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Romance at Heart Author Information

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Welcome to Rose's Corner "Author's Info Page"

This page has been put together to help authors in their quest to get Reviews and Interviews posted at Romance at Heart Magazine. The Guidelines below provide you with the bare bones of the requirements that we will take at RaH. If you wish anymore information, feel free to ask. The link above labeled Questions/Request Promo Info can be used to contact me.

Yours on the Cyber Side,
Rose Brungard

Publisher Ad-Breathless Press
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What is Needed From the Author...

For An Interview:

A picture of yourself and
An e-mail request for the interview questionnaire

You can e-mail Rose! to request the detailed interview questionnaire and take your choice of questions, or copy and paste the following list into an e-mail. If you decide on the later, please use the provided link above (Return Interview Questions), and answer all of the questions. Any emails received not answering all the questions here will not be posted on the interviews pages.

The 8 questions here are the bare minimum that will be posted on RaH.

Please tell us about your latest book.
How do we find out about you and your books?
How may readers contact you?
Why did you decide to write romance novels?
Generally, how long does it take you to write a book?
Where do your ideas come from?
What kind of research do you do?
Who, if anyone, has influenced your writing?

A full questionnaire can be obtained by inquiry using the e-mail link to request an interview and asking for the interview questionnaire. It contains over 40 questions for you to pick and chose to answer for your interview which will be posted on the RaH website under Author Interviews

Please include any contact, website, or book purchase information and links you wish to have posted. You, as the author or publisher, have a much easier access to this information.

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Author Ad-Felicity Heaton
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For A Review:

The following information is required (for each book submitted) for a review request to be filled at Romance at Heart:
Published in (Month and Year here) by (Publisher here)

Author's website:
Publisher's website:
jpg or gif of the cover(s)
Publisher purchase pages
Note if the book available on Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble

Copy of the book(s) itself... .pdf is preferred, .doc, or .rtf is acceptable.

If in printed galley or ARC form, please send to:
Rosemarie Brungard
1 East Manor Ave. Rear
Enola, PA 17025

Please send the above information along with the appropriate electronic files such as PDFs, jpgs, or gifs and/or printed ARCs (if that is the book form) to Rose here at Romance at HEart, or for printed material, to her at the above address. Books are also accepted in .lit format as well as .prc (Mobi-Pocket) formats if the .pdf files are not available.

I hope our reviewers and I can do your book justice.

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author ad S.L. Carpenter
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To post a Contest:

I need the following information in the following format if possible-

Link to contest e-mail or page on website
Offered by: (Author or Group)
Deadline for Entry
Name of the Contest
Contact Information if an e-mail address is to be used

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author ad Ciara Lake
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If you would like to Chat:

We would like you to know most of the chats are held Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays at 9 PM Eastern Time, and are advertised on the RaH Magazine site and Forum.  If there is a day or date that would suit you better, we can easily comply if we know far enough in advance of the requested date.

We would like to know the following, should you wish to join us in our chat room:
1.  First, confirm in an email, the date and time of the chat.
2. Second, a list of your most recent publications and the publishing houses that put them out.
3. Third, the novel you would most like to discuss.
4. Fourth, please send a brief blurb of the book for the Home Page Chat List.
5. Fifth, please tell us if you would like to give away a prize during the chat and if so what.

To let as many people know of your chat with us, we ask that you please post an announcement on your website that you will be chatting on the date you scheduled with us.  We will help in spreading the word of your chat by posting on many groups and promo groups.

It is best to use either Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Netscape to enter the chat room as AOL is not compatible with our chat program.

The chat link:

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Romance At Heart Publications:

Some Facts and Info From The Publisher

Information on E-Books, some quick facts here... ¿Do You Know?

Information on E-Book Publication can be found here... ¿About E-Pubbing?

What Romance At Heart Publications is looking for... ¿Content Preferences?

Romance At Heart Publications Is accepting Submissions... ¿Submissions Guidelines?

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