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Interview with Rachel Lindley:

Hi Rachel. Thank you for doing this interview. I would like to welcome you to the Romance at Heart Interview and Author Grilling session. *bg* We are interested to find out as much about you as we possibly can, so lets get started...

- Please tell us about your latest book.

I have 3 actually. 2 available in hardcover& paperback and soon available in ebook format; One Evening in London & The Eye of Alloria and 1 coming this August, Cimmerian City.

One Evening in London is a short story I published in paperback format. It centers around a couple who meet during the main character, Angelaís, book tour overseas. Angela has had some relationship problems and is careful about meeting someone new. Paul is the publicist for her publishing company and he is going through his own relationship problems as his wife is cheating on him. Both connect on a personal yet platonic level despite their attraction and eventually go their separate ways. Still feeling their attraction they decide to pick up after a year if things are meant to be. Itíll be out in ebook format from Lavender Isis Press in April..

ĎThe Eye of Alloriaí an illustrated novella in hardcover and special order paperback. It centers on a post apocalyptic setting where Earth has returned to the days of kings after being nearly wiped out by their own creations. Saron Bravewind is the King of Orland and rules the main Earth city of Orland built from ruin after the ban of technology that once was manís downfall. With his heart set on discovering life beyond the stars, he finally gets his chance when tragedy strikes as his daughter falls into an incurable illness. Saron mans a flight into space with a faith in finding a higher life to help his daughter. What he finds will change the fate of the future mankind. This will also be available in ebook format from Lavender Isis Press this month.

ĎCimmerian Cityí is science fiction novel to be published by Mundania Press in late August this year. Set in a future not far from our time, it is a world where corporations rule the world, science is big business and governments no longer exist. A war breaks out between two races and one of them isnít human. Experiments have been occurring in the desert where a pharmaceutical corporation works to create prescriptions in order to make humans invincible and have longer life. These experiments backfire, causing humans to turn into otherworldly beings: Dracins, quick, tough skinned creatures that are children of the side effects from the pharmaceuticals. Raven Blackheart awakens in this world as a product of both races and nurtured by the vice president of the main corporation in the world as a symbol of the union of races. With her help, Vice President Tyler Deamond's corporation can take both beings off Earth, which is quickly becoming a waste planet, and to a new terraformed planet. But, as Raven learns, nothing is as it seems, especially concerning humans.

- How do we find out about you and your books?

You can visit my website @ I also hand out a monthly newsletter (sign up available on the front of my site) which keeps readers up-to-date on my site and projects. Iíve also devoted a page to my projects so my visitors can see what Iím working on and whatís in progress.

- Do you have a set schedule for writing or do you just go with the flow?

This may sound weird, but I just go with the flow. I have a writing style thatís intuitive so I canít really plan too much or else I lose interest and I lose the story. Most of the time I let the story sit while my mind plays future scenes like a movie and I return to it later. Sometimes I donít even know what the story is about when I start it!

- What truly motivates you in general? In your writing?

Definitely my characters. I love the stories that have to tell and the way they interact with each other. Much of it offsets and illustrates their environment they live within so I get to explore different times and worlds at the same time, while carrying my message throughout the story.

- Where do your ideas come from?

From all over. Strangely enough, I have a ton of what if situations that pop up in my head. It could be started by a character doing something in a movie and I wonder what if something completely different happened, pop thereís an idea. Or I hear about a news event that happened and I see a solution that I can later try out in one of my stories.

- Do you have a favorite author? Favorite book?

Definitely. My favorite author would have to be Seressia Glass, because I love love love her book No Commitment Required. Itís probably my favorite in its category. And my ultimate favorite book is Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. I first read it in high school and itís had an impact on me ever since. I never read another book that defined our world so spot on even though it was written more than 50 years ago!

- What do you think of critique groups in general?

I think theyíre a necessary asset for writers, especially beginning writers, in general. I benefited greatly from it myself when I was honing my own works and to get constructive feedback allows you to step back from your own work and see things through other peopleís eyes.

- Among your own books, have you a favorite book? Favorite hero or heroine?

Iím biased toward Cimmerian City, Iíd have to say. *laughs* Raven Blackheart is my alter ego and favorite heroine because sheís a side of me that doesnít get to come out very often! She says whatís on her mind, she makes wise cracks in the heat of the moment and her temper often gets the best of her.

- What book for you has been the easiest to write? The hardest? The most fun?

You know, Iím not sure any one of them were the easiest to write! The hardest was definitely ĎCimmerian Worldí because of how much I had to put Raven through which was mentally & emotionally exhausting. I think Cimmerian City was the most fun to write though.

- Which comes first, the story, the characters or the setting?

Iíd say the characters because they tend to define their surroundings and the story through their actions.

- What is the hardest part of writing/the easiest for you?

The hardest part is the business side. The marketing and promotional aspects are serious work! The easiest part (and possibly the most fun!) is the actual writing and rewriting process.

- Are you in control of your characters or do they control you?

Weird but true, theyíre in total control! I try to move them in certain ways and places, but ultimately Iím just sitting back being a vessel for their story to be told haha.

- What is the most rewarding thing about being a writer?

It would have to be hearing readers say how much they enjoyed your story. Even hearing them name the characters that lived in your head for so long is very surreal and a bit shocking. I would love to know that I had an impact on my readers and made them see life in a different way by experiencing it through anotherís eyes. I would also love to hear that Iíve inspired someoneís life because of my work.

- If you weren't writing, what would you be doing?

Acting. Iíd have to have some way to release the buzz!

- Are there any words of encouragement for unpublished writers?

Definitely. Be persistent and no matter what keep writing more and more stories. Not only will you hone your skills with each story, youíll be building a portfolio to get your name out to readers and the writing world. Join critique groups, listen to the professionals, ask lots of questions and definitely learn how the publishing business works. Know your market and your target readers. Most of all, love what you do.

Thank you very much for taking the time with us and answering our questions. I really appreciate this interruption to your busy schedule. Good Luck, and we will be looking forward to the next delightful creation from your talented imagination!

Yours in good reading,

Rae Lindley  Interview  Review coming soon
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