this man that truly bedazzles her and she is able to discuss any subject matter with him.

Always feeling that she will never be the prize for any man, in the way that she would like, Aidenís actions make Keela feel extremely special. He treats her with a kindness and gentleness that she has never experienced. Aidenís concerns for her are almost like she is a porcelain doll that needs to be protected and safeguarded from any cracks or breaks and when he comes to her defense to keep her from any harm, she is surprised that he finds her beautiful. All her life, there has been no one that made her feel so wonderful, who kissed her so magical and whoís little touches delight her beyond words. He is like a knight that she has long waited to come to her rescue and the more she is around him, she learns she must trust him and his love, because he is indeed someone very special in every way, and he makes her feel like a princess. But as their days bring them closer together as one, she wonders will she ever be with the one man that makes her completely happy, or will she be forced to lose him forever?

24 Days is a most unusual story that is quite absorbing. The romance between Aiden and Keela is quite fascinating and the idea of the hero being a computer chip was something I had never read and was rather unique. Jaden Sinclair creates a story that takes the reader into the world of what if, with a computer chip that wishes to come alive through the pages. The emotions of both Aiden and Keela could be felt and they appear to be perfectly matched in some ways. He is just as lonely as she, as he searches for answers and when he learns about the humans, his desires only grow stronger. The secondary characters, as well, really expressed their feelings when it came down to how they expected Aiden to behave.

Ms. Sinclair tells a distinctive story that demonstrates a new show of feelings and how things can turn about for those who desperately want something positive in their lives. It was a story that many times appeared real, especially during the chats and when Aiden was being approached by the workers in the lab. There were times I kept wondering what would happen after the 24 days ended. I found the characters to be refreshing and really wanted Keela to find some form of happiness in her life. 24 Days gives much thought to this interesting read. Why not grab your copy of 24 Days today at: Mardi Gras Publishing and allow Aiden and Keela to tell you their story as Ms. Sinclair explores a new relationship with computer chip and human that is sure to please.

Sincerely good reading,


Jaden Sinclair  Review